Names of God and His Son
Is His name really 'God' and 'Jesus'? Does it matter? What does the name 'Jesus' really mean? If the names really are Yahuwah and Yahushuwah, as you claim, then what do those names mean?

Yahushuwah IS God the Creator
I hear that that is so, and that He is the Word made flesh, but if He's God, then why does He sometimes talk to God and ask Him questions, as if He's not God? I don't understand this. Is He God or isn't He?

Salvation - Eternal Life
How do I get saved (inherit eternal life) and stay saved, since you say that the 'Once Saved, Always Saved' theory is a lie from the enemy!?

Yahushuwah's Death, and His Resurrection from the Dead
Why did Yahuwah's Son Yahushuwah die for our sins, and resurrect from the dead?

Second Coming - Rapture
Are all the believers going to be raptured (taken up) out of here right before the tribulation begins?

The Devil (aka Satan) and His Demons (aka Fallen Angels)
Who is 'The Enemy' and how do we overcome him? People say "the devil made me do it" - is this really true that he can MAKE people do things?

Who are the angels and what is their purpose? Does an angel get his wings every time someone gives their life to Yahuwah?

Death and Judgment
What are we getting saved FROM? Is there really a hell and a lake of fire? What does the Bible say about Heaven?

Backsliding - (back into sin)
What happens if I start living in sin again after I am saved? How can I avoid doing this? What is sin anyway? Drinking, smoking and cussing?

How do I live in HOLINESS (a set apart lifestyle - set apart for Him)? Do I have to wear a skirt to my ankles and put my hair in a bun? That's what a certain greeter at Walmart does, and she says she goes to a 'Holiness' church. If those people are so holy, why do their eyes look glassed over like they're either depressed or deeply disturbed? And why do they act like everyone else is dirty or something and they are so pure? They look like they either have a mental disease or are demon possessed. Is that how you have to look to be holy?

The 7th Day Sabbath
I learned that the 7th Day Sabbath is the 4th of the Ten Commandments, but wasn't it changed to Sunday? Is it really to be kept by all of Yahuwah's people throughout all generations? My pastor said it was changed to Sunday.

Yahuwah's Holy Days or Feast Days (Passover, Unleavened Bread, Firstfruits, Pentecost, Trumpets, Atonement, Tabernacles)
Aren't these the 'Jewish holidays', that only the Jews need to keep? What do they have to do with non-Jews?

Man's Holidays (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc.)
Does it really hurt or affect our walk with Yahushuwah if we celebrate these holidays? I don't do it for the pagan reasons. He knows my heart.

The 613 Commandments - Yahuwah's Law/Instructions - Made Simple
My pastor says that 'Jesus' keeps the law for us, so we don't have to do it. Why do you talk about 613 of them when he says there are only 2 now? 613 is too many to even think about - I could NEVER keep all of those! Do we really have to?

What is 'sin' and what do I have to do to stop sinning? Can I continue to live in sin and still go to heaven? My pastor said it's not about what 'I' do, but all about what 'He' (Messiah) did for me on Calvary. He said now that I've given my life to Him, I'm IN! I have a guaranteed ticket to heaven!

What does idolatry mean? Isn't that when a person bows down to a Buddah statue?

Making Merchandise of the Gospel
My church has a bookstore and sells all kinds of items on church day. Is this okay?

The Dietary Laws/Instructions
Oh, I'm not under that ole law anymore and can eat whatever I want to, right? My pastor said when Peter had the vision, Yahuwah lifted the restrictions on eating unclean animals and no longer cares if we eat them.

Water Baptism
How and why do I get baptized in water? When I was an infant our pastor sprinkled some holy water on me and said I was baptized. Isn't that all that is needed? Or should I get baptized as an adult?

How do I pray to God? Do I have to repeat the prayers in the Bible? Do my prayers have to rhyme? Do I need to say thee and thou? Or can I just talk to God like He's my friend?

Studying His Word
Why should I study His Word, when my pastor teaches about it every Sunday? Can't I just learn it from him?

Torah or Whole Bible
If the Torah is part of the Old Testament, should I just study it, or just study the New Testament, or study the whole Bible?

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit? Can we all get them?

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Speaking in Tongues
My pastor said this is of the devil. My friend's pastor said this was done away with. What is this baptism? Is it good or bad? I'm confused.

Should I fast just food, or food and water, and how often should I do it? What is the purpose of it?

How and when should I worship God? Some people dance, shout, lift their hands and stuff like that. My church doesn't allow this and says they are in their flesh and making a scene. My friend's church dances all over the place and falls down on the floor, and look like they are nuts! What is worship anyways?

Miracles of Healing
Can people get miraculously healed today, or was this done away with and we all just need to go to our doctors and take drugs?

Miracles of Deliverance from Demons
Do people really get demons, or is this just fairy tales?

Supernatural Protection from Harm
How can a person get this kind of protection? Does it really happen?

Signs and Wonders
I heard that Signs and Wonders will follow those who believe, but I also heard that those who seek Signs and Wonders are an adulterous generation! So is it good or bad to want to have Signs and Wonders in your church?

Fellowship With Other Believers
My pastor says we are not to forsake assembling ourselves together with other believers so we better make it to church every Sunday morning, evening and Wednesday evening. Am I sinning if I don't go to church at all of these times?

Dressing Modestly
My pastor's wife wears a very short skirt and sometimes her cleavage is showing also. Their teenage daughters wear very tight pants or short shorts. Aren't they supposed to set the example for the congregation? Is it right for women to dress this way? How does the way women dress affect other people's walks with the Lord! I recently attended a church where the ministers asked a lady to leave the service because she was dressed immodestly!

Marriage Purity
A close friend of mine lives with a man she is not married to, and uh, actually, she is still married to her husband, but separated, and so, well, I asked her 'isn't this adultery' and she said no, because she is married to this new man in God's eyes and "He knows my heart". She insists that she loves the Lord, and even believes in the Sabbath and feast days (although she does not keep them, but celebrates Halloween and others instead) - she says she is 'working on this stuff' and has such a close relationship with God that she KNOWS she is still going to heaven. Um, could you explain how this fits in with 'marriage purity'?

Sex, Fornication, Adultery, Polygamy
I have so many questions about sex and the Bible that I don't know where to begin. But how about this - a friend who says he believes in keeping the laws in the Old Testament says it's perfectly fine for a man to have more than one wife. In fact, he even has said that that is what God WANTS men to have. I thought a man was only supposed to have ONE wife, and I read in Genesis that God created one wife for Adam, yet it looks like men in the Bible days had more than one wife. So which way is it? This man wants to date me and my sister. Should we both date him, or what should I do?

Hair, Beards, Head Coverings, Make-up, Tattoos, and Piercings
My friend's church won't allow women to enter unless they put on a head covering, which they keep a supply of right inside the door. All of the men there have long scraggly beards and look like they crawled out from under rocks. All of the women have really long hair but they always wear it up in buns and wear no makeup, and their eyes are always glassed over and they look like they are in a cult. She wants me to come to church with her and she believes that I won't go to heaven unless I do these things as well because she says this is what holiness is all about. What is the truth about these things? I don't really feel comfortable with this.

Quite a few people I know who call themselves 'Torah Observant' insist that a married couple is commanded to multiply to replenish the earth, and therefore they never use any form of birth control and keep having one baby after another (they have 11 now, and are very poor). When I suggested they stop having children they said they would be 'violating Torah' (in other words, living in sin, and disqualifying themselves from going to heaven) if they did that. Will I go to hell if my husband and I choose to limit the number of children we have? Can we use birth control as long as it is not one of those that cause an abortion?

Should we circumcise our baby boy after he is born? What is it about the 8th day to do the circumcision if we do go ahead and do it?

Barmitzvah and Batmitzvah
What is a Barmitzvah and a Batmitzvah? My Messianic friends have celebrations called these for their children when they get a certain age. Is this in the Bible or just a custom? Is it good or bad?

Living in These Last Days
What does it mean to be living in the last days? Are we living in the last days? What happens when the final last day happens?

What is evangelism? Does it mean to go out on the streets and tell everyone about the Messiah? Are we all supposed to be evangelists?

The Five-Fold Ministry
What is the Five-Fold Ministry? Does it have something to do with folding something, or folding five things? My friend says he's called in to the five-fold ministry and so he is going to Bible College now to learn how to be a minister. Is this what he is supposed to do?

Women in the Ministry
Does the Bible forbid women from being in the ministry? I once went to a church where they forbid women from ministry, but they had women teaching the children and a woman playing the organ. But they insist that any woman who teaches a 'man' is a Jezebel and is evil, and they won't let a woman actually 'lead' the praise and worship. This is all so confusing. I am a woman and want to know if I can be a minister.

My friends are missionaries and they said they have to sell all they have and go live in Africa to teach the people about salvation. They want me to come with them, but I don't feel the urge to do this. Aren't all people supposed to go preach the gospel to all nations? Why don't I want to do this? And what happens to their kids when they leave the country and go to a country where their children wouldn't be safe? What do they do with them?

The Antichrist
Who is the anti-christ? Is it a real person, or is it a system of government? Is it coming in the future or is it already here?

Jerusalem, Israel
What is so special about Jerusalem in Israel? In fact, Israel is such a TINY little country! Why is it so special?

The Millenium
I've heard about a Millenium that supposedly is coming soon, where the lion will lay down with the lamb, and the devil will not be there, and the Messiah will rule the earth. Is this in the Bible, and if so, when will it happen?

The New Jerusalem or Heaven
When I die, will I go up to Heaven? What is the New Jerusalem? Where is that? All of these places confuse me.

The Tallit and Tzitzit
What on earth is a Tallit and a Tzitzit? My friend wears 4 braided thingies from his belt and says Yahuwah commands him to wear these. Is this true? Why would God tell people to do this? It seems silly.

The Tefillin
I saw a Jewish guy with a box on his forehead and black rope wrapped around his arm, and I was told that this is called a Tefillin and that Yahuwah orders His people to wear these! Is this for real?! Where is this in the Bible, if it is in there?

The Menorrah
How many candles should a Menorrah hold? Does it matter? Why do the Jewish people light these right before the Sabbath starts? My Jewish friends do this but I was too shy to ask them why. Then I saw Messianic people do it too and got more curious. Is this commanded in the Bible?

The Shofar
What is the purpose of blowing a Shofar? Are we all supposed to have one?

The Mezuzah
I've seen people, mostly Jewish, kiss a little cylinder on their doorpost before they entered their home. Why do they do this? Is this a commandment of Yahuwah, and if so, what is this little Mezuzah thing made of?

The Blessings
I am interested in attending a Messianic congregation and would like to know what The Shema and other blessings are so I can appreciate them more.

Glossary of Messianic/Hebrew/Jewish Words
Wow, I started attending a Messianic congregation and they use all these Hebrew or Jewish words and I have no clue what they mean. Could you tell me what some of these words mean and why on earth don't they just speak English, since we live in the U.S.A.?

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