We are in need of financial assistance in getting this ministry off the ground. We sold much of what we had to move out here, like many who go into the mission field in third-world countries do. And because of all the losing of funds we were supposed to have (explained in the "About James & Jennifer Lang" section), we weren't able to get all the supplies we needed. So here we are on a mountain in the woods, trying to start a food and evangelism ministry, trying to build our home basically out of mud, and we have very little supplies to work with. When ministers are doing missionary work, they need support to get set up in the jungles in Africa or wherever they go. We need help getting set up in the jungle in America, a mission field right in our own country. When James evangelized in the past, he did not ask for donations because he had a good paying job and was able to fund what he was doing on his own. He even gave away money sometimes. But we are presently on a very limited retirement budget and do not have the extra funds needed to get going, so we are letting you know what our needs are, and if the Lord speaks to you to help us, we will greatly appreciate your help. Some of these needs are for ministry and some are for both personal and ministry, and some are for personal needs.


You can make financial donations by the PAYPAL link above. Please say what the donation is to be used for in the space that Paypal provides. You can either make a one-time donation, or a monthly one. Even if it's just $10 or $20 a month, it will help us. If it's $1,000 or more, please do not use Paypal, but send it through Moneygram at Walmart and e-mail the pickup information to or text it to 918-704-8740. Send all donations to "Jennifer Lang".

Once we get established here with a safe home to live in and run our ministry out of, our goal is to have a food pantry from our gardens to help feed the poor with. Yahuwah's word instructs us to feed His sheep, and we believe that means both physical food and spiritual food.

We do not have a 501C3.

Here is a list of our present needs. We will cross off items as we receive them. And we will post pictures in the photo albums, and videos, of our progress. This list is for our own personal 'shopping list' as well as a donation list - it helps keep us focused as to what we need.

$10,000 for our minister/pastor friend Tim, who has donated so much to this ministry and is part of the reason we didn't freeze to death during the winters, to be able to travel to the country where his fiancée is, marry her, and bring her back to America to begin their ministry together. He has helped us so much by giving what the Lord told him to, without us ever asking for anything, and he ordained us as well. He says we are missionaries here in America, and actually we are living like missionaries, fairly primitively here in the woods! We really want to see him blessed back for his giving into this ministry! That is why we put him first on this list.

$360 for 3 General Electric Air Conditioners to cool it off in the summer. One is for the barn/cabin that we are preparing to make crafts in to sell, one for the 5th wheel that we now temporarily live in, and one for an extra cabin we plan to get when we can, for visitors. The heat is hard to stand even with fans running. (Walmart)

$45 for a second Low Voltage Stun Gun - 25,000 Volts for treating poisonous bites. There are a lot of rattlesnakes out here. The local hospitals do not carry anti-venom, they have to order it, and it costs from $900 to $2,000 per vial - it is not uncommon for a victim to need 30 or 40 vials for one snake-bite incident. A hospital bill of $150,000 would be common. Some hospitals do not even like to use anti-venom because they say it doesn't work very well and sometimes makes the patient sicker than the snake bite makes them - so we need some other options in case of a bite. Last spring we killed our third rattlesnake that was coiled up threatening to strike us, and a fourth one under our barn got away after almost biting James during his outdoor bath. CLICK HERE and watch us kill a dangerous rattlesnake in 2014, without any snake protection gear to see why we need snake protection, and see if you'd like to be in our shoes! Info on using a STUN GUN for snake bites, in case you live in the woods or are a hunter and are interested: Electro-Shock Treatment of Snake and Spider Bites and A Shock Cure For Snakebite and SNAKE BITE AND STUN GUN TREATMENT and one more good article Electric Fence cures Ross River Virus

$25 for 1 pound of dried Plantain Herb to treat snake bites (

$78 for 72" long (6 ft) Snake Catching Stick in case we have opportunity to catch one live and remove it from the property - the forest ranger told us of a local man who will pay $300 or more each for live rattlesnakes - so if you're an animal lover who loves even snakes, you will be helping us save their lives if you get us this stick and the gloves, bag, chaps and gaters! (

$132 for 2 pairs of Extra Heavy Duty Snake Handling Gloves (to go with the stick - scroll down on the website page

$61 for Snake Bag Set (to put the snake in - scroll down on the website page - it's listed under the gloves) (

$275 for Total Protection Snake Chaps for James to wear when he's gathering rocks and wood for building our cabin and home ( - His size is: length: regular, build: husky, color: camo)

$182 for Husky Snake Gaters for Jen to wear when she's helping him in the bushes and rocks (Khaki/Camo color) (

$83 for Arm Sleeve for Jen to wear when she's working in the gardens, in case of snakes or scorpions hidden in the plants - size Medium (

$164 for 2 pairs of Needle Gloves for James (sz Lg) and Jen (sz Med) to wear when working in the gardens, in case of snakes or scorpions hidden in the plants - we have a lot of scorpions on our property (

$260 for a Colloidal Silver Generator to sterilize water, milk, and kill viruses in the animals (Silver Edge)

$150 for 5 feet of 12 gauge Silver Wire for the generator

$200 for 4 8 oz. bottles of 500 ppm Colloidal Silver (I've cured strep throat with this strength before. Amino Acid Botanical Supply)

$80 for 4 4 oz jars of Colloidal Silver Gel to treat wounds in the animals and in people

$46 for 2 2 oz Colloidal Silver Creams to treat wounds (Amazon)

$16 for Extra Strength Colloidal Silver Soap to wash wounds (Amazon)

$600 for a Rear Tine Roto Tiller (We need this to dig some of the gardens where the soil is not full of rocks. - Lowes)

$950 for a large shed/barn to store food in.

$130 for AAA Roadside Assistance, Premier insurance membership (which allows 100 mile towing) so we can travel back and forth to do some evangelistic meetings out of town, knowing we have towing service if we ever need it.

$10,000-$20,000 for a 4-wheel drive Pickup Truck (used is fine as long as it runs good - their prices are so high, but if you are in our area and have one you'd be willing to donate, that would help us a lot.) In the springtime our LONG driveway in the woods gets REAL muddy, and our little car gets stuck in it, and our van's transmission went out. Also, last winter the roads got icy and we couldn't get up the hills (we live on top of a mountain) - had to be towed up them by a 4-wheel drive! And we need it to haul supplies for the gardens. BTW, we got an SUV instead of a pickup truck

$1,000 to pay someone to grate and gravel our long driveway so we don't get stuck in it anymore. Below is a picture of our driveway after a rain! The driveway actually took care of itself - it's solid now.

$200 for small Champion Gas Generator (Tractor Supply - to power our outdoor evangelistic meetings)

$1200 for 168 straw bales and some windows to finish our little cabin (about 16x22 feet) that we can live in until we get our house built, and that will be used later for food storage ($7 per straw bale). We are presently living in a 5th wheel that we bought for $500. We have started this cabin with rocks, sod, adobe, and earthbags from our property because of lack of funds, but would like to finish it with straw bales, and will post videos and pictures with our progress as we go. The picture below left is our progress with sod and rocks, and below right is an example of how you can build with straw bales.

$1200 for 2 400 Watt Wind Generators to generate electricity when the sun isn't shining on the solar panels, with warranty (Northern Tool and Equipment)

$200 for pipe to make towers for the wind generator

$3400 for 20 100 Watt Solar Panel Kits (Windy Nation)

$1000 for 10 Marine Deep Cycle Batteries to hook up to solar panels (Walmart)

$720 for 2 3500 Watt Power Inverters (Home Depot)

$4,000 (tax free) for 2,500 feet of 5' tall Horse Fencing to fence off the property (so the chickens can free-range yet not wander off the property, nor our guard dogs run off and get shot by a neighbor, and so bears and coyotes can't wander onto the property) and subdivide the property (to keep our dogs away from the chicks, the goats and sheep away from the gardens, etc.)
$1000 for five gates
$100 for one driveway gate
$1,100 for 250 6.5' T-posts
$6,200 total

$220 for 4,000 feet of Hotwire for the top and bottom of most of the fence, and the clamps, connectors, etc., plus
$260 for 2 Solar Chargers (Lowes - $118 each)
$480 total (includes sales tax of about 10%)

$164 for 200 feet of 48" tall 1" Chicken Wire for baby and young chicks so they can't crawl through into the dog areas (Lowes $41 per 50' roll)
$140 for 40 5' tall green metal fence T Posts (Home Depot $3.50 each)
$330 total (includes tax)

$448 for 64 Straw Bales at $7 each, to make 4 straw-bale/adobe dog houses - these will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer than regular dog houses.

$300 for Brown Metal Gutter materials for rainwater collection (Lowes)

$120 for 10 55 gallon Food-Grade Barrels for rain barrels (we can get them for $12 each at our local store)

$468 (this price does not include shipping) for 8 100' Element Lead-Free Hoses for pumping pond water into storage pools during the rainy season ( $70 each)

$144 (this price does not include shipping) for 3 50' Element Lead-Free Hoses for pumping pond water into storage pools during the rainy season ( $40 each)

$200 for 2 Utility Pumps for pumping pond water into storage pools during the rainy season (Tractor Supply)

$460 for another 14 foot 4,000 gallon Swimming Pool and an extra liner and under-pad, for water storage (so we can have 10,000 gallons available for daily usage for household needs, livestock, and garden needs, and extended times of drought. Walmart.)

$440 for 4 Whole House Filters to clean the water before it goes into the storage pools, and when it comes out (Walmart $110 each)

$350 for a String Trimmer to clear large areas of tall grass and weeds - we have a LOT of rocks, so a lawn mower is not a good idea (Sutherlands)

$125 for Poulan Weed Whip that takes attachments (Walmart)

$100 For Log Splitter for 16" logs (Atwoods)

$230 for a Sony Camcorder to record ministry events and teachings for the Internet and television (Best Buy)

$167 for Zipspin DVD/CD Duplicator for duplicating DVDs of ministry events (Heartland America)

$200 for a DVD Recorder/VCR Combo to transfer James' "This Land" VCR episodes to DVD and put on website (Heartland America or Walmart)

$700 for 2 freezers to store meat in (some of this meat will be given away

$1000 for 4 female sheep and 1 male sheep, so we can breed them and eventually have milk and meat (the milk and meat will be used by us and as well as given to the poor)

$140 for 20 bags of All-Stock Feed (from our local feed store - $7 each) - this is for the chickens, goats, rabbits and may be okay for the sheep and calf when we get them.

$80 for a Sheep Feeder ( - We can get one locally at Atwoods that doesn't need to be shipped - they don't have a website to show the picture)

$80 for 12 guineas (to start a flock to keep the tick population down)

$100 for ten 40# bags of Poultry Egg Layer Crumbles (our local feed store - $10 each)

$90 for two Heated Bases for poultry waterer in the winter time (Tractor Supply)

$70 for two Poultry Waterers 5 gallon (Tractor Supply)

$200 for wood for building Sheep/Goat Shelters (for sheep, goats and chickens)

$200 for a truck load of Topsoil for growing vegetables and herbs in raised gardens

$200 for a truck load of Peat Moss to mix with soil

$200 for a truck load of Sand (for padding underneath the pools, to protect the bottoms from our rocky land)

$200 for a truck load of Cedar for bedding and mulch

$200 for a truck load of Mulch for vegetable gardens

$200 for a truck load of Gravel for

$22,690 for a John Deere Compact Tractor 1025R with factory installed loader, and backhoe, to haul dirt for the gardens, to dig trenches to re-route the creek so we can catch more rain water for the gardens, to dig the pond deeper and bigger, and other farm work for the ministry.

$500 for 125 3x4" 8-foot long Landscape Timbers for raised garden beds since our land is so full of large rocks and clay. This picture shows 7 timbers high, but our beds are going to be 3 timbers high. (Home Depot $4 each = $50 per garden bed x 10 beds = $500.)

$200 for 10 packages of 12 black plastic Seedling Trays (Harris Seeds)

$250 for 10 packages of 12 Clear Dome Lids for seedling trays (Harris Seeds)

$123 for a case (2,000) of Jiffy Medium Pellets for planting seedlings (Harris Seeds)

$20 for Pot Maker for making little seedling planting pots out of newspaper (Bountiful Gardens)

$80 For 20 Burlap Bags for planting Potatoes in (We can get at a local store)

$600 for materials to make a walk-in Greenhouse to put an indoor hydroponic garden in.

Click on this LINK to see one way that a hydroponic garden can be made. We will use a fish pond for the water source. That way, the fish fertilize the garden, and the garden helps feed the fish. Plus, we can eat the fish and feed some to the dogs as well.

$600 for materials to make a walk-in 10x11' Greenhouse to attach to our cabin and do all our starter plants in, and grow some things that need to be protected in the winter

$40 for Soil Test Kit (Harris Seeds)

$85 for 4 gallon Wheel Pump Sprayer (Harris Seeds)

$187 for Field Seeder, fertilizer, and optional planter plate kit for the grains we plan to grow (Harris Seeds catalog offer)

$180 for Blendtec Kitchen (Flour) Mill (Blendtec)

$164 for Piteba Oil Press - hand crank (Bountiful Gardens)

$25 for a Compost Bucket (Bountiful Gardens)

$400 for various gardening and homestead Books (Bountiful Gardens) Below are the specific books that we want to have. You can order them from Bountiful Gardens - just type in the name of the book - and have them sent to us.

$10,000 to build a regular sized straw-bale home - this includes 600 straw bales at $7 a bale, wood for framework and roofing support, roofing material, windows, doors, sinks, washtubs, claw foot tub, wood for shelves, paint, tile flooring for kitchen, wood for other floors, linseed oil for protecting adobe coating over straw - so rain doesn't wash the adobe away, & misc house building things. We are presently living in a 'rent-to-own' 10x16 foot barn. Below are some examples of straw-bale homes before and after they are coated with adobe:

$2,000 to pay off the 10x16 foot 'rent-to-own' barn/cabin we are living in. When we finish our cabin and start living in it, this barn will be used to do the sewing and craft projects in for income to help support this ministry.

$110 for 20 18" tall Green Camouflage Buckets with black lids for outdoor use (Home Depot $5.50 each set)

$240 for 60 18" tall White Buckets with white lids for dry food storage (beans, rice, noodles, etc.) (Home Depot $5.50 each set)

$90 for 5 Foremost Green 12x16 Camoflauge Tarp (Walmart $18 each)

$60 for 5 Foremost Green 8x10 Camoflauge Tarp (Walmart $12 each)

$130 for 10 blue 7 gallon square water containers (Farm and Fleet $12 each)

$169 for a Laundry Wringer (Amazon)

$22 for a Washboard (Rakuten)

$150 for 3 burner indoor Propane Stove (Walmart)

$132 for 3 burner outdoor Propane Stove (

$200 for Camp Chef Propane Oven/Stove and replacement plan (Target)

$90+ For 40 gallon Propane Tank and hose (Tractor Supply)

$110 for 20 small Propane Canister 2-Packs (Walmart $5.50 per 2-pack x 20)

$19 for a 10 foot long Propane Connector Hose (Lowes $19)

$200 for 200 Solar Garden Lights (Dollar Tree $1 each)

$110 for 2 Coleman Xtreme 120 qt Cooler (Walmart $55 each)

$60 for 2 Plano Storage Trunk (Walmart 30 each - we drill holes in the side of these and put our batteries and inverters in them to protect them from the weather and sun)

$60 for Cordless Microphone Set with two microphones for singing and speaking (Guitar Center)

$700 for a Peavy Escort 3,000 300 watt Portable PA System ( (I had this but lost it in the pawn shop when we were waiting on James' social security to kick in - it was GREAT for doing outdoor evangelistic outreaches, and that is what we want it for again.)

$50 for the Peavy Escort Mixer Stand (

$80 for 2 Music Stands for worship leading at outreaches (

$70 for 2 Music Lights to put on the music stands (

$46 for 2 Microphone Stands (

$18 for 2 Microphone Holders to clip microphones to stands (

$95 for a TreeWorks Tre28 Bar Studio Chimes (Guitar Center - for leading worship)

$95 for a Stand for the Chimes

$100 for 5 sets of Printer Ink refill kits (Heartland America $20 each)

$80 for 4 small Patton Utililty Heaters (Walmart or Atwoods $20 each)

Below are the Fruit Trees and Berries that we want to grow so that we can share the harvest with the poor. The trees and plants at Lowes we plan to pick up at the local stores, and I'm putting the links and pictures on here to remind us of our goals, and to inspire us! I am a very visual person and looking at these pictures motivates me. If you want to donate for one or more of the trees, just let us know which ones and we will go get them, as long as they are available.

$100 for 4 peach trees
$20 for Elberta semi-dwarf Peach Tree 3.25 gallon (self pollinating) (Lowes)

$20 for Early Elberta Peach Tree 3.25 gallon (self pol) (Lowes)

$30 for Super Sweet Peach Tree 3.25 gallon (self pol) (Lowes)

$20 for June Gold Peach Tree 3.25 gallon (self pol) (Lowes)

$80 for 4 pear trees:

$40 for 2 Bartlett semi-dwarf Pear Tree 3.25 gallon (self pol) (Lowes)

$40 for 2 Moonglow semi-dwarf Pear Tree 3.25 gallon (Bartlett for pollinating) (Lowes)

$200 for 10 apple trees:

$40 for 2 Golden Delicious semi-dwarf 3.25 gallon Apple Tree (red del) (Lowes)

$40 for 2 Red Delicious semi-dwarf 3.25 gallon Apple Tree (fuji) (Lowes)

$40 for 2 Honeycrisp 3.25 gallon Apple Tree (fuji) (Lowes)

$40 for 2 Fuji semi-dwarf 3.25 gallon Apple Tree (gold del) (Lowes)

$40 for 2 McIntosh semi-dwarf 3.25 gallon Apple Tree (red del) (Lowes)

$80 for 4 Early Golden Apricot Tree 3.25 gallon (Lowes)

$90 for 4 plum trees:

$20 for Santa Rosa semi-dwarf Plum Tree 3.25 gallon (methley) (Lowes)

$20 for Methley semi-dwarf Plum Tree 3.25 gallon (santa rosa) (Lowes)

$20 for Ozark Premier Plum Tree 3.25 gallon (Lowes)

$30 for Supersweet Plum Tree 3.25 gallon (Lowes)

$150 for 5 sweet cherry trees:

$60 for 2 Supersweet Cherry Trees 3.25 gallon (self pol) (Lowes)

$35 for Bing dwarf Cherry Tree 6.23 gallon (black tartarian) (Lowes)

$54 for 2 Black Tartarian Cherry Tree (bing) (Lowes)

$76 for 4 Almond Trees 2.25 gallon (Lowes)

$12 for 2 Aronia Berry (Burgess 2/$12)

$20 for 2 Goji Berry (Burgess 2/$20)

$19 for 2 Elderberry (Burgess 2/$19)

$12 for 4 Gooseberry (Burgess 4/$12)

$19 for 4 Boysenberry (Burgess 4/$19)

$20 for 2 Cranberry American Pilgrim (Burgess 2/$20)

$13 for 3 Currant Consort Black (Burgess 3/$13)

$15 for 3 Currant Perfect Red (Burgess 3/$15)

$9 for 4 Dewberry (Burgess 4/$9)

$25 for 2 Honeyberry Blue Moon (Burgess 2/$25 - pollinate with Blue Velvet)

$25 for 2 Honeyberry Blue Velvet (Burgess 2/$25 - pollinate with Blue Moon)

$2 for Huckleberry Garden annual (Burgess - jumbo pack $2)

$13 for 2 Jostaberry (Burgess 2/$13)

$13 for Sea Berry female (Burgess $13)

$13 for Sea Berry male (Burgess $13)

$11 for 2 Tayberry (Burgess 2/$11)

$80 for 4 Seedless Red, White, & Blue Grape Collections (1 Seedless Canadice, 2 Seedless Concord and 1 Seedless Himrod) (Burgess 4/$80)

$30 for 4 Red, White, & Blue Grape Collections with seeds (1 each Catawba, Niagra, and Concord) (Burgess 4/$30)

$154 for 2 Weeping Willow Trees 11.85 gallon (Niobe) to plant by the pond to shade it from sun so it doesn't evaporate (Lowes $77 each)

Next are the Vegetables and Grains that we want to grow so that we can share the harvest with the poor. The picture below shows how we would eventually like to have part of our garden, probably on a smaller scale though.

$70 for Heirloom Grain Seeds (We want to plant several small plots for cereals, flours, oils - Bountiful Gardens)

$30 for Heirloom Grain Seeds (for the pasture areas where livestock graze - Bountiful Gardens)

$10 for Grain and Vegetable Seeds For Chicken Feed (I want to plant them a garden that I can pull things out of daily and add to their diet - Bountiful Gardens)

$200 for Heirloom Herb Seeds (to use for natural health remedies as well as for seasoning)

$50 for Blueberry Plants (we will buy locally)

$50 for Mulberry Plants (we will buy locally)

$50 for Blackberry Plants (we will buy locally)

$50 for red and black Raspberry Plants (we will buy locally)

$50 for Strawberry Plants (we will buy locally)

$50 for Rhubarb Plants (we will buy locally)

$50 for Asparagus Plants (we will buy locally)

$50 for Potato starters (we will buy locally)

$50 for Onion starters (we will buy locally)

$50 for Garlic starters (we will buy locally)

$248 for 8 dozen wide-mouth quart sized Canning Jars (Walmart $31/doz jars)

$152 for 8 dozen wide-mouth pint sized Canning Jars (Walmart $19/dozen)

$120 for 120 Wide-Mouth Lids (Walmart $12/dozen)

$520 total

$80 for a Pressure Canner (Walmart)

$40 for a water-bath Canning Set (Walmart)


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