This photo album is our diary/blog (without comments) of our life and ministry out here. You can stay updated on our progress getting set up and going. In April of 2013, we moved from a 37 year old mobile home that set on a 1/16th acre lot in between many businesses on a very busy noisy street in a neighborhood with lots of drug dealers and gang members in Broken Arrow, OK, to 5 acres of undeveloped land in the woods on top of a mountain in the Ozarks in Oklahoma. It's noisy out here too, but the noise is chickens, roosters, donkeys, peacocks, horses, insects, birds, coyotes, dogs barking, and occasional sounds from the neighbors who live just beyond the trees where we cannot see them. We've been building our cabin out of rocks, mud, clay, and straw, living somewhat primitively in the woods where there are wild animals near by. Some of the local residents called us 'Damn Yankees', as that is the name country folks give city folks who move into the country. They recently told us that when we first got here, they didn't think we would last very long! Fooled them! My wife Jennifer will tell the story that goes with the pictures below the bar.


2013 PICTURE ALBUM is below:

This picture was taken in February 2013, when we saw our new property for the first time, and made a $1 down payment on it. We've never gone the rest of the way down the road, because we hear there's lions and tigers and bears down there, oh my! Not really, just bears - lots of them! And bobcats, packs of coyotes, rattlesnakes, scorpions, and wild pigs. Want to go for a picnic?

Evangelist James excited to check out our new land!

Wow! Are we actually going to LIVE back here? Where's the bathroom?

Over here? Over there? Ask the bears? Do bears poop in the woods?!

Ha ha ha! (This isn't a picture I took. I found it on the Internet but couldn't resist! Hee hee)

Ahhh, now we're on the main road. Do people actually live out here? I hope I don't get nauseated going up and down those hills! Wow! What a view! I always wanted to live in the mountains, since I was a teenager anyways, and James always wanted to live in the woods!

Speaking of Broken Arrow - Here's the old neighborhood we lived in! We lived at the front of a mobile home neighborhood (not a trailer park), yet RIGHT in the middle of a business section, with a strip mall, Arbys, Quick Trip, etc to the left of us, a used car lot owned by Nelson/Nissan car dealership to the right of us, a post office across the street, a major expressway just a few miles East along with a Walmart Supercenter, and another major expressway a few miles to the West, along with businesses all the way down the street for many miles. The man who used to do property assessments for Mother Tucker Ministries told us that because of the location of our home in the midst of all these businesses and highways, our property was worth much more than it's value as a residential spot. He gave us a figure that was almost 4 times more than what we asked for when the car lot offered to buy it, and 2 other business people had given us that same figure. We believe the car dealership was getting it for a decent price, the price of only one of their vehicles on the lot next door, yet the owners of Nelson/Nissan ended up cheating us out of about $3,000 of what we agreed to sell it for. If clearing out our lot which blocked the view of their car lot caused them to sell just a few extra cars, then it would've made up for what they paid for our property.

Now, on another note, HERE is our NEW neighborhood, viewed from above! Quite a difference from the other neighborhood's overhead view, huh? Think we have a little more privacy now? This is a nice place to start a ministry. We can get away from the crowd after ministering to the people, like Yahushuwah sometimes did, and have plenty of space for growing produce that we can share with the poor as we minister to them. There is plenty of sunny, grassy, grazing and/or gardening space in amongst the trees. We want a few sheep and goats for milk and meat, and for keeping the grassy areas trimmed down. We need to fence this in first. Do you understand why one of our supporters considers us to be missionaries? We sold much of what we had to come out here and live off the land and begin our full-time ministry. Please help us by donating fencing - see our Donations page.

The first thing we did here was build a pen for our six cats, since we didn't yet have a home for them to live in with us.

And also a corral for six of our nine dogs. It isn't safe to let dogs run loose because the other people who live out here have chickens, and if a dog attacks their chickens, they might shoot it!

We started out sleeping in a little tent - until an animal brushed against it in the middle of the night and scared the daylights out of me. Then we moved into our van for the safety of the hard walls.

We had bonfires and campfires in the evenings and even cooked dinner on those fires for the first few weeks.

On May 24, 2013, when making a trip to Broken Arrow to get some of our stuff out of storage, we had a blowout going 75 mph on the toll road! We both asked Yahuwah to protect us and even though James lost control of the car, we got off the highway without an accident and the van wasn't even damaged from riding on a rim at that speed until we could slow down and stop! We believe the devil was trying to kill us off so we couldn't start the ministry we came out here to start, and Yahuwah protected us.

Then on June 30th, our American Eskimo dog started barking frantically at something next to the tree right behind where James had his morning coffee just about every morning. I heard a high pitched buzzing sound, like electricity, and didn't know that it was a rattle snake coiled up in striking position. This was the first deadly rattlesnake that James killed on our property.

We noticed that a wet weather creek runs through our property when a really heavy rain comes, so James spent a lot of time digging here and there to re-direct it into a pond that he also dug, where we would be able to pump it out of and into water storage containers. He even made a guitar shaped mini pond for the water to pass through!

Here is the beginning of the pond - we didn't have the right tools to work with, so it took a long time to get this far, and it still needs to be deeper.

Here he is working on the pond, and then sitting in it begging for rain!

And it did rain eventually - enough to excite us at what he had created!

And it rained more and filled the pond up to overflowing! When it fills up, the water runs over at the wide end and continues on through the property and into the neighbor's property and ends there, where it just soaks into the ground or evaporates. The neighbor said he doesn't mind if we dam off the pond completely because he doesn't need the extra water in the back of his field. So we plan to dig it deeper, plant shade trees (weeping willow because they grow fast, and pine because they are green year-round) around the sunny end of it to slow down evaporating, put a solar operated pump into it to keep it moving from the starting point so that it stays cleaner, and have it functioning year round. Then every time it rains enough to overflow it, we will pump water into our storage pools from it. We need an extra pump to be able to catch the water before it has a chance to overflow and disappear.

We got a 14 foot 4,000 gallon swimming pool to pump the pond's rainwater into. We need another one so we can have 8,000 gallons of water to get us and our vegetable gardens and livestock through dry hundred degree summers.

In the late summer it quickly became full of algae... Yuck!

So we got a Whole House System Filter, and it cleared it right up. It got clogged up and we don't have it anymore, but we now have a way to filter the water before putting it through the house filter, so when we get another one it will last much longer.

And here is another one of our water sources - WalMart and buckets. We use this water for our animals, for washing dishes, and doing small cleaning jobs.

This is the pool that we use to cool off in the hundred degree weather, since we have no air conditioning. I'm usually in it with James, and his vision of seeing the blonde in the pool gets fulfilled! (see the About James & Jennifer page for our story)

Left is the screen tent where we stored our food, we cooked on that little grill, and right is a tent where we stored our gallons of drinking water. Presently, neither is set up because the weather knocked them down, and we live in the barn now, so we cook and store our water in it also.

James learned how to build an upside down fire!

and it works!

Here is some local countryside scenery that we often drive past

These are some of our neighbors' goats, just down the hill. We want to get a couple of goats, one male and one female, for fresh milk, and we will give some of it to the people we give food to. In Oklahoma I believe you have to tell people it's for their animals to drink, because the higher-ups think raw milk is unsafe for people to drink. But once they get it home it's their business how they use it. I plan to treat each gallon with a dropper full of colloidal silver to kill bacteria. Our grandparents used to have milk delivered to their back door, and they'd put a silver coin in it to keep it from spoiling. Silver is an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral.

Just down the road we have this beautiful scenery! We live on a mountain with other mountains in the distance. BEAUTIFUL!!!

Here is another picture of the mountain in the distance. I LOVE driving down our road and seeing this view!

Here is some scenery as we are making a trip into town.

Well, here is James putting fertilizer on 2013's tomato garden, and guess what the fertilizer is?

Horse poop! With his bare hands??? Yup. And where did we get the horse poop?

From our neighbors horses, who free ranged in and frequently ran through our yard and freaked out our dogs! He sold them last year. I miss them. We have their manure for a memory! LOL!

Here is the start of our 2013 tomato garden. It didn't do as well as we wanted it to. We need to get our water collection equipment better established so things don't dry out in the summer heat. We need more supplies!

Same deal with our corn and other vegetables. In 2013 we didn't even get enough for ourselves, but we got started so late because of all the trouble we went through just getting out there and trying to set up after dealing with greedy dishonest business men when we sold our other place. We had too much to do, and too little time to do it, and too few tools to work with. And look at our teeny tiny corn! LOL! We're hoping it is much better in 2014, and want the next year to be bountiful.

Here is a BEAUTIFUL Passionflower, which grows on our property in July, and a large standing-on-end rock which grows year-round. LOL. I think these are both significant in their locations as to the Lord's choosing of our land, because the Passionflower is said to represent the crown-of-thorns on Yahushuwah's head, and the Passion of Yahushuwah, and the rock represents that He's the Rock of our Salvation as well as the Rock that the builders rejected!

Left is our driveway normally, and right is the driveway after much rain. It's really easy to get stuck in it.

Cute little neighbor's dog that ran up our driveway to say 'hello'

Such a cutie!

One more..... Looks like she's sniffing the flowers!

Great oogily boogily! This is the neighbor's UGLY dog! She was 'smiling' at us! They don't have her anymore - put her 'down' because she was so old. I hope no one puts me down when I am old! I also hope I don't LOOK like her when I am old! LOL!

Here I am in August of 2013

Here's my 'former professional wrestler', who wrestled Hulk Hogan in 1982, at 61 years old now, showing off his muscles. Has lots of wrestling injuries on the inside, but looks good on the outside!

Here's a look back into time, the year is 1982, and here is Evangelist James Lang in a wrestling match with the famous Hulk Hogan!!! Now he wrestles not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places!

Here's our tree with a face. See it? How bout now?

How bout now?????!!!!

And here's our tree with antennas! Calling all martians???

We had very few wildflowers out here in 2013, but James found these out in the woods and picked me this beautiful bouquet in July.

Sammy and Sasha enjoying life in the woods

One of our cute little visitors from nature land

And another. Ever see a metallic tailed lizard? It's called a Skank Lizard.

Some more friendly visitors

Unfriendly visitors! Deuteronomy 8:14-16 Living Bible "that is the time to watch out that you don't become proud and forget the Lord your God who brought you out of your slavery in the land of Egypt. Beware that you don't forget the God who led you through the great and terrible wilderness with the dangerous snakes and scorpions, where it was so hot and dry. He gave you water from the rock! He fed you with manna in the wilderness (it was a kind of bread unknown before) so that you would become humble and so that your trust in him would grow, and he could do you good." I just found this verse in the Living Bible, which I rarely read, and wow! We've had several encounters with snakes and scorpions, it was very hot and dry here in the summer of 2013, our first summer here, and our water came down a hill over a land FULL of rocks! There's hardly a spot you can dig in here that you won't hit a rock! He led us here, and we will not forget Him! We've been eating by the skin of our teeth, often running out of food and then He helps us. And buying that lot and mobile home from James' nephew was like being in slavery to him, because he was so wicked and ungodly and showed us how evil he is when he found out we wanted to sell the place and move, and through many adversities Yahuwah brought us out of that slavery.

These are some of the horseflies, which are larger than a quarter, that dive bombed into our van every morning when we were sleeping in it. We'd hear "ping, bop" as they flew against the van and then came back and did it over and over! They also chased our car down the road - I'm not joking - we could look in the rear-view mirror and see several of them flying straight at us, keeping up speed with the car, which was going about 20 mph on the dirt road! These are EVIL bugs!!! And the green beetles, which are just as big, buz around like bumble bees and dive bomb us in the yard! They may be mad because we moved into their territory, but the Word says that Yahuwah gave US dominion over THEM, NOT the other way around. So when a creature attacks us, we kill the creature!

This butterfly was a gift from Yah to me, because after chasing it around the yard to get some good pictures of it, I thought of how I'd love to have some real clear close-up pics, but didn't want to catch it or kill it. I believe it was the next day that James and I were at McDonalds, and I looked out the window and on top of the trash bin was a dead swallowtail, in almost perfect condition, that I was able to take home and have as a 'specimen'. I wouldn't have killed one, but this one was already dead and the timing was just too good to be coincidental.

In August, 2013, James did an Elvis Tribute for an elderly lady in the Roland Nursing Home. She was an Elvis fan, and had a trip to Graceland planned for her retirement, but on the day that she retired, she had a massive stroke, and was not able to go to Graceland. So her granddaughter and mother asked James to perform in the nursing home, and this cute little lady who hadn't smiled in a long time, LOVED the show, and smiled a lot! James prayed for her while he was there also.
"That's Alright Mama"

And he did an Elvis Tribute for the Red Hat Society
"See See Rider"
"Please Don't Stop Loving Me"

And another, for Cazadores Mexican Restaurant

BEAUTIFUL sunset on September 20, 2013. Actually, most of our sunsets look similar to this!

BEAUTIFUL sunset on September 23, 2013 - most of our sunsets here are pink and blue, instead of orange, and I call them Cotton Candy Skies! When I was a child and a teenager, pink and blue together were my favorite colors! I believe this is another gift from Yah to me, to lift me up and encourage me.

BEAUTIFUL sunset on September 23, 2013

In September, we were able to get this huge tent from K-mart, and we started living in it.

We fit a king sized air bed in it, and it was very comfortable. We kept several of the dogs right outside of it so if any animal came too close, they'd alert us, plus scare it away.

James did an Elvis Tribute at the VFW on October 5th.

We have a nice tent, but we must build a stronger safer home to live in. Tent is just temporary. Had to find a good place to build a cabin. We need an open spot, because we don't want to cut any good trees down. This picture was taken in July.

On October 24th, 2013, we finally get to start building our cabin, which will be small, but we can live safely in it until we are able to build our larger home. We're starting out with rocks that we found right here on our land. That will be a firm foundation.

We cement the rocks together with a clay/sand/straw mixture, all ingredients that we have on our land. Yahuwah has provided well for us.

These little blue daisies appeared near our building site

October 31st - Inside looking out
VIDEO: Inside tent during high winds

James preaching on November 2nd, for Sister Wanda's home service
VIDEO: Clip of James Preaching

Beef ribs for dinner on November 4th. Just one of the many delicious meals Evangelist James cooked for us on our journey.

11-27-13 Survived another very cold (in the 20's) and VERY windy night. Sigh....... I hope ya'll apreciate how warm and cozy you are, and that you can freely celebrate Hanukkah and Thanksgiving with your children and loved ones. If you dont, come out here for a day and night, and you will! We had a mild ice storm and heard an even worse one is on it's way. In fact, people are saying that the worst winter in 75 years is coming this year! Two days ago it sleeted a thin layer of ice on top of our tent. We know our tent could not hold up under a lot of ice, so we found a rent-to-own barn and the company said they'd deliver it on December 4th. The bad ice storm was supposed to come on December 5th! Too close for comfort!

12-3-13 Tuesday - Ate at Charlie's chicken today for my birthday. Ate there for thanksgiving too. LOL! They have GOOD chicken! Especially their smoked chicken. For $15.36 both us can eat all we want from the buffet. Our little building arrives tomorrow. 15 degree nights and in the 30's days, and freezing rain and snow, are supposed to come Thursday! We got straw bales today for the furry friends to stay warmer and a heater for us and propane, and lots of water. Oklahoma isn't supposed to get that cold. This is crazy!

And the weather did come, but we were tucked safely in our little building/barn! The heater didn't work very well though - only if it was right by our feet. We wore long underwear and two sets of sweat outfits, 3 pairs of socks, quilted jackets, stocking caps, and oven mittens, slept under multiple sleeping bags in the loft, and stayed warm through the night, even though there was frost on the ceiling above us in the morning. Getting up was the problem! It was so cold, we wanted to stay in bed all day, but of course we couldn't.

Here is our bed in the loft of the barn, and the other loft where we store some things.

Looking down from the loft...

VIDEO: Inside of the Barn
12-5 We are pretty cramped in here, but it works! Its real cold . Supposed to be 6 degrees tonight. Glad we're sleeping in the building instead of the tent. Be even gladder when we get a better heater. We are a real piece of work, aren't we?!

2013-12-06 About 3:30 a.m. heard loud crash, like a huge tree falling! Been ice storming for at least 11 hours. I went out to see the huge tree. It was our huge tent, flat on the ground. If we had been in it, thousands of pounds of ice would've landed on top of us. We are glad we got our little barn on time! Sleeping in the loft. Cozy. All the furry friends are fine. 30 some degrees tonight. Supposed to be 7 degrees tomorrow night. This is insane weather for Oklahoma!

VIDEO: Collapsed Tent
We'd have been killed if we were in there, under thousands of pounds of ice!

It crushed our screen tent, but it's fixable. We don't cook and store food in it anymore, but we'll find another use for it.

Above and below I will end this 2013 album with pictures I took of this beautiful Winter Wonderland frosty ice storm. In the midst of all the cold and the damage, there is much beauty to appreciate!

VIDEO: Crunchy Driveway
Come take a walk with me down our crunchy driveway

VIDEO: James' Message on Cayenne Pepper
Cayenne Pepper

VIDEO: James' Impressions
Impressions of rock stars and president!


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