VIDEO: Steak Dinner
This is our New Year's special dinner. Rib Eye Steak from a local butcher! They have the best steaks I've ever tasted in my whole life, especially when my Chef husband James grills them!

Eat your heart out!

January 3rd - And oh my gosh, here is one of his pizzas! It was cooked on our propane stove top!

It is sooo juicy and delicious!!! Have a bite!

January 5th - Now this is one of our little ponds that has iced over, and check out this cool formation!

Here's a close-up

Another angle

This is another pond - I don't know which one is prettier!


January 6th - Chips and guacamole anyone? Home made meals off the grid!

VIDEO: Ice Punch Bowl
And we're running out of ice (we don't yet have enough electric power to run our refrigerators, so we use ice chests), but nature has made us an ice punch bowl (from one of our water buckets) and we will break it up and use the ice in our cooler.

VIDEO: Shallow Well
Watering the animals from the well

VIDEO: Chicken Dinner
January 8th - Chicken dinner out in the woods! Yum!

VIDEO: Short Ribs and Message from James
January 9th - Short Ribs

January 11th - We had an ice storm and the coldness froze our fresh apples, so James cooked them and made apple fritters with crème cheese on top for breakfast. He does this stuff without recipes. I don't know how he comes up with so many delicious things through his creativity! I need recipes for anything new that I cook. But then, I am creative in other ways, so I guess I shouldn't complain about that part. LOL! He could never create the websites, greeting cards, tallits, and stuff like that that I am working on. We BOTH write songs and play guitar and piano. Well, so much for talking about our talents. They ALL came from Yahuwah as gifts, and all are to be used to glorify Him!

And by now you all know how I love to photograph the beauties of winter, so here are a few pics of this years ice!

Okay, I'll stop now! LOL!

January 12th - can hardly wait to start putting cooking sections on our show so you can make some of these delicious meals at home! This is corned beef and cabbage with potatoes and carrots, cooked off the grid by Evangelist James Lang.

Here's dessert... English muffins topped with crème cheese and strawberries (canned ones from the Dollar Tree). Now you can figure out that recipe on your own!

Okay, so on January 15th, we had just gotten some food from a food ministry the day before, because we didn't have enough this month to last the whole month, but they didn't give us any meat, and the guy up the road drives up our driveway with a beer between his legs and a smile on his face, and gives us this package. He calls me Wilma because of a funny thing I did one day that reminded him of Wilma Flintstone.

Hmmm... What is this? Looks like tenderloins.

Well, a few days earlier, a driver hit a deer, but left it, and our neighbor stopped and looked at it - it was still alive. A man came out of his house and said he would shoot it if he wanted to take it home. So he did. Then a man coming down the road stopped and offered a tarp to wrap it in, so he could take it home. So he took it home, fixed it up, and gave us a thigh, leg and some tenderloins! Perfect timing, as the food ministry didn't give us any meat, and it's nice to be able to eat meat a few times a week. Yahuwah is good.

James marinated it in Worcestershire Sauce, then cooked it covered on the stovetop with onions and fresh garlic til tender, then smoked it on our smoker, and we've been eating it off and on for a few days. It was DELICIOUS! Thank you Yahuwah! And thank you neighbor Joe!

VIDEO: Pot of Beans and Message from James
January 17th - Cooking a pot of beans

January 18th - Venison Tenderloins, were marinated in Worcestershire Sauce, then cooked over a hickory broil fire. This tastes different than the other, but is also .....


Now, if you're wondering why I include pictures of the things we eat out here in the woods, it's to show you that living this way, off the grid, you can still eat tasty, healthy, kosher (that is turkey bacon, NOT pig) meals! And our show "The Mud People" IS also a cooking show, as well as an off-grid/ministry/music show - SO, you'll see a lot of good things in our photo album/diary! The French fries were first cooked as whole potatoes until slightly soft, but not too soft. Then they were cut up into fries and fried in vegetable shortening. They were crispy on the outside and soft inside, and the best fries we've had in a long time.

We ended this day of venison tenderloins and BLTs with the most beautiful sunset I've seen out here so far. I have to put these on here full sized so that you can capture the breath taking beauty of these 'cotton candy sunsets' that I love so much! There are eight more below. Enjoy!

I just had to share all of those with you. It's so beautiful out here, and this album is our way of sharing with our friends.

January 19th - Here's James in our one room little shack with the last piece of venison! Man it was good!

January 20th - We took a walk in the woods and look at this tree we found! It looks like it has a key-hole.

So cool! I wonder if we can find the key - like in one of those video games the kids play! You find the key and it unlocks another dimension of the adventure! LOL!

Here's our big rock. Below is a picture of me standing in front of it to show you how big this thing is!

I'm thinking about writing something on it. Any ideas? Maybe the Scripture about the stone that the builders rejected, since it's too big to try and haul over and use for our cabin building? Or, how about "This property is protected by angels! Stay away! There are more of them than you!"

January 20th - Breakfast with farm fresh free eggs, pancakes from a $1 mix, syrup from the dollar store also, and turkey bacon from a less than $3 package from WalMart.

Then lunch with a 'less than' $3 cottage cheese and a whole pineapple for $1.30, both from Aldi's, and both making at least 2 nutritional meals for each of us. Not bad for 'off-grid' meals out here in the middle of the woods. Until we get more solar power, we store the foods in coolers with ice, with this winter providing a lot of the ice, and we cook on a propane stove and an outdoor grill. The propane is expensive, but we have all the free wood that we need - good smelling hickory wood -

which makes grilled toast taste extra good! (from $1 bakery bread from WalMart)

And here's an inexpensive dinner that tasted wonderful! Steamed canned spinach with real butter melted over it, and cheap macaroni and cheese with real cheddar cheese melted in with it, to make it taste gourmet. You learn to appreciate the simple things in life when you go off grid and are on a low budget!

And then, for a nice treat, we had fried onion rings in batter made from the pancake mix, instead of an expensive bakery mix, and these were the best tasting and textured onion rings I've ever had.

This brunch was cooked inside. The bread is the $1 bakery bread from WalMart, and the Cabot Sharp White Cheddar Cheese also came from there. These are some of the best grilled cheese sandwiches you can make, gently fried in butter!

And to go with that, we had the mac and cheese again, but added tuna fish along with more cheese, and fried up in olive oil some fresh potatoes and onions. Season those with seasoning salt, a little basil, and some brown sugar sprinkled into it, and you can't beat the flavor.

January 25th - Sasha looking wolfy.

January 26th - Here's Sasha looking beautiful!

And two more

January 28th - gathering building blocks for our cabin,

and fitting them into place like a puzzle.

This would go so much faster if we could get straw bales for the walls. But we just keep pluggin' along.

one stone at a time!

Pepper doesn't mind. He's happy just to have plenty of hay and feed to chew on.

Ending the day with another spectacular sunset!



So, the next night, while video taping ANOTHER cotton candy sunset, I noticed something different about the sky! As we were looking up at the sky, the sky was looking back down at us! See the old man's face?

How about now? Sooooo, WHO is that? And, oh my, looking at it again on February 19th James and I both noticed 4 other faces! A cat, a dog, a lion, and a man with a hat. Alrighty then! NO, we haven't been drinking or anything else. Do you see these faces? I'll highlight them below.

LOL! Oh dear! I'm posting this on 2-20-2015 - Well, on a more serious note, a friend asked if I'd prayed and asked the Lord what this means. Today, 2/20, this came to me out of the blue - the lion in the right upper corner represents the Lion of Judah who is watching over us (Yahushuwah, AKA Jesus), the man to the left of his face resembles James, in a comical sort of way (mustache looks like it is falling off! LOL), we have 7 cats and 7 dogs, and they are being watched over by James and the Lord, and the old man represents the Father God Yahuwah, who is in the center of it all. And ALL of these were watching over me as I looked up into the sky. Now I don't think of Yahuwah (God) as an 'old man', but sometimes He's portrayed that way in Hollywood, and since He frequently speaks to me in humorous ways, it is very possible that He did represent Himself with an old man to cheer me up.

I have been feeling sad lately, because we are struggling out here in the woods, still without a warm home to live in, and it's very cold this week (my feet get so cold they sometimes feel like ice, even when covered with warm blankets), our generator won't start (so we can't run our heaters), our phone will barely hold a charge and is dying, our propane stove is broke so James has had to cook outside in this cold and freezing rain), we have extra bills coming up in March that will eat up any extra money we could have used to replace these things, and I felt like Yahuwah was ignoring us.

So I get back on this computer and notice this picture, and that stuff about the interpretation of it comes to me. This post was about 3 weeks after I took the pictures of the sky. I didn't notice it right away. But shortly after I did notice it, I heard this song "Light Up The Skies"
on the radio and it touched me, as if Yah was letting me know that He has been lighting up the skies to let me know that He is with me, and when that wasn't convincing enough, He showed me the faces in the sky.

VIDEO: Sunsets 2013-2015

VIDEO: Grilled Steak and Burgers
February 1st - Here again is our beginning of the month pay-day treat - steak dinner. The store only had one steak, so we got hamburger also.

Oh so good!

VIDEO: The Chickens
February 6th - Our 6 baby chicks grew up. Here are the two roosters. We call these two the Kelloggs Roosters. The other 4 are hens, and have started laying eggs!

Here's our two cutest black hens with puffs on their heads.

We are moving right along, closer to my goal of having from 30 to 50 laying hens, so we can get several dozen eggs a week, and having enough for us, plus some to add to homemade pet food, and some to give to the poor during our outreaches. I have a goal for these hens and their offspring to hatch about 50 eggs before this year is done.

Even in this cold weather, when hens don't normally lay many eggs, they are averaging about 6 eggs a day now! They presently pay for their own feed, since we cannot yet totally free range them, and have to buy chicken feed.

And one day our 7 hens laid 11 eggs!!!!! We are absolutely NOT kidding!!!!!

VIDEO: Spinach Souffle
February 6th - Here is dinner of canned spinach soufflé, fried onions, turkey bacon and topped with melted cheddar cheese. It was very good!

February 7th - Stove top pizza for breakfast! Yes, you can cook pizza on the stove.

This little kitty stays inside with us, so her brother outside can't get her pregnant, and because she is so small. Her face is so cute! She thinks she owns me! LOL! She climbs on my shoulders like a monkey, so we named her Monkey!

VIDEO: Chemtrails - Message from James
Evil people trying to control the weather and poison the people and animals with Chemtrails, even in the wilderness where the air is supposed to be clean and fresh!!!!! You'd think they'd leave us alone out here practically in the middle of nowhere, but NO! They DON'T!

Got a 'little' more done on the cabin in this cold winter weather

February 8th - A BLT Lunch

And a potato soup and grilled cheese sandwich dinner

February 9th - And he says "And WHO will chop the tree down for me?" It's hard to find good help now days, especially when you preach the truth and tick people off, instead of preach the feel good gospel that everyone WANTS to hear.

Here are some pics of my handsome husband that I love so much. He can't brag on himself, but 'I' can brag on him!

Here's one more. I want to kiss his cheek.

VIDEO: Roast
He made this roast on the grill, after marinating it in Worcester sauce. Look how thick it is!

And it was wonderful with Sweet Baby Rays Barbeque sauce, on and off bread!

And a delicious soup made from left over roast beef meat, cabbage, carrots and oh my gosh, good!

February 10th - Here is turkey ham from Aldi's, pancakes from Dollar Tree pancake mix and syrup, and our own farm fresh eggs.

February 12th - Lunch with fresh grated potatoes fried to a perfect crispiness, Avocados from Aldi's that cost only .33 each, and bagels also from Aldi's and cost around a dollar for the package.


And here's dinner of northern bean soup, thick and perfect, with chunks of the turkey ham in it, and flat cakes made from the dollar store pancake mix, perfectly crispy around the edges, and cakey and sweet, yet a slight cornmeal texture, to substitute for cornbread.

VIDEO: Chickens
February 13th - A snack for the chickens

February 15th - Canned spinach with Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese meltled thick on the top, and toast from the $1 WalMart bakery bread, toasted in a fry pan in real melted butter. Something so simple, yet soooo good! James used to be a chef, and he used to manage the training of a whole chain of restaurants, and I like his meals better than the looks of many I see on TV on the cooking shows.

February 16th - Well, it sleeted, and then snowed, and here is Betty looking like she is about ready to pop any day. I hope she has her kids on a nicer day!

The cute little birds waiting for me to go away so they can swoop down and eat the chicken's feed. Who can get mad at them -

VIDEO: Cute Little Birds
They are so cute!

VIDEO: James - LOL!
James eating in our little one room barn/cabin. I had to edit out the things he said to me, cause he was saying things I can't repeat to pay me back for filming him eating! LOL!

Our kitties fur got thicker to keep them warm in this cold weather. They look so pretty!







I hear there is over 4 feet of snow up north where we originally came from. I'm glad we only have a little bit of snow. But I wish we had none, cause it's cold out here, as we still can't afford to have adequate heat inside of our barn.

But we are okay, and our animals are okay. Here is Betty inside of her hut, keeping warm and dry.

And here am I inside of our hut, keeping partially warm with a chicken brooder lamp (so I have nothing to brood about!) using generator power to practice and worship Yahuwah on my Korg Keyboard. Join us in worship!

VIDEO: "In The Shadow Of Your Wings"

VIDEO: "Unchained Melody"

VIDEO: "For Your Name Is Holy"

VIDEO: "HalleluYah"

VIDEO: "Revelation Song"

And the pets we have indoors are keeping each other warm under the table.

VIDEO: James in Ice Crown of Beans!
Isn't James silly? He found a crown of ice with beans decorating the top!

February 18th - snack of caramel coated popcorn, that tastes better than any I've ever had before. I'm serious!

Farm fresh deviled eggs, peaches on cottage cheese, yum! Cottage cheese last a long time in the cooler, so this is a good thing to get several of each month.

And dinner of spaghetti with chili for the sauce and the Cabot cheese shredded on top.

February 20th - Our first flower of this year!

Having a snack

Here's Mocha looking pretty!

VIDEO: Chickens Announcing Their Egg Laying
Ever wonder what is meant when someone says a group of ladies laughing sound like a bunch of 'cackling hens'? Well, experience it for yourself as they throw a party when one lays an egg!

February 21st - Trying to stay warm under a chicken brooding lamp! We get excited when it reaches 42 degrees in here! I mean, it's better than 32 degrees, isn't it? We sleep in our clothes, mittens and hats included, and jackets! Oh, did I mention long underwear underneath 2 pairs of sweats, and t-shirt under 2 sweatshirts (under the jackets)? And 3 pairs of socks, with a hot water bottle at our feet under the covers, and 3 fuzzy blankets on top of us, and 2 thick sleeping bags on top of that, with our faces covered!!!!! Seriously, you ought to try it sometime!

February 22nd - It snowed again - isn't Maya cute?

VIDEO: A LOT of Eggs!
February 25th - In the middle of winter our hens produced this many eggs (plus 2 that broke) in one week! Awesome!

Healthy snack - Aldi has these for around .50 each.

February 27th - Here is how we get some of our water - hauled from a faucet at WalMart or a truck stop and stored in plastic buckets - used for watering the animals, washing the dishes, our baths, and miscellaneous tasks. It usually doesn't freeze up in the van, but it's so cold that it's starting to freeze.

It snowed some more! Eeks! We can't get out of here now!

Building site under cover....

a white blanket cover

Pregnant Betty goat under cover

Our barn under cover

Our trees under cover

February 28th - Beginning the day with a yummy breakfast

Then off to watch James paint a picture on our rock! LOL!

And enjoying the beautiful mountain scene in the distance

Headed back up the driveway

March 1st - An ice storm hit us - this winter is reminding me of last winter, with it's UNUSUAL weather (unusual for us)



and MORE ice!!!!


And THAT is NOT beautiful! LOL! This is a picture of our dirty dishes! I have to wash them outside and it's been too cold to do that (and inside is just as cold, so....) Since I don't want frostbit hands, I'll wait until it gets warm outside (at least in the 50's.)

VIDEO: Steak & Eggs Breakfast
This is the breakfast of champions! We try to always start out the month with a treat of steak. This month we couldn't afford the ones we usually get, so we got this at WalMart, and it turned out really good.

VIDEO: Grecian Chicken Dinner
And we ended today with Grecian Chicken, the meal that James made for me the first day we met.

Trying to stay warm with our propane stove, because we are unable to use our generator to run a heater.

VIDEO: Labor, Delivery and a Few Days Old
March 6th - Our pregnant Betty goat finally had her mini me! Her name is Bootsy cause she has four cute little boots. And check out those eyebrows! To watch a baby goat be born, click on the video above. If this sort of thing grosses you out, jump to the middle of the video to see the baby already bouncing around like a jumping bean at a few days old!

VIDEO: Baby Goat
Helping dry off the new baby

Isn't she precious?!

And so is my hubby!

March 7th - Yum - it's hard to describe how good this Mexican dish was! Crispy on the outside, and full of taco meat and Cabot sharp cheddar cheese on the inside.

Here I am working on the computer with our little gray rescue kitty being snuggly. She liked the Mexican food too. This little kitty like just about everything we like!

March 9th - Homemade Beef Stew - mmmm mmmm good

VIDEO: Bootsy at 3 days old

March 11th - This is the fate of a raccoon who kills our neighbor's rooster! Take warning raccoons on our block! This town's not big enough for both of us! (He's going to eat the meat. Yuck.) And keep the hide.

He gave us some PVC piping. The round ones are exactly the size I need for making a couple of hydroponic garden bases. And the square ones are perfect for James to make gutters out of so we can start collecting the rain water from our roof. Food grade 55 gallon drums are only $12 at the co-op in town. And we'll need to get some elbow pieces, connectors and some wood for the garden frame. Not bad! Below are 2 examples I found online of how I want to make the hydroponic garden. I want to do this inside of a greenhouse and have enough solar power to keep it warm enough in the winter to grow vegetables all year.

VIDEO: Water Harvesting Update #1
VIDEO: Water Harvesting Update #2
The pond is filled up again. I wish we had another 14 foot 4,000 gallon pool so we could collect this water into the pool for storing it for the summer's dry times. We have 4,000 gallons in the other pool. We did collect about 110 gallons of this weeks rainwater into 2 55 gallon drums that our neighbor gave us. It's nice to have a guy like him who thinks of us when he's cleaning up his yard. There are so many things we need before we can get this ministry off the ground the way we believe we are suppose to, and we don't yet have the extra funds to get them. So if you want to help us not only spread the gospel, pray for the sick, raise the dead, but also feed the hungry, please visit our donation page and order some things on there and have them sent to us, or donate money if you wish.

March 12th - Breakfast of left over beef. Makes my mouth water just looking at the picture!

Salad made with lettuce, avocados, bananas, and green avocado dressing.

VIDEO: Adobe Pizza Oven
Making pizza in our pizza oven

March 13th - Breakfast of beef liver, turkey bacon and onions, seasoned and cooked in olive oil. This is the best beef liver I've ever had! Seriously.

VIDEO: Cute Baby Goat
Some of you have never been around goats except maybe at a petting zoo. Come spend a few minutes with our cute baby goat and her momma! Just sit back and enjoy her cuteness! We love our animals - they're kinda like kids to us (well, baby goats are literally called kids! LOL) James has seen videos on youtube.com where middle eastern people saw off the heads of goats while they are alive and crying out! These people are demon possessed! Yahuwah promotes the humane treating of animals. They are precious! Look at this precious little baby and her momma! Awwww.....

VIDEO: Water Harvesting Update #3
Here's the results of several days of mild rain that made our wet weather creek go into action. You may ask why we do so much video footage on the creek and water situation - well, water is absolutely necessary for life! And our mission is to grow enough food to have overflow so we can take fresh vegetables and fruits to the people we minister to - to provide food for the poor and for those who attend our outreaches when we start them. In the last of the last days, there will be famine and drought, and we want to prepare for that. So our water supply is extremely important to us - that we get it established and have plenty of it to water our gardens so we can grow the foods. We need supplies to make this happen. We're showing people what we have, and telling what we yet need, so that there is no question about what we are trying to do.

This is growing in our temporary swamp

We are overflowing! I wish we had the other 4,000 gallon pool so we could collect some of this water for times of drought. You can order one from WalMart and have it delivered to WalMart in Sallisaw (see our donation page). And we need lots of sand to cushion the underside of it so it doesn't get punctured. And while you're on a roll, we need fencing, 100 watt solar panels and 12 volt batteries, windows for the cabin, roofing material, strawbales for the walls, a small green tractor, large camo tarps, railroad ties or landscape timbers for raised gardens, truckloads of dirt, sand and mulch, and a camo or dark green or brown pick-up truck to haul supplies in. Why should you do this? Well, some of you who are reading this are wealthy and for years have given money to hypocritical ministers who do not preach what the Bible actually says, but instead preach a 'feel good' gospel that doesn't tell people to repent of sin, doesn't tell them that the definition of sin is transgression of Yahuwah's law (commandments), and doesn't explain to them that once they receive the Messiah as their Savior they do need to stop sinning and start obeying the commandments. They do not teach that the Bible says the tithe is food to make sure no one goes hungry, not money to buy the minister fancy cars, homes, vacations and clothing! And they do not make their major goal, along with preaching the truth, to be growing healthy food to help feed poor people with. Stop wasting your money by giving it to these hypocrites, and order us the supplies we need to grow our vegetable gardens VERY LARGE so that we can feed poor people as we minister to them. Don't do it to get a tax break. Do it to help us help people. It wouldn't hurt a few of you out there to forfeit one of your family vacations to help us out here. I'm serious. James knows some wealthy people who KNOW that he is anointed and honest and worthy of supporting, and yet they ignore us out here struggling to get this thing off the ground. Shame on you! It's time to step up to the plate and start helping his ministry. He won't ask for donations, but I am his wife and helper, and I'm asking for them. We don't have much time left before the Lord returns, and there are so many people out there who need help and salvation.

March 14th - an off-grid breakfast cooked on our little propane stove - farm fresh eggs with cheese, WalMart $1 bread toasted, and beef breakfast sausage. Totally awesome! We don't need to eat out to have gourmet meals!

Here's my honey reading the news!

Pretty swamp moss

March 16th - preaching on Facebook

March 18th - corned beef and cabbage sandwhich

VIDEO: Doing Laundry
This is how we do our laundry 'off the grid'! (We DO go to the laundry mat when we can.)

March 21st - life on the edge! LOL!

Here's Solomon looking magestic!

Beef sausage, cabbage and boiled potatoes with real butter

VIDEO: Wildflowers
March 22nd - the flowers are starting to appear!

The buttercups are spreading

And their white counterparts are competing with them!

March 24th - now this is one good potato! We saw it on the Internet and James decided to make it!

VIDEO: Bootsy in a playful mood
VIDEO: James and Bootsy
March 25th - James hanging out with Bootsie

VIDEO: Farm Sounds of Today
Monkey hanging out on my leg, listening to the howling and cackling farm sounds outside

VIDEO: Sloeberry Trees In Blossom
Sloe Berry trees are in bloom, and we found quite a few more than last year!

I found a Sloe Berry Tree growing out of a dead Red Oak Tree! It grafted itself into the oak tree!

Here is one of the natural branches that we ripped off the dead oak tree. Hmmm. Is there a message here?

Teeny tiny flowers in the middle of no-where

March 27th - another beautiful sunset!

March 28th - breakfast anyone?

Our first attempt at milking our goat! LOL!!!!! Anyone want a taste?! We won't be putting THAT in our cereal!

This corned beef hash came from Dollar Tree and I can't get enough of it! It is soooo good.

VIDEO: March 29th - Message from James about Passover

VIDEO: Cayenne Pepper for Bleeding

VIDEO: Fertilizer from the goats

VIDEO: Betty and Bootsy Bouncing off the Walls
Momma decided to get in on the silly action!

VIDEO: James taking a walk through the yard

VIDEO: Drones Flying Overhead

April 2nd - little bitty burgers

VIDEO: Message from James
April 3rd - This is the evening of the Blood Moon on the Passover.

VIDEO: Smell the Aroma!
Asparagus fried in real butter, and beef short ribs

VIDEO: Wild Pigs by the Road
Wild Pigs roam in packs of 15 to 20 sometimes. The locals like to shoot them and eat them. Yuck! Yahuwah says they are 'unclean' and we are not to eat them! These pigs will attack people, dogs, etc as they can be VERY mean! It'd be better they jumped off the side of a cliff!

VIDEO: The Healer
VIDEO: Passover Songs
April 4th - James singing "The Healer", written by his Aunt Lois Irwin. This song was once the theme song for the Garden Tomb. And singing a medley of Passover songs.

VIDEO: Monkey Play
Monkey, the rescue kitty

April 5th - beef stew made from beef short ribs, and unleavened bread with butter

VIDEO: Baby Copperhead
April 6th - killed a baby copperhead, and then another. Snakes' poison bites are more deadly when they are babies.

April 7th - out looking for wildflowers again today

Tiny but beautiful groundcovers all over!

VIDEO: King of the Mountain
Our little cutie has learned to climb! That may NOT be a good thing!

April 9th - Alrighty! This is a Passover Pizza Sandwhich

And here is the recipe for it:

Matzo Bread:

4 level cups flour
1 tsp salt
3.5 oz butter
1 1/2 cup milk
2-3 tbsp olive oil

Combine milk and butter and heat until butter is just melted. Combine all ingredients except oil. Knead til smooth. Add flour if sticky. Wrap in plastic wrap and let rest 30 minutes. Cut into 8 pieces. Roll into balls and roll out about 1/4" thick. Heat 1 tbsp oil in skillet. Place 1 flatbread in oil and cook about 1 minute (it should bubble up). Flip.


Brush with pizza sauce. Add tomato pieces and whatever else you desire (olives, cooked beef sausage, spinach, fried onion, cheese). Sprinkle some garlic powder and basil on it. Cover. Leave in pan just long enough to heat the toppings and melt the cheese. Eat as pizza or top with another flatbread and eat as sandwhich. It's great! (You could also make the bread for a dessert, and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on it, or paint it with chocolate frosting, etc)

VIDEO: Wild Flowers
Here's a huge fuzzy plant that's apparently going to get really tall! Can't wait to see it grow. I don't know how it got here. Things keep popping up all over that weren't here when we bought this land. This one is right outside of our little barn.

More tiny groundcover pictures

April 10th - we planted around 500 onion sets today. We have a LOT of seeds to plant, but so little room to plant them. We so need EQUIPMENT and RAILROAD TIES and SOIL so we can make bigger better gardens. There are sooo many rocks out here and with our spinal conditions it's hard to do everything by hand. Hmmmm.

VIDEO: Brooding #1
VIDEO: Brooding #2
April 11th - here are 3 of our 'baby chicks' that have grown up and are hatching baby chicks of their own. There are 30 eggs between them. I had a goal of hatching 30 this spring, and another 50 or more in the summer. When all of these grow up and the hens start laying eggs, we'll have plenty of eggs to help make our own dog food (by adding to meat and vegetables), to pickle, to give away, and of course for us to eat for breakfast. The shells will be used in the gardens and some ground up for adding to animal feed for calcium. The extra roosters will be used for food for us (some of them canned), and I may do craft projects with their feathers (head pieces perhaps). We need 400 feet of 1" chicken wire fencing to give them a bigger area to eat from.

VIDEO: Wild Flowers
April 12th - More wild flowers coming up! I love these!

Very pretty

April 13th - It rained all night and we woke up to this! The wet weather creek is even bigger than it was last time, and we still don't have another 4,000 gallon pool to put water in! We keep getting flash flood warnings on our text messages. LOL! Ya think?

And while this rain was going on, Sugarbear was having a litter of puppies outside in her crate! We thought she was due next week or we'd have had her inside. She had 13 puppies on April 13th! Another one of Yahuwah's humorous gestures?

Started the day with Scrambled Eggs with turkey bacon, canned spinach, fresh red onion, and sharp white cheddar cheese melted on top. Just cook the bacon in some olive oil and then break it into pieces, and cut up small chunks of a red onion and fry it also, then push those to the side and cook the eggs in real butter, mix in the bacon, onions and add well drained clumps of canned spinach, top with sliced Cabot white cheddar cheese, sprinkle basil on top, cover and let cheese melt on low heat for just a few minutes.

Oh my gosh, it is soooo good!

Ended the day with a beautiful sunset.

April 15th - Look what a lovely sight we found in our almost empty pool! A frog who ate a frog! And both died - a lesson to be learned about canabalism!

April 16th - Here's our yellow Buttercups and I believe the white ones are called Spring Beauty - Claytonia Virginica

These are spreading all over like last year

Okay, momma hens are brooding 35 eggs to hatch. We marked them so we didn't get them confused with new eggs laid.

Looking like a hippie sort of mountain man

April 20th - Homemade flatbread with beef sausage and sharp cheddar cheese. Mmmm mmmm good!

Sugarbear's puppies at 1 week old

April 22nd - Checking the eggs and

We have baby chicks! They're 10 days early! What's up with that?

Teeny Tiny little cuties

April 24th - The blackberries out front are in bloom! Can't wait to be able to make blackberry wine and jam. I'd like to dry some also and save for slim pickin times.

This is our cute hen. She's mad at me because she's brooding and I keep checking under her to check the eggs. She tries to peck my hand at least 3 times a day! LOL!

This one doesn't try to peck me anymore. She just growls at me and fluffs up her feathers, as if that's going to scare me.

And last but not least, Henrietta, one of our original 3 hens, just growls and fluffs, never bites. These gals are doing a good job. The eggs the hens lay will provide a decent amount of food for us, and as soon as we can get enough fencing to give them a large free-range area, we won't have to buy much feed for them. In fact, we plan to start growing their feed as soon as we can, hopefully this summer. We now have 16 baby chicks, and more eggs to hatch.

James found just one like this,

And one like this.

April 28th - We have a bunch more baby chicks.

And a bunch of tiny white puppies!

April 28th - Now if this ain't weird! This little red bird seemed to fall out of the sky and slammed into the fencing of the chicken pen! I tried to rescue it, but it died in my hand!

Ended this day with a beautiful sunset.

April 29th - James picked me this beautiful boquet today!

And this beauty was pollinating our wildflowers.

April 29th - got beans, corn, and a few other things planted today.

May 1st - Well, April showers brought more May flowers!

Here's a spaghetti type of dinner.

May 3rd - The blue flowers have faded away and now white ones are popping up.

May 4th - Our fuzzy plant, called Mullein, is getting bigger every day. I can't wait to see how big it gets!


What is this? Some kind of spider flower?

3 weeks old

May 7th - We are almost 4 weeks old now!

May 8th - this smells a little like a wild carrot, but I'm not sure, so we aren't going to eat it! It sure makes a pretty landscaping plant though! Resembles a fern but grows in the sun. Ooops, we found out it is Ragweed! LOL!

We only noticed one of these last year. It grows tall like a small tree. It is called Lambsquarters and is a wild spinach which is really good in salads or cooked and loaded with vitamins! And we have tons of it this year!

Sugarbear is making her babies work for their meal today! Silly momma!

Sasha looking like a wolf in the wilderness by the stream

We are a month and a day old. Aren't we cute?

We are hungry NOW! I'll try the screaming approach and you try the sweet approach, and maybe she'll feed us!

Hey! Let us out of here! Isn't it time to eat?!

Sammy, our beautiful American Eskimo Dog, and father of 12 fluffy white puppies.

May 30th - Wild flowers

Spiderwort - we only had one of these last year, now we have several. The flowers are multiplying like crazy, and yet there were hardly any here when we moved here. I still believe Yah planted them just for us!


A little Maltese dog (Missy) fit herself into this TINY little box! And is sleeping away!

And Sammy (the puppies' daddy) went to sleep in his food dish! Silly dogs!

May 31st - Betty and Bootsy say Hi!

This is probably the closest thing to grandbabies I'll ever have, so I'm taking lots of pictures of them and enjoying them and cuddling them! They are soooo cute!

My sweet babies!

June 1st - Sasha says Hi!

And the Mullein plant is getting TALL!

Mullein is flowering.

I made a little outside area for them to play in for a short while each day, while they are still so small, until we find homes for most of them.

NO! They weren't all crammed into a tiny cage!! I just cropped the picture because they were all gathered at one end to visit with me! They had plenty of room to run around and play in there.

June 8th - Puppies playing


June 12th - It's growing really FAST!!!

June 11th - A puppy getting ready to go to it's new home!

June 13th - We were watching a western on our teeny tiny screen, and heard a loud noise coming from it - and looked and looked to see what it was - and finally saw the little visitor! Can you see it? That's what we get for living in the woods!

June 15th - This is Honeybear, one of the female puppies. She is sweet like honey and very cuddly. A few of the other girls look almost exactly like her, so her picture is universal for the girl puppies!

Here she is again.

And again.

One of the puppies smiling!

June 17th - Wow! This thing is probably over 10 feet tall now!

June 19th - Still living in our little barn.

There's a lot of greenery this year. It gets thicker every year. This is our third summer here and all kinds of stuff is popping up that either makes a full and beautiful landscape, or is medicinally (herbal) useful! And we didn't plant ANY of it! Nor was it like this when we moved here.

June 20th - I've been collecting the little yellow flowers from this Mullein plant and putting them in a bottle of Olive Oil to soak for a few months. This oil is great for ear infections, especially if combined with garlic oil. The leaves and roots of this wonderful plant are very medicinal also. It helps the spine realign, helps relieve back pain, benefits bladder and kidney problems, and helps relieve coughing and congestion. Now, this plant is a biennial, meaning it takes 2 years to mature, and then dies. It will make 'rosettes' (the leaf base that sits low to the ground) the first year, stays green all winter, and grows tall and flowers the second year, then dies. It should replant itself from the flower head dropping seeds. We did not see ANY of these plants on our property ANYWHERE when we first moved here. No rosettes, no tall plants, nothing! Then it appeared our second year. I still believe that Yahuwah planted it here for us. I'm saving and drying the leaves, and when it dies, I'll dig up the roots, chop them and dry them, for herbal use.

This is called Marestale (aka Horseweed, Fleabane). It's the plant that was growing around our small pool last summer, and now it's all over in our area right by our barn/cabin. It gets about 6 or 7 feet tall and blooms fuzzy white flowers at the top. We really like the way it adds to the landscape. This plant is an anti-diarrheal, stops bleeding internally or externally, and the leaves can be burned to repel insects. It can also make some people ill, so we won't be using this one medicinally, but we enjoy it's appearance.

We've got a lot of this by our natural patio garden and were marveling at how pretty it is, and found out it's Ragweed! It doesn't make us sneeze though, so we have left it in the garden for it's fern-like beauty!

Pretty natural landscaping, with Mare's Tail (not yet blooming), Wild Sunflowers (that are not yet blooming), Black Eyed Susans, Fleabane Daisies, Ragweed, Lambs Quarters (wild spinach), and some tall grains.

Alrighty, now this one pops up out of seemingly nowhere also. It's about 10 feet tall and growing next to our potatoes and a smaller one is flowering behind our barn. I found out it is also a biennial, and is called Wild Lettuce, and is edible, but it has a sap in it that can be dangerous so we won't be eating it. Someone made a tea out of the leaves and it dehydrated them really badly and almost killed them. It's just a cool looking plant that we enjoy looking at.

One more mullein picture

I lied! LOL!

June 21st - Polk Salad Annie, the gator's got your granny!!!!

Someone told me this looks like Lamb's Quarters, a plant that is good in salads or cooked like spinach. And we do have Lamb's Quarters on our property that we've been eating. I thought maybe this was a different version of it. It's a good thing we didn't eat this, because it's actually deadly Nightshade! A plant that will kill you if you eat it! So, I pulled up all that I saw so that our dogs and puppies wouldn't get into it.


Here's our homegrown produce for the day. The darker green leaves in the middle are Lamb's Quarters, not Nightshade.

So we made salad,

And cooked potatoes and beans.

VIDEO: Here is our little Bruno puppy helping James talk about the vegetables.

June 25th - found some more of that Wild Lettuce, just starting to grow. Where'd this stuff come from?!

Both of our pools are filled almost to the brim with rainwater! We need 2 whole house filters to run this water through, and enough solar panels to power the pump, to make this water safer for our animals to drink and for us. As is, it's good for cleaning outdoor things and watering gardens. This is our only source of water, so for drinking water we buy gallon jugs of filtered water, and for washing dishes and bathing and watering the animals, we fill up 5 gallon buckets with free water that some places provide. There will come a day when we will not be able to do this anymore, so I am going to try and get the filters and solar panels before the end of the year.

To the left is what our Lamb's Quarters look like, and to the right are green and wax bean plants. Notice the similarity between the Lamb's Quarters and the Nightshade.

Got enough for dinner, but in order to have enough to feed the poor as well, we need help getting the supplies we need for raised gardens, bigger gardens. There are too many big rocks to be able to dig big gardens. We need to start raised ones to overcome this. So we need wood for the frames (lots of it), truckloads of good topsoil, etc. If you want to help with this future feeding program we are trying to start, go to our donation page and follow the instructions there.

These shells and cheese from Dollar Tree are pretty good to add to a meal of fresh beans. Amd they are something you can stock up on for hard times ahead. Dollar Tree has quite a few things that can be bought to stock up with non perishables.

We also use our pools to cool off in when the weather is hot, as we have no air conditioning and not enough solar panels to run the fans.

Our cute little grill is about to be eaten by giant Mare's Tail plants!

Awe! We have babies again! Isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen?! I love baby chicks. They lose their cuteness kind of fast, so you gotta appreciate them while you can. We're getting closer to our goal of having 30 to 50 egg laying hens so that I can start making our own pet food with eggs, rice, vegetables, and rabbits (which I don't have yet).

Little cuties with their momma

July 1st - I am trying to find out if this Eupatorium plant is Gravel Root. If it is, it is good for dissolving kidney stones and helping other urinary and kidney problems.

Yum! Another delicious salad made with Lamb's Quarters and other goodies.

July 10th - We found this dead copperhead in our driveway. It had a bite mark on it, and the only dog that was running around that day was our Yorkie! We think she killed it. Decided to keep her on a leash from now on during snake season!

July 27th - Sugarbear's puppies are getting bigger! Here's Bruno smiling, and one of the other puppies.

LOL! Bruno takes after his daddy. His daddy, the American Eskimo, can scale up a 6 foot tall privacy fence, or metal fence. Here Bruno got caught red handed escaping prison!

As a matter of fact, here is his daddy, Sammy, climbing up the trunk of a tree! You see, Maya is on the other side of the tree, and she is in heat, and he wants her! So I guess he never thought about going around the tree instead of going up and over it! Silly dog. He's on a cable and can't go anywhere in the first place. LOL!

And here is sweet Sugarbear, the puppies' momma. She doesn't climb trees or fences, she just makes holes in fences to escape, so she is on a cable also.

July 3rd - Our once a month treat - eating the early bird special at Golden Corral. We get pot roast and salad and broccoli with cheese sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy..... Us off grid living mud people like to eat out once in a while.

July 4th - But we sure love eating at home too!

August 5th - This is our third summer here, and this is our third rattlesnake kill. One each year so far. If we had the right equipment we'd capture them live and sell them to a local guy and use the money for our ministry.

August 6th - Here's another one of them off-grid burgers on home made stove top bread. Just can't get enough of em! I bet you're sick of seeing our food. LOL! It's to inspire you to learn to live off grid too, because there is coming a day very soon when you may have to.

August 10th - Gotta find homes for all but two of the puppies!

Before they grow up!

VIDEO: August 16th - Goat Family
VIDEO: Goat Rodeo
VIDEO: Goats & Puppies

August 22nd - Pickles and olives from Dollar Tree, beef sausage from Walmart.

August 23rd - This flat bread was made on the stove top

VIDEO: Puppies Wrestling
VIDEO: Puppies

September 10th - James working out with his hydro weight set! LOL!

October 4th - Burgers off the grid beats fast food anyday!

And dessert? Is the best!

October 7th - A bouquet from James

October 11th - James goin' for a ride with the neighbor

October 15th - The cabin building progress has been slow due to lack of manpower.

October 20th - Got some help in getting some beams up. Hurray! Moving forward!

October 21st - Did you know that you can roast those big fat beef summer sausages over the grill and they are DELICIOUS?!

November 12th - Russia is bombing the crap out of the terrorists in Syria and I've been real uncomfortable about the war going on over there near Israel, hoping they don't end up fighting against Israel, or coming to the USA with their bombs. As you can see from this picture, the sky is perfectly blue. There is not a cloud in it. But James, while walking on this road, looked up and saw a huge fat cloud shaped like a bear (Russia) with a smaller lion over it (Lion of Judah - Yahushuwah, Messiah of Israel) and a whirlwind under it (turmoil). He yelled at me to hurry and come take a picture, but it disappeared suddenly before I could even get a chance to see it. The Lord gave him the meaning of this - the whirlwind represented all the turmoil going on over there as the angry bear struck out, but the Lion of Judah was relaxed and had everything under control. It's interesting how Yahuwah speaks to us through the sky quite often. I appreciate anyway that He speaks to us, because each time it reminds me that He cares for us.

November 12th - We've been in so much pain lately, because of sleeping on a 4 inch foam mattress on top of a wood slab in the loft of our barn cabin. I dreaded going to bed at night because I tossed and turned, not able to get comfortable. Our neighbor didn't know anything about this, but he shows up and asks us if we would like a new pillow top mattress. Someone gave it to him and his wife but they could not use it, and it is the perfect size for our sleeping area! So praise Yah! It is SOOO comfortable! He also gave us four cushions, which happen to fit perfectly on each side of the mattress, but it's also an encouragement concerning our adobe cabin - we are planning to have a long area for sitting or laying down and we wanted cushions across it. He also gave us a rollaway bed couch, which we also wanted in our adobe cabin (he didn't know these things either. All of this is after both neighbors tried to get our van fixed (the transmission went out) and when that didn't work, got our little car that had sat in the yard for two years with engine trouble running again so we'd not be stranded out here. We asked our other neighbor why all of a sudden this guy is being so helpful and he said because everyone's realized that we are here to stay (they originally didn't think we'd last long out here in the woods in this kind of lifestyle, since we were from the city, and used to call us Yankees and laugh at us!) Now we are one of them! Ha ha! We have more chickens than any of them. We started with 3 hens and a rooster, and now have close to 50, have killed 3 rattlesnakes in 3 spring times, and have four healthy goats.

November 13th - Enjoying a meal at Charlie's Chicken buffet

November 23rd - Message from James!

December 4th - Well, it's getting colder, and we found out from our other neighbor that the heater we were given was too much for our tiny cabin and would overwhelm us and possibly suffocate us, soooo, back to the drawing board. James made this little adobe heater, similar to our adobe pizza oven, but it uses tea candles and it gives us a decent amount of heat on our table. In the meantime, we will soon be able to get an appropriate sized propane heater, tank and hoses, at the end of the month. So far it hasn't been too cold yet. FYI - he made this heater with a large can laid on it's side and packed the sand, straw, clay mixture (adobe) around it.

December 8th - Jamming at Joe's cookout, up the hill

Back home we go! Ooops, was someone in that chair? Did granny fall off the boat? Oh, that's right, we don't have a granny! Lol!

Catching a rooster in the rain.

Roosters sure have some beautiful tail feathers. Roosters for dinner and feathers for head pieces.

Working on some headpieces.

December 21st - We visited a neighbor and met his pig Dozer. He named him that because he digs down in the dirt like a bulldozer and eats the roots of plants, along with the plants. That's a perfect example of how Yahuwah created pigs to clean up the earth, and not for human consumption. They'll eat garbage, sores off of each other's bodies, poisonous plants, dead animals, etc! And their digestive system is so simple that the toxins end up staying in the pigs flesh instead of getting flushed out. So when people eat the pig, they get the toxins too. Not to mention the pork tapeworms that get into the brains of people.

December 24th - Here Comes Satan Claws, Here Comes Satan Claws! (See our page on the holidays to find out what this means!)


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