About Evangelist James & Jennifer Lang

Grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and instead of reading the newspaper or your favorite novel today, read our story and get to know us!

May 14, 2014 story told:

About twenty years ago James was working on a car dealership's (Nelson Nissan) main showroom floor in Broken Arrow, OK, putting tile down with his nephew Daniel, owner of his own tile company. James felt the Lord walk by and tell him to get off the floor and go evangelize. He argued with the Lord that he couldn't just walk out and leave Daniel alone to tile the floor by himself, and he started feeling deathly ill, like he was going to die if he didn't get up and go. So he repented for arguing with the Lord, and asked for a sign, then told his nephew "If my replacement comes within the next 5 minutes, will you be okay with me leaving?" Daniel laughed and said yeah, sure. Four minutes later a group of men came in and told Daniel that the job they were doing just got cancelled and did he need any help. Daniel said "Goodbye Uncle Jimmy!" Bobby Nelson, the owner of the car company, was in and out of his office and witnessed this scenario.

James went and preached, non-stop, every single night, for the next four months in Illinois, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Through the Lord's power MANY people were born-again, healed and delivered! Deaf ears were opened, paralyzed arms healed, Alzheimer's' victims totally healed and in their right mind, cancer healed, etc. A series of daily meetings in Vian, Oklahoma lasted a month, and when James would see the Glory Cloud come in (a cloud or mist that some people could actually see, that was a manifestation of the Glory of Yahuwah), people when they came into contact with it would suddenly be healed of physical and mental diseases, be filled with the Holy Spirit, etc. One night a group of teenagers from the youth group, who thought this was all fake, came in and James watched them walk into the Glory Cloud (they probably didn't see it, but he did) and as soon as they touched it their legs buckled and they crumbled to the ground like a heap of clothes. Daniel kept Mr. Nelson updated. The pastor's wife, an older lady, prophesied to James "The Lord said you WILL be back!" He had no idea at the time that now, 20 years later, the only remote mountain property we could afford would be just 20 minutes from there!

James has a very strong anointing for healing and deliverance and has seen many miracles when he's preached in churches all over, and in the streets of Chicago. A drug addict died in the mobile home next to his in Broken Arrow several years ago, and after the paramedics gave up and said the man couldn't be revived (he'd been dead 45 minutes) the Lord told James to raise him from the dead. He asked God how, and God said remember the book of Genesis. So James asked God to breath His spirit of life into the man, and the man awoke. His girlfriend got saved and began ministering to others, and he went back to his wife who he had left.

James was married for 20 years to a woman who basically tried to destroy him and his ministry, and he stopped doing the 4 month long evangelism. He started a truck driving career that lasted 15 years, producing a television travel/cooking/evangelism show called "This Land" during that time. It aired on the Aurora, Illinois, community television channel (ACTV), the same station that made "Wayne's World" famous. His former wife finally divorced him, and he decided to go on like Paul, ministering without a wife, but Yahuwah had other plans for James.

After spending about 4 years alone, and after being forced to give up truck driving because of back injuries from his professional wrestling days, he met me, Jennifer, in Oklahoma, and we married 2 weeks later, on November 6, 2009. I knew Yahuwah was giving me a husband, and knew it was James as soon as we met. He had visions of me before we met, sitting in a pool with him, and here is the story of how Yahuwah brought us together.

After his trucking career was over, he spent many months sitting in his mobile home staring at a Christmas tree that he left up for some unknown reason, and wondering what he was to do next. Yahuwah told him "It is not good for man to be alone" and reminded him of the blonde woman in the pool, and then said "but there are some things you need to take care of before I bring her to you."

First Yahuwah had him look at the Christmas tree and said "Do I need a Mass?" Then He reminded James of an elderly lady who gave an envelope of money to a priest so he'd do a special Mass for her deceased husband 'in case he's in purgatory'. Yahuwah asked James "Do I need a mass? Am I in purgatory?" James got up and threw the tree with all of the heirloom ornaments, in the trash, and has not celebrated that pagan holiday since.

Next the Lord told James to stop eating pork. He was making a pot of beans and Yah told him to throw away the ham hocks and use the beef sausage instead. He said it was the best pot of beans he'd ever had! From that day on James started following the Biblical dietary instructions.

Then Yahuwah told him to take down the huge wooden cross he had nailed to his porch. He told the Lord that it couldn't be Him saying that, because the Scriptures say that the preaching of the cross is only foolishness to those that perish. Yah said "Look at all those Christmas decorations all over it." James said it would take him forever to pull all of those off, so he refused to do it. Within the hour James heard a horrible crashing noise outside that sounded like someone took a sledge hammer to his porch. When he finally got the nerve to go outside and look, he saw that the cross, which had been nailed to the porch with 5 inch long nails, had been ripped off the porch and was laying in the yard, broken in two! Yahuwah said to James "You still have a ways to go but now I can show you where she is. Go to Walmart."

So James started to go to the new Walmart a mile from his home, and Yah said "No, go to the other one". Again he argued with Yah! The Lord sure is patient with his arguing children! James said "but this one is closer" and Yah said "I'm a specific God!"

So James went to the other Walmart and started looking for a blonde. Yah said "Go to the electronics department." James did, and stood there looking around. The cashier wasn't blonde. Then his nephew Daniel walked up to him. Daniel lived a hundred miles away and James never randomly ran into him like that, but this was what is called 'a God appointment'. James said "I know why I ran into you tonight. In those Messianic fellowships you attend, do you know a godly woman who's praying for a husband."

Now Daniel and I had led worship together a few times, and we were facebook friends where he saw all my posts about how I knew my husband was almost here and that I could 'feel' him coming, how I knew he would be tall, dark haired and muscular (based on a vision my pastor's wife had as well as my personal preference), how I LOVE hairy men (James had a long ponytail and long beard), and my husband would need to be called into full-time ministry, since I was also, and I wanted to be able to sing together. Most importantly, he had to be a Sabbath keeper, Torah observant, celebrating the Biblical holy days instead of the pagan holidays, and Holy Spirit filled, preaching both the Old and New Testaments! That was a tall order, but I knew I needed to live in obedience to Yahuwah's commandments in both the Old and New Testaments, and I knew what my calling is and needed to be equally yoked with a man with a compatible calling and understanding of how believers are supposed to keep the Sabbath and Feast Days, and be Torah observant in other ways as well. Otherwise, we would both be miserable and unequally yoked. I knew only Yahuwah could make a match like that. So I had stopped looking for a spouse and was waiting on Yahuwah, and was ready. Yahuwah had been preparing us for each other, but most importantly, He had prepared us for Himself, so He could effectively use us to preach the whole gospel, not the watered down gospel that teaches people to disobey His commandments instead of obey them as He requires.

I had studied music in Indiana Christian University (Lester Sumrall) and in School of the Local Church in Broken Arrow, OK, and ministry at Oral Roberts University and Victory Bible Institute in Tulsa, OK. I led a ministry for overcoming abuse for five years at Victory Christian Center in Tulsa, and had been leading worship in various Messianic congregations for the past 4 years before I met James.

Daniel answered James laughing and saying "Yes I do", and arranged to meet James the next day with his laptop so he could show me to him on facebook. James said he should probably shave and cut his hair, and Daniel laughed and said "No, not for this one!" He listened to me sing (on facebook videos) and thought I sounded like an angel. He told Daniel I was his next wife. He said something like "Uhhhh, don't you think you should meet each other first?" James got my phone number, invited me to his place for a home cooked Grecian chicken dinner (he used to be a chef), and sang to me. On our second 'date', the next night, he sang to me again, and sang "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You", and said "it's true, I'm in love with you, and we'll just have to get married." I said "I know". Two weeks later we got married in a Messianic congregation, under a huppah, Jewish style. We led worship together for their service right after our wedding, and that is how we began!

This Land has been off the air for a few years so we could get our life together situated, and we were thinking about starting it back up as part of our ministry, but in 2016 we decided to start a new show called "The MUD PEOPLE" and we have it on our Youtube.com channel "MUD PEOPLE", instead of on a television station.

(Recently, about 20 years after the 4 month revival time, the SAME car dealership bought our property, the SAME nephew was involved in the transaction, and we are now living in that SAME area that the elderly lady said he'd be back to, getting ready to start a ministry, and being attacked from many directions. We didn't plan on moving to this area, but it was the only piece of land for sale in a mountain area at a price we could afford.)

OUR REAL ESTATE STORY - Go ahead and keep reading - you WON'T be bored! Many tell us it is the craziest real estate sale they have ever heard of!

Back in about September, 2012, James and I were discussing how we distrust our government and would feel better living in the country than in the city, away from so many people, where there is so much crime and where riots break out. It seems we are so fast approaching the very last of the last days before the Great Tribulation and the return of our Lord and Savior Yahushuwah. Prophecies are being fulfilled left and right, and things are moving rapidly in place for the one world government, the mark of the beast, the rise of the antichrist. We discussed how we wish we could get out of the city, buy some land in a remote mountainous area, live off the grid, and become self-sustained with goats, sheep and chickens, gardens and fruit trees, and begin our ministry of evangelism, including helping to feed poor people, with a cozy country place to come home to. However, we did not have any money to work with, as James had been fighting to get on early retirement with disability, because of his spinal injuries that have not healed, and they kept turning him down, and I lost my job of 7 years at a local hospital, and couldn't get a replacement job. I got unemployment for several months and we were barely staying afloat.

The VERY NEXT DAY the manager of a used car lot that we lived next to came to us and asked if we'd consider selling our property so that they could clear it off, removing obstacles (our fence, shed, trees, and home) that blocked the view of their car lot from people driving by on the very busy road we lived on. We said we'd do it if they could pay us enough for our re-location so that we could pay off the balance we owed on our mortgage, pay cash for a small piece of land (5-10 acres), get a van to haul building materials in and to sleep in, and get supplies enough to build an adobe home and to survive safely in the woods. We figured out that if they'd pay us a certain amount we should be able to accomplish this. They agreed and we began to plan the sale and closing. THEN ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE! For the next 10 months we fought through one battle after another!

First, our nephew Daniel, (the same nephew who owned a tile company and put the tile down on Nelson/Nissan's showroom floor the year James started evangelizing, and the same nephew who introduced us), who we were buying the property from, agreed on the payoff balance that we figured by using an amortization chart. But when he found out we were selling to a car lot owned by the multi-million dollar company, Nelson Nissan/Nelson Mazda, he told us that we actually weren't buying our home from him, but were just renting, even though James had offered to buy the place from him several years ago after the Lord told him to buy it for an investment property, and they signed an agreement for the sale!

The lot was very small, as you can see in the picture above, (which was taken after it was sold and the fence taken down), on a busy 4-lane street, surrounded by businesses and noisy traffic. The mobile home on the lot was over 30 years old, and when James bought it, it had broken windows, huge holes in the floor that made it unsafe to live in or walk through, the spare bathroom toilet was falling through the floor, a nest of rats lived under the spare bathroom which connected the two spare bedrooms, wood was rotting near the windows from moisture from leaks, there were leaks in the venting system causing the heating and central air conditioning to leak out and cause a very high gas bill, wiring was bad and causing 'hot spots' in the plug-ins, so hot that it burned your hand to touch them, the paneling was dry from being so old and could have gone up in flames very easily, and there was a broken down shed in the yard, full of rotted junk that had to be hauled off! It should have been condemned, but Yahuwah told James to buy it, and even though James didn't know why, he asked Daniel if he'd sell it to him. It hadn't even been rented in several years because it was in such bad shape. Daniel agreed to sell it to James, James asked for the deal in writing, he wrote out a simple but legal sales contract, and they both signed it. Daniel told James he wouldn't have to start making payments for 6 months, to give him a chance to fix the floors so it would be livable.

Right after making this deal, Daniel asked James if his son could live in the trailer with him for a while, because he didn't have a place to live at that time. James believes in helping family out, so he said he could. So he moved in, and now there were boxes of his stuff sitting all over the floor James was working on, and getting in the way. James still managed to repair the floors and windows when he was in town (he was a truck driver at the time, and filming his TV show while on the road.) A woman gave him about $8,000 worth of hardwood flooring that she had decided not to have installed in her home but could not get a refund on, so James put new flooring down on the entire mobile home (see above picture), rewired sockets, fixed broken windows, and rearranged some things. Then Daniel changed his story and insisted that he told James he could only buy the place if he remodeled it within 6 months! - As if he had to 'earn' the right to buy this 'wonderful' trailer, and because it took longer than 6 months, he didn't 'qualify' and was just 'renting' it! How insane! James never agreed to anything like that. He offered to buy it, Daniel said okay, they signed a sales agreement, and James started making repairs as best as he could, working around Daniel's son, and later other people's stuff that they 'dropped off' to store there while James was on the road. Later, when I met and married James, I helped him finish installing the beautiful hardwood floors, and haul boxes of stuff out that family members had left there.

Daniel is the kind of person who 'changes' his agreements as he goes along, without the other person's knowledge or consent, and he does this in order to cheat them of money. He's done it to many people! So even though James had been paying interest on it, paying property taxes, and even though Daniel had been telling his brothers "I'm selling the property to Uncle Jimmy the same way I bought it from John, under a Contract for Deed", which by law in Oklahoma is considered and treated just like a mortgage, he called the co-owner of the car company, Craig, and proceeded to arrange a sale himself, so he could keep all the money and leave us out.

Craig called us and asked what was going on and we explained how our nephew had a history of greed and of ripping people off, and apparently had decided to turn against his own Uncle Jimmy and rip us off too. We found out from his two brothers, who are two hard-working godly men, that he had cheated them of thousands of dollars and that is why they no longer would work with him or have anything to do with him. We found out he sometimes went behind his supplier of jobs back and stole jobs out from under him, by telling customers if they hired him directly, it would cost them less. And he dealt illegally with most of his previous buyers of his other property by 'evicting' them as renters if they got behind in payments, instead of doing the 'foreclosure' process, as the law requires. He'd take back the property and keep all of the money they had paid as if they had just paid rent (this is illegal), and then sell it to another person who didn't know their rights and do the same thing to them, and had sold one piece of property to about 4 or 5 different people!

The co-owner of the car lot got 'cold feet' and backed off for two months while we argued back and forth with Daniel, in and out of court. We studied the law books and found out he was breaking the laws in many ways with us and everyone else he sold property to. Within that two months he tried to sell our property out from under us, accused us of changing the contract, said it was NOT a contract but only a price guarantee, said it was a contract for the land but not for the mobile home that sat on it and that we lived in, said it was a loan with land as collateral, said James hadn't 'earned' the right to buy it yet and if we fixed it up to 'rentable' condition (obviously so he could steal it from us and 'rent' it to someone else or sell it again to someone else - his 'long' contracts (which we didn't see or sign) state that the contract in no way constitutes a 'sale' and only becomes a sale if the sucker meets all of his conditions - his long contracts are bogus!) - then he'd let us sell it at a later date (of course after we lost our present buyers - and of course he'd still try to keep the profit because he's a double talker).

He consistently came up with new 'deals' for us, rather than just obey the law and cooperate with us selling it, paying him off, and keeping the rest so we could replace it and have another home to retire in! He even tried evicting us as renters when we were not even behind in payments, by sending us three payments back, saying he didn't accept them three weeks after he credited them to our balance, and filing an eviction notice in court saying we were three payments behind in rent! In all the different real estate deals we've both done, neither of us has ever dealt with anyone so evil before. It was hard to believe it was happening, each time he came up with a new tactic to try and steal the property from us. And this is James' nephew, a man who claims to live by Torah and by the whole Bible, and who calls himself a minister and a steward of the Lord. He was the 'best man' in our wedding, and the one who introduced us to each other!

The judge had already recognized our contract as a sale and not a rental agreement, and told him that would require a foreclosure (which takes months, and which gives the buyers an option to catch up in a reasonable time, and gives them credit for moneys they've already paid) not an eviction (which is instant and gives no credit for moneys paid). Of course we'd have gotten him for fraud because of how he sent our payments back and then accused us of being late. So Daniel cancelled the eviction. THEN he tried telling us that the 'Father' woke him up in the night and told him to give us back the $18,000 we'd paid him so far (read on - there was even a 'catch' to that!), and he'd sell the place and keep the profit to buy another lot and move the trailer to it so he could rent it to someone else!

So it's obvious that Daniel believes that Yahuwah, our heavenly Father, told him to steal our property from us! But that's not all! First he'd fix up the mobile home like new (it was about 35 years old by then - we were living off the grid with no electric, gas or water because the wiring, pipes and vent system needed too many repairs and we chose to use a generator and haul water rather than try to fix all that with money we didn't have). And we remodeled the two spare bedrooms into one large room - he wanted it made back into 2 bedrooms so he could get more 'rent' money from it. And he'd take the money to fix it out of our $18,000, which I'm sure would've left us with next to nothing. And he said this 'deal' was contingent on James 'filling in the hole' in the yard (a shallow baptismal pond James was in the process of making, which had nothing to do with us selling the property - even the buyers told us to leave the hole there) because the Lord wanted James to prove he was 'willing to work' for his right to profit at all from the sale of our home (that we'd already paid $18,000 for.) He became totally obsessed with that hole, bringing it up over and over, insisting that the 'Father' told him he couldn't 'work with us' unless James filled in the hole! Actually, he needs the hole in his head filled, because he's lost his marbles!

What a good deal the 'father' from hell, not heaven, told him to offer us! It's too bad he couldn't tell the difference between the Heavenly Father and the father of lies. That's kind of bad when a so-called minister doesn't know the Father's voice. So James said "NO DEAL DANIEL!" and let him know that it was illegal for him to interfere like this and we were going to put his butt in jail if he didn't back off. He even tried to make us honor a long complicated illegal contract that we never saw nor signed with him, because he said that was his normal contract for all his buyers. He later gave us a copy of it so we would know what he normally requires - and we discovered that his contracts are ILLEGAL! Hard to believe?! Hear some of our conversations for yourself in the section about our real-estate conversations! Looking back we can now laugh at the absurdity of this! But at the time it was going on, it caused us a LOT of emotional distress! All we wanted to do was sell our property and move to some remote countryside in the mountains.

When studying the laws, we found out that in Oklahoma, a contract for deed is a mortgage, which is a consumer debt, and the max interest one can legally charge on that is 10% (including late fees - so 9 or 9 1/2% is what most charge). He was charging us 12%. When we told him he was breaking the law, he didn't budge. An honest god-fearing man would have offered to re-figure the interest at the legal rate, but instead, he charged us even 'more' interest by adding in what we 'would've' paid if we hadn't paid off early. In other words, he would refuse to sign over the deed to our buyers unless we paid the future interest. We could have sued him, but then we might lose the new land we picked out, lose our buyers, and it could have taken a year of two of fighting in court. If we would have sued him, the law says when one is caught charging too much interest they have to forfeit ALL the interest, and even DOUBLE the interest if ruled in court. So he owes us about $10,000 or more. By the way, trying to get more money than what is due you is called extortion, and the Bible says we are not even to eat with or associate with extortionists, so those of you who are related to or friends with Daniel or involved in his ministry, according to Yah's word, are supposed to refuse to associate with him until he repents. And I'm pretty sure that the illegal acts he's been doing to cheat people out of their homes and money are felonies as well as immoral. The Bible does NOT say to just sit back and pray for people like him, it says to confront the sinner and tell him to repent, or his blood is on your hands when he goes to hell. He has harmed and is probably continuing to harm many people besides us, and this needs to be exposed and stopped, not covered up and quieted. That is one of the reasons I'm telling this story, as well as to let people know what we went through to get where we are.

We also found out that the Bible says not to charge a relative or fellow believer ANY interest, and since Daniel claims to be a minister who preaches and lives ALL of Yahuwah's word, then he should have repented and forfeited all of the interest based on Yah's law as well as man's law. So for this reason as well, he owes us about $10,000 or more. He knew this when he wrote the contract for James (James didn't yet know this), but he added interest anyways, because he doesn't follow the Bible as he claims to, when it takes money from his pocket book. He never repented of any of this junk. He kept all of the interest and at the closing he blackmailed us, having us sign an agreement not to sue him. He said he'd refuse to sign over the deed unless we signed this. We signed it 'under duress' so we could get on with our lives and ministry, and we know that Yahuwah Himself, the judge of us all, has already found him guilty and there will be great pain in his life because of this. The protective hedge has been removed from his family, because his heart is evil and he came against Yahuwah's anointed servants. Several believers have told us they are surprised God hasn't struck him dead yet. We had repeatedly begged him to repent before Yah's judgment comes down on him and affects his whole household, and he just basically laughed us off, and also told us we were lying and going to end up in hell if we didn't repent. We tried to reason with his wife, and she just told us to never ever contact her or their children again! So she is also under Yah's judgment for the evil she is supporting. This whole two months was crazy.

Then the car lot co-owner took about five months to finally buy the place and close the deal. They started to back out four times during those months and played mind games with us that kept me on edge the whole time. First two times because they couldn't buy our neighbor's property at the same time they bought ours, third time because the co-owner got mad at James for trying to contact the main owner, Bobby Nelson, to remind him of meeting him in the past right before the four month ministry time of supernatural miracles, and wanting to ask him if he'd donate the van to our ministry. Fourth time because we had asked for thirty days to get our new property and move out, and they wanted us out within two days. So about 7 months later we finally closed the deal on both places, the one we sold and the one we bought, but that wasn't the end of it. I had asked the car company's co-owner, Craig, to please pay as much of the closing costs as possible, because we were very poor at that time, they are millionaires, and it was THEM who asked US to relocate, so that they could have our property so that they could get more car sales. He didn't have mercy on us though. We ended up paying over $2,000 in closing fees, $1,350 of that was HIS attorney's fees, as well as paying Daniel many thousands that we shouldn't have had to pay, plus we had to buy the van because Craig wouldn't let us talk to his partner Bobby Nelson, and Craig said there is no way he would donate the van. The reason James thought Bobby might donate it to our ministry is because he knew he has donated large sums of money to other ministries and the van was only a thousand dollars, Bobby has had a heart for ministries and has a reputation for being a generous man, and Bobby knew about many miracles that happened when James was evangelizing. It wouldn't have hurt them even to donate a newer 4-wheel drive to our ministry, since they were going to end up profiting from this deal.

We put up with all of this just to get on with our lives and ministry, and by the time we got out to our property in the woods, paid closing fees there, and paid to have the property boundaries marked (because the boundary information had been lost in a fire), we didn't have enough money for building materials. Our stuff was in a tent and in storage, we slept in a little camping tent the first few nights, until some large animal walked too close to it in the night and I felt we would be safer in the van. So we then slept in the van for several months, then in a 12x18 foot tent that looked like a house, even in 7 degree windy nights as winter began, and finally a 10x16 foot lofted barn that we are renting because the worst winter in 75 years was headed our way with arctic cold and 4 ice storms. Our Oklahoma winters normally are mild with only one snowfall, and that usually melts within a day or two, and an ice storm maybe every 5 or 10 years. FOUR ice storms is almost unheard of here! The first ice storm collapsed our tent 2 days after our barn was delivered. We were sleeping in the loft in the barn and not in the tent! We'd have been smashed under thousands of pounds of ice.

Most of our ministry instruments were in the pawn shop and we spent a lot of time digging trenches and ponds and lining them so we can collect rain water when the wet weather creek runs through, and pump it into two swimming pools for storage. We can't afford to have a well dug because it would cost about $12,000.

We paid about $3,000 that the car dealership should have taken care of, because they basically asked us to move out of our home and relocate so they could have our land for their profit, so they should have paid all of the fees to make it as easy as possible for us - but of course, since this was an act of Yahuwah to get us where He wants us so we can start ministry where He wants us to, satan has fought us all the way and still is. Also, we paid Daniel over $10,000 that we shouldn't have paid. We believe Yahuwah will give us that back somehow.

The lady who bought our mobile home just happened to live next door to guess who? Bobby Nelson's parents. So, since James was unable to reach him by phone, and we didn't have an address for him that Craig couldn't intercept, I wrote him a letter and sent it to his parents, asking them to make sure he received it, telling Bobby how badly we were treated by his partner Craig with all his mind games and control issues. We'd call and ask Craig a question and he would ignore us for sometimes weeks, or he'd text back asking us a question instead of answering our question. We never knew if he was actually going to buy our place, or back out, and it took way too many months to finally get him to sign a contract for the sale. Then he charged us $250 for a long complicated contract that his attorney wanted, when you can print up contracts for sale from the Internet for $25. He dragged on and on, got furious when James tried to contact Bobby to see if he remembered him from the floor tiling day, promised us he'd ask Bobby if he'd donate the van but never asked him, told us we'd finish the sale in about two weeks, and didn't finish it until 5 months later, etc.

I asked Bobby to intervene and make this thing 'right', believing that if he realized how we had been treated and taken advantage of because we were too poor to get an attorney during that time period, that he would help us, and Bobby Nelson ignored us like we do not exist! We know he received the letter because Craig mentioned the letter to someone we know. I sent it twice, and he never responded! This just tells me that he is not the godly man he's claimed to be, and does not care about people as his company advertisements claim he does.

"BOBBY NELSON pretending he cares about people"

I'm so sick and tired of phony so-called 'Christians' who do business deals more greedily than the heathens do! These people are rich and could easily afford to reimburse us the $3,000 they charged us, and could even make a donation to our ministry to help make up for the emotional trauma they caused us. We near froze to death this winter because of not having our home or even a cabin built. If Daniel had done the right thing, if Bobby had done the right thing, if the government hadn't cheated James out of his over $30,000 back pay, etc., we could be in a warm home right now and spending our time out evangelizing and running the food pantry that we want to have to help feed poor people. But these people are all more concerned about their own pocketbooks than they are about people like us. It's sad.

In the last few months of this deal we had a blowout while driving 70 mph on the toll road in our van, and we both asked the Lord to protect us, and even though James lost control of the van, we got off the highway and stopped on the shoulder without an accident and the van wasn't even damaged. The tire was shredded! Satan is mad at us. But we know that we win and he loses.

To help compensate for some of the money we lost, we decided to sell the mobile home rather than demolish it. We didn't get much for it, since it was so old and we had been living off the grid in it. When we found the buyer and needed to sign over the title to her and have her pay us, the car dealership's attorney, who had our title, tried to refuse to give it to us, saying he had to send it somewhere and go through some complicated procedure to get it into her name, and that would have taken weeks to complete! We told him to give us our title or we would picket his attorney's office and the car lot, and we ended up with the title. The car lot was holding $2,000 of our money until the mobile home was moved, in case they had to pay someone to get it out of there. Then the buyer took close to 3 months to move it off of the property! Unbelievable! While we were waiting for her to move it, we got a call that a local guy was tearing down the mobile home, and said we gave him permission to do it. The person on the phone was yelling at us and yet neither was true - the man was not tearing down the home and we did not tell him to tear down the home. Talk about drama! Also, some things were stolen from inside and outside the home because it sat there vacant for so long, and the buyer was threatening to sue people.

The SAME DAY this happened, we had a rattlesnake coiled up near our lounging area, rattling away at our dog who was barking at it. James shot it several times. We realized that the exact same sound it made is heard ALL OVER our property in the summer, and we had been walking all around in sandals a few days before that, thinking that sound was bugs, not snakes! JUST the night before, James read an article about a man who got bit by a diamond back rattler in the woods, had to crawl to his car, and almost died before he got to the hospital. What are the chances of James reading that story and THE VERY NEXT DAY finding a rattlesnake looking just like the one in the magazine picture, wanting to bite us? I and a few others think it was the Lord's mercy to get our attention and show us that these things are out there, before we ended up getting bit. The local hospital does not carry antivenin, nor does it work very well, but sometimes makes the person sicker than the snake bite, and it can cost well over $50,000 for the amount used! But it also seems more than coincidence that satan is MAD that we finally were finishing the sale of our original property and getting our retirement property where we would start our ministry!

We had been told that snakes and other wildlife didn't hang out where we are because there are so many dogs in the area and they scare everything away. But then a more reliable source told us there are bears and rattle snakes all over the place, wild pigs that will attack dogs or people, bobcats and packs of coyotes. And one lady said she saw cougars (mountain lions) just 4 miles from where we live, but they never came near their home or bothered them. Since we didn't have money to build a home yet, we cooked, ate and stored food in a screen house (shown in picture above), and there were bear sightings right around the corner crossing the road we drive on, but apparently our nine dogs barked enough to scare them away, because they can smell food for miles and yet they didn't come raid our screen house.

We want to build a thick straw bale house and coat it with adobe (we have lots of sandy clay up here in the foothills of the Ozarks) and be safe from the wild critters. Straw bale homes are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Above are pictures I found as samples of what one looks like while being built and after built. For our design, it would take about 1,000 straw bales (the oblong kind) - 600 for the house and 400 for a barn, doghouses, etc. We are moving into full-time ministry as soon as we get our living situation straightened out here and have a safer place to come home to. We need 2,000 feet of 6-foot tall 'horse fencing' around the property, to keep bears and coyotes out, and our dogs and livestock in. And we need a chicken coup, chickens (for the eggs, the meat, and to kill the snakes and ticks), and goats and sheep (for milk and to keep the grasses and brush down so snakes don't have places to hide - they make great lawn mowers.) (See our Pictures pages for the updated information on our progress.)

Shortly after we moved here we were in Walmart and met a lady who has a ministry in her home on Saturdays. We have a lot in common with her, so she got excited and invited us to her next meeting. During the conversation with her, we learned that she was at the meetings 20 years ago where Yahuwah did all the miracles through James' evangelism, was the lady who brought him and his family home cooked food, KNOWS the elderly lady who prophesied he'd be back, and she is still alive, now 95 years old! This woman who was at Walmart has been praying for a revival, and has asked James to preach at her meetings sometimes. He's done it once so far. We want to get established in our home front before we go full speed ahead. This is all too much to be coincidence!

So here we are. We live in the woods in a barn with inadequate heating or cooling, haul much of our water, drive a car with the hood held down with bungee cords, that bottoms out on bumps in the road, and vibrates like it's on it's last leg, and our van's transmission went out, we want to start full-time ministry but are on a break until we get better established out here. Although James finally won his disability case, they cheated him out of over $30,000 that he should have received in back pay! So we STILL weren't able to fund building our home or getting better water collection equipment, and now we need supplies for gardening vegetables for us and to help feed others with (fencing, soil, peat moss, framework for raised gardens as we have VERY rocky soil and hard clay), and we need more fencing and many other things! (See our donation page if you want to know what we need.)

We have a friend, Tim, who believes in us and our ministry, and who says Yahuwah told him to help support us. He sold his home recently and moved out of state, and when he cleaned out his storage and home, Yah told him to give us a lot of things, and even to buy us things, and we are so grateful for his willingness to listen to the Lord and actually do what Yahuwah told him to do. We've been told that there are over 30 people whom Yah has spoken to and told to help support this ministry, and every one of them has ignored Yah and refused to do this. We never asked Tim for anything! But he gave us enough sleeping bags to keep us warm in single digit winter weather, dishes (Yah told him to buy green and black, and he didn't know those were the colors I wanted), he felt led to give us a set of bongos and a conga, not knowing that I had on a 'want' list "bongos or conga". He gave us cash as the Lord led him, and once he gave us $91, not knowing that we had just been reading the 91st Psalm that day! That's just one of Yah's ways of letting us know He was listening and He cares about us. And on the day he did that, one of our tall dead trees just fell over near us, came crashing down and could have killed us, but Yah made sure it fell in the other direction! Our friend gave us boxes and boxes of non-perishable food, toilet paper, napkins, pots and pans, 2 refrigerators which we use when we're running a generator, a microwave, television, warm clothing that helped us survive the horrible winter, vitamins, bandages, DVD player, warm jackets, cooking mittens that worked like little sleeping bags for our hands at night, a memory card that just happens to fit my camera and enabled me to do video recordings of our progress out here and ministry events, another camera, a telescope, binoculars, 2 tambourines, several amplifiers and electric guitars, firestarts, 2 outdoor grills, food storage containers, regular storage containers, waterproof boots, garden tools, lots of vegetable seeds, a short-wave radio, and lots of other things. His kindness exceeds anything we've seen before. We are praying to be able to help him one day soon to be able to get to the love of his life, a minister lady who lives in another country. I'd love to be able to hand him about ten thousand dollars so they could finally get together, get married, and begin their ministry together.

We didn't know when we decided to buy this land that the coldest winter in 75 years was just around the corner (winter 2013), and we may have died out here without Tim's generous giving of supplies to keep us warm. We didn't know we wouldn't be able to get our home built, or at least a cabin, to keep us cool and safe in the summer, but we were able to buy a couple of above-ground pools and fill them by pumping rain water from the wet weather spring creek. We spent much of the hundred degree days that summer (2013) in one of them. We weren't able to do that the following summer (2014) because it sprung a leak and most of the water drained out, and we couldn't afford a liner to fix the problem, but the temperature stayed in the 90's that year, so at least we didn't get heat stroke. We used the bigger pool for water storage. James vision of sitting with the blonde in the pool was fulfilled during the hot weather!

We feel like missionaries out in a jungle farm combination! The neighbors peacocks sound like elephants, a certain bird sounds like chimpanzees in the trees, then there are the bugs and snakes, chickens and roosters (which sometimes crow in the middle of the night), possums and raccoons, wild turkeys, frogs making loud noises in our pond, a red-headed woodpecker, mules sounding like dying men crying out, horses neighing, dogs barking, our six cats in a huge pen begging for us to build our house so they can come in and sleep on our cozy bed once again. If this is how the Lord wants us to live, I guess I'll have to adapt. But wintertime gets pretty cold on this mountain, summer gets way too hot, and I think He does want us to live in a house and have plenty of water, and solar panels for electricity, and be safe and warm. I have to laugh though. Before I met James I told people I'd rather live in a tent in the woods with a man who truly loves Yahuwah and loves me, than in a big house with another one who doesn't! And here I am in the woods, living out of tents, then in a barn, and more recently in a fifth wheel, and with the man who loves Yahuwah and loves me.

Once we finally began receiving James' retirement/disability check, we were able to buy enough food to eat, pay our bills and there was a little left over to take care of occasional medical bills, car repairs, and bills that come up yearly. There hasn't been enough to get our living quarters built and ministry off the ground. We're still living pretty primitively, aside from 3 solar panels and 2 marine batteries that give is some electricity, and a gas generator that costs money for gas to run it. You can follow the Photo Album pages (set up like a diary) to see what our progress is in meeting our goals. This section you are reading was last updated in January of 2017. We have a donation page that lists our present needs, and if you're interested in helping us get this ministry off the ground you can give donations through there.

We are also working on some ways to get more finances.

* James has been spending most of his time trying to keep us safe and warm or safe and cool, but I was able to get another computer and can work on graphics again (posters, fliers, adds, pictures, music, videos) so we will be advertising his Jesse Garon - Elvis Tribute show again as soon as we can get another karaoke machine and sound equipment. The machine doesn't work and we lost our sound system in a pawn shop. He does singing telegrams and parties. Out here in the Ozarks there are not a large amount of people who go for this, but Yahuwah will find us the ones who do. He found us a few shortly after we got here, and we're confident that there will be more. We also may start a country western show.

* I've started making greeting cards to sell - am just trying to get this off the ground as of January, 2017
* When we get enough electricity going to run my sewing machine, I will also start making tallits (prayer shawls) again to sell
* I want to start customizing model horses again and selling them

Near the bottom of this page are links to the ones I made in the past, to let you, the reader, know what I am talking about, and to re-inspire me as I look at these pages. And once we get our vegetable/grain/fruit/herb gardens established to where they're producing more than we need for us, our livestock and a supply to give to poor people, we can sell surplus in the Farmer's Market.

I said all of this to let people know we will be doing what we can to support ourselves, and are not just depending on donations. But we need some help getting on our feet. We have a cabin to build, then our home. We need fencing for livestock and gardens, and supplies for raised gardens (as our soil is full of clay and rocks). We need a good water supply (are presently working on collecting rain water, but sure could use a well). We need a 4-wheel drive vehicle but can't afford the payments. We are working as hard as we can, as the weather and our physical condition lets us, and as we can afford supplies, to get our cabin built and dig out more water collection areas to supply the pools with. When we get the basic things established James wants to start preaching again in this area, and we are praying for revival that will start here but spread all over. The revival he did 20 years ago in this area was just a taste of what the Lord can do. Now that we both understand the importance of actually obeying Yahuwah's commandments, as Yahushuwah our Messiah Himself tells us in His word to do, we are expecting Reformation along with Revival. We are in the last of the last days, before the Great Tribulation and before the Return of Yahushuwah, and there is no time for playing 'church' games with our Creator! It's time to start doing what He says to do, and stop doing what He says not to do.

Below is a link to many of the conversations we had with Daniel about the real estate deal we were going through. Go ahead, grab a cup of coffee and read it - it's almost too insane to believe! It will amuse you, and probably cause you some laughs! If you know the people involved, it also may cause you some tears.

The reason I am making this public? Because the Bible says if you know someone who claims to be a brother, but is an extortioner, you are not even to eat with- 1 Corinthians 5:11 "But now I have written to you not to keep company with anyone named a brother, who is sexually immoral, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or an extortioner-not even to eat with such a person."

And how would you know unless someone exposed the person? Some of you who will read this have fellowship with Daniel, look for and celebrate the New Moon with him, the Feast Days with him, the Sabbath with him. You should refuse to associate with him until he repents. Don't bother quoting the Lashan Harah verse to us, or the verses about gossip. Those verses are too often taken out of context to control people, and to hush people about the evil going on in their congregation and cover it up instead of confront it. Yahushuwah rebuked the Pharisees all the time. We already went the rout of going to the so-called 'brother' and confronting him, and we tried to take it to the elders of the church, but that didn't work out either because they know Daniel and told us he wouldn't listen to them if they corrected him. So now we make this public. He's been committing felonies. Extortion and blackmail are felonies!

The Bible says to expose the unfruitful works of darkness. It says if you refuse to warn a sinner of his sin, and he dies in his sin, then his blood is on your hands. How about you family and friends of him start actually obeying the Scriptures and tell him you refuse to associate with him until he repents and provides fruits for repentance (begins to pay back the moneys he cheated us and others out of). He needs to re-mortgage his home and pay us the $10,000 he owes us, and whatever he owes others whom he's cheated. True repentance requires fruits of repentance, which means making the wrongs right.

The Scriptures also say that extortioners will not see the kingdom of Yahuwah. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 says "Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God." And extortioners have forgotten Yahuwah: Ezekiel 22:12 "'In you they take bribes to shed blood; you take usury and increase; you have made profit from your neighbors by extortion, and have forgotten Me,' says the Lord God." According to the Scriptures, this man is on his way to hell. If you care about him, do something! It's not just us he's cheated. He's cheated many people and as far as we know is presently cheating people. We'll know he's repenting when we hear him tell us how sorry he is, and that he'll do whatever he can to repay us. And so will the other people he's cheated. Click on the underlined link below:

CLICK HERE - Real Estate Conversations - Amazingly Interesting and Funny, but also sad

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