Beautiful Greeting Cards

Examples of Greeting Cards I've been making. The first 26 cards shown are made with real lace, doilies and decorations glued on them. The next ones are printed cards. I have started making Messianic and Jewish styled cards as well. Most of the cards are blank so the customer can write whatever they want on it. Some will have inserts and I'll let the customer pick the saying on the inserts - I will have several choices. I've been working on this for several months now and have literally thousands of digital cards either finished or a few steps from finished - these will be printed out. I also have quite a few hand made lace and doily cards finished. I LOVE doing this! (Some of the cards here use the name "Yeshua" for the Messiah's name, because I didn't know at the time that His name is actually Yahushuwah. I will use the name Yahushuwah on all cards that have His name in them, not Yeshua or Jesus or any of the other incorrect names people have given Him. That is where the blank cards come in handy - if people don't like the name I use, they can print whatever they want on a blank card.)

Just a few examples of the insides of the cards: