I'm including in this photo album all of the different wild flowers that have appeared this year, because we believe these are a gift from Yahuwah. I wanted to plant lots of ground covers and flowers, and do landscaping, and plant flowering trees and berries - but was not able to afford it this year. We couldn't even dig all of the vegetable gardens we need for the ministry because of lack of tools to make it go faster. So Yah provided the beauty I desired, and that gives me hope that He will also provide the ministry tools we need to dig more gardens, keep them watered and shaded, and provide all the other things we need, which are all on our donation list. If you looked at 2013's photo album, you saw that there were not many flowers on the property, and when you see this year's album, you will see why we are so in awe over the flowers this year! For us, it's like living in a Garden of Eden.

Then on January 9th, 2014, we had another ice storm. Unheard of since I've lived in Oklahoma. I took these pictures to remember and share the beauty of the ice coated plants and fences. I absolutely LOVE taking pictures of Ice Storms! They are so beautiful! I don't like it when one hits, because they are dangerous and harm the plants, but they sure are pretty. Below are 11 more winter pictures.

January 13th - Here's Evangelist James visiting with our ministry friend Tim, the man who has gone out of his way to help us as missionaries to survive out here in our process of getting established.

VIDEO: LOL! I love filming James when he doesn't know I'm doing it!
VIDEO: Chillin In Our Barn
VIDEO: Carrot Juice
January 18th, trying to stay warm and occupied in the barn, while winter rages on.

Some BEAUTIFUL Cotton Candy Sunsets in January

some more.....

Aren't they beautiful?!

....last one for now......

And then on February 4th, we had ANOTHER ice storm!!! And several snow storms.

For those of you who live up north, and are used to wading through 3 feet of snow, I realize this snow looks like no big deal. But we are in the Mid-South where temperatures in the winter are normally mild, and snow is rare, and since we live in the woods with an inefficient heater and thin walls, and were not mentally or physically prepared for the worst winter in 75 years here, this has been pretty hard on us! The temperatures have dropped into the single digits several times, and into the teens even more times, and the 20's even more times. We were sleeping in a tent when this weird weather started in about November, and then in the loft of a barn, and have had a total of about 4 ice storms and then snow. We made the best of it though and survived it. Above are our Winter Wonderland pictures.

VIDEO: We're so glad our van starts!
Keeping warm in the van (with the heater running) and listening to the radio, and this song played, which struck me funny! It was so appropriate!

Sammy and Sasha in the snow

February 11th - Solomon looking majestic

Our pups are posing - all on their own! Was a moment to catch!

Missy looking like a rag mop

March 3rd - cooking outside in the snow, still!

March 7th - Beautiful Mountain View

Smoking a whole chicken in the smoker that our neighbor had made, no longer used, and he told us we could have it. We had been looking at those $300 smokers at Lowe's for over a year, and couldn't afford one, but he gave us this one. Another blessing!

Cooking turkey bacon and hard boiled eggs for a salad

and here is the salad! Delicious!

All bundled up - I slept in this jacket all winter in order to survive! Our little heater warmed our feet and legs, but didn't warm the building very much. Several times our bottles of drinking water next to our pillows were frozen solid when we got up in the morning! Good thing our brains didn't freeze solid!!!

March 16th - our wet weather creek is in motion, and we are pumping water from the pond into the pool.

HalleluYah!!! It's March 19th, and winter is finally OVER! We are resuming our cabin building project! Using sod as well as rocks and earth bags. James is sitting in front of where the pizza oven will go. He has decided to dig a basement as you can see from the big hole.

March 21st progress - a layer of earthbags in place.

Spring wild flowers start to pop up randomly - Buttercups

March 28th cabin progress

Starting the platform for the Adobe Pizza Oven, and ended the day with a Leg of Lamb over brown rice, that a food ministry gave to us! Oh my gosh, it was DELICIOUS!!!! Here we are wanting to grow food to share with the poor, and we had to go to a food pantry and get food because we were too poor to buy groceries!

Ha Ha! Evangelist James Lang has turned into a cave man???? The wild side of life has brought out his true colors???

Oh my! I so wanted to buy some flowering trees and fruit trees this year, but couldn't afford any. They are from $20 for small ones to over $100 for larger ones. I LOVE the flowering fruit trees, and I also love FRUIT. On March 31st I looked past the direction of the cabin we are building, and saw these beautiful flowering trees! Then we found more in another area of our property. All together there are about 30 or more! We do not yet know if they are cherry trees or plum trees, or just flowering trees, but we are keeping an eye on them to find out. Either way, we appreciate them as a gift from Yahuwah. We never saw them last year. We came in April, so we missed the blooms, and never knew they were out there.

Here's my honey, teaching on adobe cabin building

Adobe Pizza Oven in progress! Yum, thinking about those pizzas we will make!

James put straw in the garbage bag to make a mold for the oven - he will pull out the straw after the adobe dries. The bucket is for the opening - he will pull it out when the adobe dries. This is getting exciting!

Here are the bricks that James made to form around the opening.

It's coming along!

Beautiful ?cherry? trees on April 1st.

More of our mountain seen from our yard - you can't see this in the summer when the leaves are on the trees. I LOVE this!

Another view from our yard

James is making adobe balls to pack around the oven mold.

Notice the wire fencing he has for bracing, to help it hold it's shape.

April 2nd - looking better and better!

April 2nd Beautiful picture of a tree in the night sky - I love the effect this has with the black on the blue.

April 3rd - FINISHED! for now.... Since this will be inside of the cabin and used for a heater as well as an oven, there will eventually be a chimney - that is why there is a hole on the top of it.

Nice, huh? I'm so proud of my hubby!

There is our home so far - now just imagine the walls around it, the roof on it, it'll be awesome! Warm in the winter and cool in the summer, because the thick adobe structure acts like a cave, keeping a fairly even temperature.

VIDEO: James singing "Sunlight"
Making up a song as we go down the road! It's so lovely!

April 5th - the Buttercups are spreading. We didn't have many wild flowers in our yard last year, so these are a pleasant surprise.

April 7th - found more wildflower groundcover hiding in the brush

James put linseed oil all over the outside of the oven. This protects it from the weather. Rain will not soak in now and make it soggy, it will just bead up and roll off.

VIDEO: Tomato Seedlings
Tomato seedlings

Our first meal made in the Adobe Oven. Good burgers with BBQ sauce!

And here it is! Our first PIZZA made in our adobe oven on April 10th!! It was SOOO Good!!!

DELICIOUS!! Can't you just TASTE IT? LOL!

April 10th - Notice the wall is getting higher? James is making it out of sod, and then stands on it to smoosh it down.

We have these nasty tics out here! This is a close-up of one that is about the size of an M&M. I HATE these evil demons!

A few of these popped up in our yard. Beautiful!

Beautiful cloudy sunset on the beginning of Passover, April 14th. We didn't get to celebrate too much, because of lack of money, but we did have unleavened bread and wine. Some times you just have to do things the simple way.

April 15th - the Buttercups have spread and now they have company, little white flowers that are so pretty. None of these flowers were in our yard last year. This is so cool. I wanted to plant ground covers and flowers so bad, but wasn't able to this year, but Yahuwah planted them for me! He is so kind!

Close-up of the friends of the Buttercups. Beautiful ground covers! I am amazed at all the different beautiful flowers that Yahuwah gave us ALL OVER our property - that WERE NOT here last year at this same time! I appreciate all of these flowers so much. Thank you Father!

James is preparing tomato seedlings for planting in our gardens. This is our little bitty greenhouse. We need 3 larger ones for what we want to do in ministry. See our donations list if you want to help us out.

April 18th, during the week of Passover, we were able to get these beef short ribs, and James smoked and cooked them in our smoker that a neighbor gave us.

Just wanted to share our joy with you! Eat your heart out!

April 23rd - found these beautiful blue flowers growing all over our yard!

and found these buds growing on our flowering trees.

and more ground cover popping up - tiny white flowers

April 25th - found these beautiful blue flowers growing all over our yard!

Ha Ha! James before making his Elvis transformation!

April 26th, James did an Elvis Tribute in Antler's, Oklahoma for the Chamber of Commerce.
VIDEO: "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling"
VIDEO: Whole Concert in Antlers

On April 27th, the day after the Elvis show, I almost got bit by this 65 1/2 inch long rattlesnake in our driveway. (James put it's head in a jar of pickle juice to preserve it - creepy!)

CLICK HERE and watch us kill a dangerous rattlesnake without any snake protection gear (and then go to our DONATION page and order us the snake protection gear so we don't have to go through this again.)

April 29th cabin progress

VIDEO: Gardens
The start of the tomato garden on April 30th. Eventually we want to have plenty of extra vegetables so we can share them with the poor and have gardens all over the place.

View of the barn from the cabin, now that the leaves are on the trees

April 30th cabin progress

VIDEO: Skank Lizard
and a visitor that got stuck in the cooking pot with a spider! I took some pictures and then let him go. I love these lizards with the metallic tails! So pretty!

Springtime mountain view

May 1st boquet from James

Another May 1st boquet from James - he found all of these flowers in our yard!


VIDEO: Lizard in Planter
May 7th - Look at this little cutie who's mad cause he got caught in our flower pot! LOL!

VIDEO: A Visit With a Neighbor's Horses
We had to stop and talk to some of our friends on the way home from a drive

VIDEO: Collecting Gravel
Getting some gravel to fill in holes in the driveway

This is our potato garden. The potato plants are just starting to come up.

VIDEO: Solar Panel Cover
I made this cover to protect our solar panels from any hail damage. It is sheets of styrofoam covered with tarp, held together with gorilla tape.

May 8th - James is filtering the pool, which is filled with rainwater from the pond to the big pool and then to the little pool. Our goal is to have both pools (and soon a third one) full at all times for watering gardens and animals and for our use.

May 10th - Just found these beautiful wildflowers right outside of the door to our cabin! What a way to be greeted when we step outside of the cabin in the summer! It amazes me how many beautiful flowers Yahuwah planted for us, and kept most of them a secret last year, but has them all over the place this year. I found out these are called Spiderwort.

As one ground cover began to go away, another one started flourishing!

Here are some more

and some more

They just keep coming and coming, and filling out the yard!

And we have some sort of grain growing all over that wasn't here last year. Just found out it's wheat. We realized that it is from our straw bedding for our animals that we dump in the yard after we clean their crates, and the place where we buy it says we've been buying wheat straw. Two other people who looked at it confirmed it. In a catalog we have that sells grains, it says a 300 square foot bed of grain crop can provide a one-pound loaf of bread a week for a year. If it's oats, it can provide 2 big bowls of oatmeal a week for a year. We want to plant oats, wheat, quinoa, amaranth, barley, millet, flax, and triticale, perhaps 300 square feet of each. We actually have about 150 square feet of this presently. This will be a crop to help sustain us, and when we get chickens, they will love it too. So when it turns brown we will thresh and winnow it by hand and use the berries for food and the stalks for mulch and for more straw for our animals' bedding. We've wanted to start areas of grains, so this will get us started with this grain at least. Pretty cool.

And a green groundcover that looks like Hosta

And lo and behold, here is the plant that treats poisoness snake and insect bites, that I have on our 'want' list, and Yah provided it all over our property! PLANTAIN. You can make a compress out of the leaves, by chewing fresh ones til damp, or by crushing dried ones and adding enough water to make a paste, and packing it on the wound. You can also make tea out of it and it has many healing properties.

And here are some beautiful flowers

Flowers bring beautiful butterflies!

May 16th - cabin progress

May 16th - potato garden progress

Garden area for squash and other things

Squash started. We'd like to have a lot of squash and melons to give away and some to sell at farmer's market, as well as to feed ourselves with.

May 16th - tomato progress

VIDEO: Pool Cleaning
We've opened and cleaned out our pool because the weather is starting to get hot, and this keeps us from getting heat stroke when it's hot

Beautiful ground cover around trees. We couldn't have done a better job of landscaping than what Yahuwah has done for us! He is so awesome!

More flowers coming up and covering our yard!

May 18th - Here's a few squash plants, but we need to get more stuff planted in this one

Above are more wild flowers covering our yard as of May 21st.

More of Yah's landscaping

And again

Here's our potato garden as of May 21st.

The straw that Yah gave us to use in our adobe building is still standing in some places.

Tomato garden as of May 21st.

I LOVE the looks of feathery grass blowing in the wind, so I bought some Mexican Feather Grass, but then noticed that Yahuwah also had some feathery grass in our yard for me to enjoy! It's right next to one of our pathways, so I pass by it every day!

VIDEO: Night Sound and Morning Songbirds
This is what we often hear (through the vent, shown in the picture - we sleep in the loft of our barn) at night when the coyotes come near and upset our dogs, and when we wake up in the morning and the songbirds sing to us.

VIDEO: Beautiful Poop Eatin Butterfly!
Orange butterfly that lands on dog poop instead of flowers! LOL!

James' coffee heating on the grill

Oh my gosh, it was so good!

Snake skins on the wall

May 26th - another cool sunset

May 28th - NOW our yard is covered with what I think is called Fleabane Daisies. They are about 3 feet tall and are beautiful!!!

And Oso is peeking out from behind them! He's cute!

Very light lavender daisies joined the white ones.

Blackeyed Susans have appeared now in June. Yah is full of surprises! They, along with the daisies, are growing around the border of our pond. I wanted to plant flowers there, but wasn't able to, and Yahuwah did it for me!

Our potato plants are blooming now, on June 1st.

How many of you have an adobe pizza oven in the woods? One day we'll have a nice cabin built around the oven!

When driving down our road out in the middle of no where, we saw that some moron had dumped a momma cat and her kittens on the side of the road in the woods. So I caught as many as I could. The rest ran away. These are our rescue kitties. The gray one was so light, skin and bones, that she felt like a feather. Poor babies.

VIDEO: Blackberry Discovery
It is June 7th and we found a treasure on our property today! A HUGE grove of BLACKBERRIES! Wild sweet blackberries! So for the next month or more we will be picking the ripe ones. June 3rd was Pentecost, and celebrates the giving of the Torah to Moses (the commandments), the harvest 50 days after the Feast of First Fruits, and the giving to us of Yahuwah's Holy Spirit. We weren't able to celebrate as we would have liked to, but finding these berries is a wonderful surprise of a harvest for us and we appreciate Yah for growing them for and showing them to us!

Above and below are MORE beautiful wild flowers growing on our property, several of them are new ones we haven't seen before, and some of the pictures are to show how much the previous ones have grown and spread. We get surprises almost every day! Yahuwah planted a BEAUTIFUL garden!

The flowers outside of our cabin have taken on a new look.

These are all new flowers that we've not seen here yet.

This is the view we get when we come home and start to pull in our driveway! Wow! I'm in so much amazement because we've lived here for over a year and there were never all of these flowers out here. We are saturated with them, and the neighbor has them too!

All of these are out front of our place, as you first pull into our driveway.

Fluffy grasses and flowers

We checked out our 'flowering trees' today, June 7th, to see what the fruit on them looks like, and this is what we have. We still don't know if these are cherry trees, plum trees, or perhaps crabapple trees.

......and we took pics of the Tomato Garden, Squash, and Potato Garden, in that order. They're coming along, but we need to plant much much more, so if someone out there can donate to our ministry for a rototiller, raised garden beds, water supply items, top soil, greenhouses, and other gardening supplies, please do, and we will continue to keep you updated on our progress via this website.

June 9th - Garlic toast anyone? Walmart has fresh bread for a dollar and it's amazing what you can do with a simple cheap loaf of bread!

Little gray rescue kitty

June 10th - Here's another new flower on our property!

Our tomato garden as of June 10th.

Another view

Our goal is to have a surplus so that we can have a food pantry of fresh produce to take to the poor sections of town and give away as part of our ministry. We hope that happens this year, but we do need supplies donated so we can dig and cultivate larger garden areas and plant two to three times as many plants as seen here in order to really have enough to make a difference. If you'd like to help us, go to our donation page and you will see what supplies we need.

VIDEO: Tomato Garden, Wheat, Flowers
Lots of wheat growing all over our yard! We did not plan this - it just came up on it's own! Looks like it's almost ready to harvest.

June 13th - Blackberry cereal, from the wild berries we picked on our land!

June 14th - Blackberry juice provided by Yah! All we did is add a little natural sugar.

Beauty provided by Yah!

First ripe tomatoes

Tomatoes ripe off the vine are the best! I can hardly wait to have enough to share these!

June 16 - another new flower pops up right in front of our pond! Yahuwah just never runs out of beautiful surprises! He is so awesome!

Sammy & Sasha

June 19th - some of the wheat is ready to harvest.


VIDEO: Our Wheat
June 19th - These are really good raw, eaten as a snack. And they are not Genetically Modified wheat! No one is farming any crops out here - there are so many rocks that no one has pursued farming, so there are no GMO contaminates to drift over to our crop and mess it up.

VIDEO: Grill
Getting ready to fix dinner. Think the fire is hot enough? LOL!

June 23rd - James dug up a few potato plants to see what goes on underground today......

and this is what he found! The little 'new potatoes' were our favorites!

Seasoned with fresh basil from our garden -


Tally looking cute.

Sammy & Sasha posing.

And Maya

The daisies are getting really THICK now! It just keeps getting prettier and prettier! Thank you Yahuwah!

And another NEW flower popped up today - the pink one.

Isn't it a beauty?

Ending the day with another BEAUTIFUL Cotton Candy Sunset!

I love these so much that I can't help myself - I MUST show you these beautiful pictures!

Pink and blue skies

Last one for now.

June 26th tomatoes

More tomatoes

June 27th natural landscaping!

Here are some pictures of our pets this year.

VIDEO: Goats
July 2nd - Seeing our soon-to-be goats for the first time

VIDEO: Catching the Chickens
July 4th - These are our new chickens! I've been trying to find someone who would sell us full grown egg laying hens, because we don't have fencing with small enough holes in it to keep baby chicks in, nor the equipment needed to keep them safe and warm until they lose their baby fir and get their feathers, but nobody wanted to sell their adult hens. But our neighbor invited us over to look at some adobe colored tile that he wanted to give us, and it is perfect for our adobe home, so we said we'd take it, and then he said we could have all of his old lumbar (post wood and other wood), and then he said he is moving this year and also wants to sell all of his chickens and goats! We bought the hens and a rooster, and he's giving us the other 2 roosters when we get a pen made for them. And we are buying the goats next month - 2 mamas, 2 babies, and 1 billy goat! So above and below are pictures of our new egg laying hens and a rooster.

There are 4 hens and 1 rooster.

Above is our majestic rooster, who will fertilize some of the eggs so we can eventually raise baby chicks and end up with about 30 or more chickens. These will be used for egg laying and eating, as well as supplementing the dog food. And we will be able to include some eggs in the food we give away when we help feed the poor.

The man who sold us his chickens also GAVE us this hen box!

Our neighbor GAVE us the egg laying box. Here is our first egg!

Breakfast with fresh free-range eggs from our new chickens! Do you realize how much better free-range eggs taste and are good for you than store bought eggs? Yum Yum Yum!

Here is our baby Pigmy Goat - we are getting the goats in the first week of August. Isn't he adorable?!

Here he is again.

Here is his momma - LOL!!!

Here she is again.

Here's the second baby goat.

And here's his momma.

And here's Pepper, his daddy billy goat.

Here's Pepper once more. He will breed with these two mommas once or twice a year and we will milk the mommas and raise the babies to be more mommas for milking, and the boys (not the super cute ones) will provide meat for us, or we will sell them. Our goal is to be self-sufficient and to have enough overflow to feed people who need help, as we minister the gospel to them. The goats, chickens and gardens play a big part in us becoming self-sufficient. Please consider giving a monthly support to this ministry so we can meet our goals.

VIDEO: Cute Little Green Insect
LOL! LOOK at those beady little bug eyes! These little insects make WAY too much annoying noise!

VIDEO: James on crops
Yums yums from the garden. Not yet enough to use for a food ministry, but is beginning to help sustain the ministers.

July 11th - Sammy looking cute

Hmmmmm, a pancake breakfast with fresh free range eggs - delicious!

Made from these light brown eggs from our lovely little hens.

July 14th, above and below are more new flowers coming up all over our property. Last year SOME of these were near the road, but none were in our living area. Above looks like wild sunflowers - they are about 5 feet tall and popping up ALL OVER the place!

And below are the pink ones that came up earlier, that are now spreading all over and multiplying into little bunches - check these beauties out!

Hey, if you're tired of seeing beautiful wild flowers on a ministry website and want to see ministry events and food giveaways, go to our donation page and help us out with a nice big donation, so we can get the supplies to plant bigger vegetable gardens, grow fruit and nut trees, and berries, and we will be able to get out there and start giving food away. I'll still post the flower pictures, but I'll have ministry events in between them! Evangelist James never asked for donations in the past, but that doesn't mean that I can't ask now. We can't do this alone. We need your support. :)

VIDEO: Filling Our Small Pool

Below are some pictures from inside of our pool - this is the jungle we see all around us - a LOT of privacy! Yahushua retreated to private areas to refresh Himself, sometimes out in a boat - we could put a little boat in this pool! Just kidding.

I don't know what the tall green things are, but they practically hover over us! I really like them!

Here they are again.

We sometimes wonder what might be peering out of the trees and bushes at us! That is one reason we keep lots of dogs near by!

July 17th Yum! - a grilled cheese lunch in the wilderness!

I think THIS tomato is having a baby!!! LOL! These tomatoes self cross-bred Beefsteak with Black Crimson. And they were REALLY DELICIOUS!!!

We had a much better crop this year than last year, but still not enough to call it a 'food ministry' - although we did give away most of these tomatoes in this picture.

Our hens laid plenty of eggs in the last 5 days!

July 18th - beautiful wild sunflowers on our property!

So THAT'S what the pretty landscaping plants growing around the tree is!


July 20-24th - more new wildflowers popping up here.

And our Sumac trees are blooming and add a tropical beauty look to our place.


Delicious salad with avocados for dinner

Pretty scenery

New tall purple flowers

The Passionflowers are back!

Turkey bacon sub-sandwhich anyone? Yum! It was delicious! See, living off the grid isn't so bad.

I discovered this one on July 27th.

July 28th - Smiling Sammy

July 31st - These sunflowers are taking over the woods! Right in our front yard! Soooo pretty!

They are multiplying and spreading. I love this!

Here's a few more

Are you getting tired of looking at flowers?

July 31st - Ahhhhh, we finally found out what our flowering 'fruit' trees are! They are 'Sloe Berry Trees'. They are a rare tree popular in another country, but sought after in ours. Our neighbors covet them, because you can make wine and jam out of the berries - ever heard of Slow Gin Fiz?

Sloe Berries

A cool groundcover I found growing under the berry trees.

August 2nd - A cute little Skank Lizard in my hand - with the metallic tail.

This is a nice harvest of fresh organic food.

This is our good lookin' rooster named Sultan

Me, chillin by the fire...

August 6th - A little creep we caught running across our driveway

Homemade pizza for dinner - these are soooo good!

August 8th - something like goulash, with cheese!

The tall spikey plants that grow around our pool are now blooming.

Here are the weird fluffy blooms

Here's a forest scene - you can barely see our 14 foot pool through the trees.

August 12th - Homemade potato chips, fried in Olive Oil, and much better than store bought chips!

August 13th - LOL! Our chickens gave us a little bitty egg!

August 14th - French toast for breakfast

August 16th - New flowers popping up

and more...

All of these I found on August 16th, when I made my property rounds to see what was new.

I'm using this photo album as a diary of our ministry and our private life out here in the Ozarks. I will be able to look back and see what plants come up when, and can also begin to research the names of these plants and find out which ones are poisonous to livestock. If anyone out there knows the names of these wildflowers, please e-mail us and let us know. We are new at all of this! Thanks! Jennifer

August 17th - we found a turtle right behind our barn cabin and decided to rescue him from the dogs getting him and chewing on his shell. A few months later we let him go way on the other side of the property, in the woods, and two days after that he showed up next to our patio and just sat there looking at us, as if to say "well, here I am, where's my dinner?" - so we have him as a pet once again! (Here he is eating a cherry tomato!)

We found our little friend a buddy. We let him go at the same time, and he hasn't come back, so our pet turtle is alone for now. But the next time we see one crossing the road, if it's not a snapper, we'll get him another pal.

August 29th - We found the Red Headed Centipede (better named red headed devil- this thing was hideous and evil!) under our trash bags when we burned all our trash. The other bug is a Walking Stick, and both were about 6 1/2 or 7 inches long. The centipedes have poison in their feet and a friend of ours has a scar on his leg from one walking over it. They jump up like cobras and grab their prey (insects, mice, frogs, etc) and puncture them with their fangs and legs, which they wrap all around them - it's horrible to watch. I'm glad we didn't find him in our cabin! 2 days later we relocated the Stick Insect, which chews on leaves like we chew on corn on a cob. He's a much more docile little bugger! But they do chew on crops.

Here they are side-by-side.

September 4th - We have BABY CHICKS!!!! Our hens have been sitting on their eggs for a month, and wahlah! New babies popped out! There are 3 yellows and 3 blacks. I hope most are females so we can have more egg layers. Our goal is to have about 30 egg layers, so we can get about 2 dozen eggs per day, and we'll be able to use some of them to add to homemade pet food, and will have some for giving away when we do our outreaches, and some to sell at farmer's market to help pay for the livestock feed. The roosters will be used for cooking - either to feed ourselves, or if they are tough, we'll add them to the pet food. Our goal is to become self-sufficient and have overflow to help feed others with. In the meantime, these little babies are sooo CUTE, and we are enjoying watching them.


VIDEO: Baby Chicks!
One more!

September 5th - I think these are my favorite daisies - I LOVE the lavender color of these little wild daisies! And Yahuwah has them scattered all over our property - some are this darker lavender, and some are light lavender, as in the picture below. Sooooo pretty!

These pictures were taken on September 23rd, and the darker daisies are still in bloom as well.

September 5th - Above - more new flowers blooming all over! Wow!

September 6th - We separated a little area for the baby chicks so they couldn't crawl through the fence, and the mammas stay in here with them and protect them. They will attack by pecking at an invader, such as us LOL!, and the baby chicks will hide under their wings. They are so cute!

September 11th - These two Mother Hens really watch over their babies. Now we know where that term comes from when a mom gets accused of watching over her children too well - Too bad more moms don't watch over their children like 'mother hens' - there wouldn't be so many kids in trouble now days!

These are growing on the fence of one of our gardens, and make it a beautiful sight.

VIDEO: Chicks!
September 12th - Chicks

September 13th wildflowers

More September 13th wildflowers

September 15th - A neighbor gave us a rooster so we could cook him for dinner, and this is our FIRST time killing a chicken. We don't like killing animals, but Yahuwah gave us certain kinds of animals to eat, and we like poultry, so we will make this as quick and painless as possible. We put him in a bag with his head sticking through a hole so that we can chop off his head without him jumping all over the place.

Plucking and skinning him

From barnyard to table - chicken and dumplings! We had to cook it a very long time because older roosters meat is tough. But it tasted really good, and we shared it with the dogs and they loved it.

September 15th - Wild daisies in front of our rock

This photo and the one above it will make nice graphics for my greeting cards.

And so will this one

The plants above were all photographed on September 15th. The last one has a really strong scent. I'd like to know what these all are.

September 15th - Making donuts 'off the grid' with Evangelist James Lang, former chef.

He coated some with unbleached sugar, and others with maple syrup and then crushed Honey Bunches of Oats cereal. They were delicious!

Can't you just taste them?!

VIDEO: Monkey Eating Peanuts!
September 16th - James reverting to his more primitive side!

September 23rd - Here is a snake that was getting too close to our chicken pen where the baby chicks are, so we eliminated him. James cut off his head and the mouth kept moving for quite a while, while the rest of the body also kept squirming around. Here are pictures of him after he killed him. We're not sure if he's a black king snake, or a racer (but he didn't scramble away like the racers usually do), or something else. The picture above is his head on a stick.

VIDEO: A Black Snake
Does anyone out there know what kind of snake this is?

VIDEO: Feast of Trumpets Meal
VIDEO: "Holy Holy Holy Lord"
September 25th - We couldn't go anywhere for the Feast of Trumpets, and we don't even have a trumpet to blow, but we do the best we can to celebrate the Biblical feast days that Yah commands His children to celebrate, believing that one day we will be able to celebrate with fellow believers and do a better job of it! This is our meal and we blew the horn that we had. Then we worshipped together. Come join us singing "Holy Holy Holy Lord, God of power and might. Heaven and earth are filled with Your glory. Hosanna! Hosanna, in the highest!"

October 2nd - The lavender daisies are getting thick! I LOVE them!

So pretty

The baby chicks

The white daisies are also getting really thick! We have bouquets all over our yard!

October 5th - We finally got our goats. But we only got 3 instead of 5. The other two died in the last few months - the cute black baby and the brown momma. We got the brown momma's brown baby, the black baby's black momma, and the Billy goat gruff, named Pepper.

Their names are (from left to right) Pepper, the Billy goat, Black Betty (ram a lam a lam), the pregnant momma (Pepper's the soon to be daddy), and Cisco Kid (is a friend of mine), the baby from the mom who died. Their ribs are showing - we are on a mission to fatten them up with sweet feed and fresh goodies and alfalfa hay. I found out why the other two died! I noticed that their pasture was FULL of the most beautiful lacy fluffy flowers, and our neighbors said cows won't eat those flowers and goats won't eat them. Hmmmm, I got a BAD feeling, so all my interest in the flowers out here is now paying off. I looked up all of the lacy flowers I could find that bloom in the late summer, and found out what these are.

Black Betty, did you eat any of these weeds?

This is the pasture that the goats were staying in. These are the weeds/flowers that cattle and goats don't like to eat. Our neighbor said it started last year as just a few and he wacked them off, not knowing what they were, and then this year his whole pasture became like this. Sooo beautiful yet soooo deadly! Notice that they completely took over the pasture and there probably isn't anything else to eat out there? So a hungry goat might go ahead and chow down? Our neighbor did not know anything about this weed! He just knew that the goats don't like it, and he had cows in the past who wouldn't eat it. If they had been eating even a little of it and he had been drinking their milk, he and his family would probably have died. But he said it had never been this thick until this year.

Here it is from a distance

This is called Snakeroot, and it is very deadly. It will cause livestock to get weak and tremble, to lose weight, it affects their liver and kidneys, their heart, and kills them.

But the really scary thing is that sometimes the animals eat a little at a time, and don't die right away, but the poison gets in their milk. So if you have dairy cows or goats and drink their milk, it will kill YOU! Thousands of people died in the 1800's from drinking milk from cows that ate this stuff. Abraham Lincoln's mother was one of them. Our neighbor was not using the goats for milk, but we will be. I pray that the babies inside of Betty are healthy, because she may have eaten some of these weeds.

So I searched our property for this plant, and found 2 in our chicken pen and one in front of our barn/cabin, and there are several along our roadside. We are pulling them all up and burning them - the recommended thing to do. Our neighbor is going to get the fire department out here and then do a controlled burn of his entire 25 acres, and then plow up his pastures and start over. We are very blessed to only have a few to deal with! He has way too many to pull by hand!

October 8th - Well, on to more positive things. Raw pumpkin seeds can be used to rid pets of worms, so we got a pumpkin and put the seeds in some canned dog food, and they ate it up, and gave the pumpkin to the goats, and they ate it up.

October 9th - Fired up the adobe pizza oven and made several of these DELICIOUS pizzas! The sausage is beef breakfast sausage. The cheese melted all over, and it looks sloppy, but boy was it good!!!

October 10th - Yum - chicken and dumplings anyone?

October 11th - Now this is just too cool to pass up - It was misting out, and these grasses got covered with the mist, and it looked real pretty. It doesn't show in the pictures, but it looked like a diamond or opal, with multi-colored sparkles that changed color as I moved. But check out the pictures below to see what this looks like CLOSE-UP

Isn't that the neatest thing since ice cream?!

VIDEO: Our Wet Weather Creek Update
October 14th - It's been raining and the creek is flowing again. The first part of the video shows our dry yard and pond in May, and the second part shows our yard in October after a lot of rain.

October 16th - We have progressed only a little on our cabin because of lack of funds - we need to put up straw bales for further work on the walls to get them up faster and easier.

October 21st - Here is another snake that came too close for comfort. James was picking weeds for the goats to eat, and before he reached his hand down to grab another bunch, the Lord told him not to reach there, but to stomp his foot down there, and when he did, this snake appeared, so he didn't get bit in the hand! He had boots on. We don't know if it's a copperhead or not, but James suspected that it was. If anyone knows, let us know.

VIDEO: Brown Snake
Here is the underside

October 25th - Here's another really cool plant out in front of our little building - it's fuzzy like velvet and spreads out a couple of feet wide.

November 3rd - Went to a truckstop to take a $12.00 shower for a treat (of not having to take one in the woods in the cold air) and visited some friendly horses next door. Yeah, we enjoy the simple things in life!

November 10th - enjoying the beautiful autumn leaves!

And unfortunately, not able to enjoy the hideous poisonous CHEMTRAILS that they were spraying all over our fresh air! What's with the triangle shape they formed over our property? Pretty creepy!

November 12th - The baby chicks are growing up. In a few months the gals should start laying eggs! Our Yorkie likes to watch from the outside of the coral and bark when they get out of line!

Well, it's frosty and cold! Winter has begun.

Keeping warm with burn barrel lit!

Yum..... Dessert first? These strawberries came from Dollar Tree in a can, and are really tasty. Bananas topped with smoked roasted almonds. Grilled cheese sandwhiches and potato soup. All inexpensive but tasty and healthy.

November 20th - beautiful sunset!

Two days later, a creepy fog that lasted 3 days!

How would you like to be out in the woods with a thick fog like this all around you? Makes you wonder what's a few feet away!

November 30th - another beautiful cotton candy sunset!

Well, things have been moving along pretty slow, but our rescue kitty is standing on the promises of Yahuwah our God!

VIDEO: James and Jen Leading Praise and Worship
December 11th - Leading Praise and Worship for Sister Wanda's group

December 18th - Couldn't afford to do much for Hanukkah, but we had latkes! And they were good!

December 19th - And we had home made French fries. Yum!

VIDEO: Christ Mass Message from James
December 23rd - A Christ mass message from James

VIDEO: Goats
December 30th - Bad Billy Goats keep escaping from their coral! - Yeah, someone told us if a fence can hold water, it can hold a goat!

VIDEO: Noodles for the Chickens
December 31st - Chicken noodle soup, or noodles for the chickens?

December 31st - Due to lack of funds and physical limitations, we didn't get as far as we wanted to on our cabin this year - looks like we have to spend another winter in that little barn.


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