On this page are most of the model horses I've customized in the past (over 10 years ago), including the ones on the top of this page. I want to begin to do this again, for extra income. I love winged horses! There are verses in the Bible that talk about Yahushua returning to earth from Heaven, along with the saints, riding white horses (Revelation 19:11-14), and Yahushua returning on the clouds of the sky (Matthew 24:30). I picture an army of saints and the Lord in the sky on white winged horses. I won't know until the event takes place if the horses will fly with wings or without wings. But every time I see one I think about the return of our Lord. I do not promote 'Pegasus', which is an 'occult' mythological creature. I believe the idea of him originated from the flying heavenly horses that Yahuwah created, but was perverted into a god-type creature by those who worshiped idols. It seems to me that everything that the devil uses for his deception and pleasure is a perversion of something good that Yahuwah created.

Concerning unicorns, I realize that some believers think they are of occult origin, but I do not believe this. There have been reports throughout early history of people seeing unicorns. And the Bible mentions them several times. I think that Yahuwah created unicorns, not magical ones, just animals, and they went extinct. If I believed they were truly of occult origin, I would not have them. If you are a believer who believes they are occult, I hope I don't offend you with all these fantasy horses. My intention is to enjoy the extreme beauty of these animals.

One more thing that I like to make are horses with 'different' types of wings, like butterfly and mammal wings. These are purely fantasy horses. I don't believe they really existed, and I don't believe they are occult. They're just a product of imagination. The butterfly horses are NOT fairy horses! Just for the records, fairies are occult, and I do not promote them.