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January 1st - Well, I think I'll make a New Year's resolution again this year, because we actually achieved some of last years goals, so I want to try and reach the rest of them this year.

Between the end of last year and early this year we got an SUV, several hundred feet of fencing for part of the property border, two 6x6 foot greenhouses to use until we build a permanent one, we got the fourth swimming pool and liner for water storage, new sound equipment, made a lot of cards but haven't started selling them locally yet, got two 100 watt solar panel sets, 3 large generators to run heaters and the camp sized refrigerator, we got a satellite dish for better Internet service, and some smaller supplies.

So, this years (combined with next years) goals are still to finish our cabin; to plant gardens, to have fencing around them and netting above them and trellises in them; to build our simple but large enough greenhouse attached to our barn for the fall and next spring, to start our veges early; to get our barn cleaned out and start sewing tallits and selling them for extra income (and printed and hand made cards and crafts as well); to get our canning equipment and start canning our home-growns and also meats; to meet our quota of over 50 egg laying hens, start growing the grains, to build housing for our rabbits and start breeding them for homemade dog food; to get a building full of non-perishable foods stored; to have at least 200 gallons of drinking water stored there too; to get some more goats to milk and make our own cheese; to get some sheep, and a few cows, to get our bodies in better health and shape, to get many more 100 watt solar panels (and large batteries) so that we don't have to rely on generators anymore, to get a couple of wind generators. I'm outa breath!

I am preparing this January through July page in July, so as you can see, I'm very far behind. This has been a hard year so far, so with all the goals listed, and the good start we had, we've had setbacks and are a bit discouraged presently. I'm hoping that the last 6 months of the year will be much better.

You know how one year I posted a lot about the flowers and plants we've found on our property, and last year I taught you about Yahuwah's feast days and Sabbath? Well, we've had some problems with the neighbors and their Pit Bulls this year, and I've been educating myself on them, so I'm putting in a section of information, pictures and memes of what I've learned about Pit Bulls this year. This is our ministry to you today. Please learn from it and stay safe. So here we go!

January 5th - This was a day of very heavy spraying of chemtrails, and our female goat died 2 days later, and the male died 2 days after her. James and I are fighting a really bad respiratory infection, and I'm posting this later in the year - looking back - it lasted for several months! Chemtrails cause many people serious respiratory problems. There are heavy metals and chemicals in them that are very unhealthy. And seriously, I think they sometimes put viruses in them and spray them all over the population so they can make more money treating the sick people. This isn't the first time they've given me a long-lasting upper respiratory infection, but this is the first time any of our animals died because of it.

January 12th - We were driving home from shopping, in extremely cold weather, late at night, and just as I was getting ready to turn into a church parking lot to let some tailgaters pass me, our front passenger side wheel fell off the car - it sounded like we ran over a motor cycle, but I knew there was nothing there for us to run over, and strangely enough I was still able to turn into the parking lot and drive about 20 feet to a street light. Look at the wheel! How did I drive on that?!

And we've been as poor as dirt and normally couldn't afford a tow, but my daughter just happened to have gotten me a AAA towing insurance a few days earlier, and we got the car towed home for free, and then towed to the shop to fix it for free, and we also had the money to fix it, which if this had happened a month ago we wouldn't have had a cent. Things work out strangely sometimes. Gotta trust Yahuwah, even when we don't understand how He works, He takes care of things.

Also, if this had happened on the highway going a faster speed, or on the country backroads where it is pitch dark and no shoulder or place to pull over, we could have been in a horrible accident! When a ti-rod falls apart cars have been known to filp or wreck terribly. So we feel blessed with Yah's protection. Kind of like when we first moved out here and had a blow-out on the toll road at 75 mph in our van, and we didn't lose control of the van and James was able to pull over and change the tire without anything bad happening (semi-trucks whizzing by at 90 mph!)

January 14th - Our sweet little Sammy and Tissy (just two of our sweeties)

January 28th - Check this out! James made this delicious pepper steak dinner - Drool! Crave! Suffer! LOL. Just kidding.

January 29th - Here's a boquet James picked for me - wild flowers from our yard!

VIDEO: Cabin Building
January 30th - James found a helper, a guy that lives up the hill, who agreed to help work on the cabin and we are now able to pay him to do this. So we are moving forward again. After the car accident 2 years ago we have not been able to do much physical work, but I am now on social security as well as him, so we now have some extra funds to start moving forward. They are presently digging the basement or root cellar deeper. It looks pretty shaggy now after 2 years of hardly working on it and grasses growing all over it.

Hope this makes you hungry for a healthy meal!

February 1st - How about lamb burger with turkey bacon, cheese, and shredded cabbage? One of our goals is to get a few sheep and raise them for milk and meat, but we need to get a fenced in area first, and a couple of Great Pyrenees dogs to guard them from predators. We want to replace our goats also for the milk, and because they're cute. We need Yah's protection from the chemtrails though, because we believe that is what killed our 2 other goats, since we became ill at the same time. The goats never acted ill, they seemed fine one day and dead the next.

But we are not people who give up. And the situation with the predators - there are packs of coyotes out this way, and cougars in the canyon nearby, and wolves have been seen a few miles from here, and bears just down the hill and across the street - and the closest predator we have is the neighbors' Pit Bulls. One of them has already killed 2 little dogs of their family and a neighbor's dog, and we don't feel safe letting any of our dogs out to potty without keeping them on a leash, because they may wander to the end of our driveway and we've seen their dog in our driveway many times.

February 3rd - Today began a day of another annoyance for us. A PIG is walking around in the part of our yard where our two Eski dogs spend a few hours each day. We don't know if it's a wild pig (there are herds of them in the area and they are dangerous as they will attack people, dogs, chickens, etc.) or if it's a pet pig that wandered off it's owner's property. Pigs eat anything and everything so they can be a predator even if a pet. This one is upsetting our little dogs tremendously.

VIDEO: Pig in Yard
They practically choke themselves trying to get to it to attack it. I don't feel safe with them out here with the pig, so we tried to chase it off, but it doesn't respond to gunshots, yelling or running at it. It was very tempting to just shoot it, but we don't know if it's wild or a pet. James did manage to shoo it off finally, and it went to our neighbor's yard - the Pit Bull owners. Figures.

So they let their dogs run all over other people's property and now they have a pig and let it run all over other people's property! These are some rude people. When we complained about the killer dog last year, they said they would NOT pen their dog up, and if we didn't want neighbors we shouldn't have moved here! We been watching our dogs like a hawk for the past year because of their killer dog. Now we have a pig to deal with.

February 8th - There are a lot of very large rocks in the ground, and this guy is digging them out, but it takes a long time because there are so many.

VIDEO: Cabin Building
He is also filling earth bags as he digs out dirt and clay. The earth bags are going to be added to the walls.

VIDEO: Pig Chases Rooster
February 9th - Well, the pig has been invading our yard every day, and today it's escalated - now the pig is chasing a rooster all over our yard! This goes on for several days as well! Our dogs are besides themselves because they are so upset over this. Then one day the pig is chasing the neighbor's lab/Pit Bull mix all over our yard, humping the dog as they run.

Looking forward, the pig finally stops coming over but then a duck comes over daily following the same rooster, who spends every day over here, and the duck seems to think it's his mate. Our dogs also go insane over the duck. They are used to our chickens, but the duck is different, so it is not welcome here they say. These poor dogs are being tormented daily, and when they bark like that, it torments us because there is no peace and quite here. But the neighbors don't care that they disturb others when they let their animals run loose. There is a big hole in a fenced area where some of the animals are coming in - it's barbed wire for about 3 feet and no fence. If they'd fix that section it would stop some of the problems, but they don't.

February 9th - Tissy snuggling with James

February 11th - We haven't had much of a winter, but we did get some pretty frozen rain on the trees!

Here's two of our dogs keeping each other warm in the stairwell. That silver box in the front is our camp oven. We set it on top of the propane camp stove and we can bake things in it. It works really well.

February 15th - The ice has melted and the guys are working on the cabin site again - clearing out dirt and rocks, filling earth bags - what a mess huh?! LOL.

It's been taking so long to make progress on this cabin that I get real discouraged sometimes. Our spinal injuries cause delays, the weather, lack of help, lack of funds, etc. When we finally get this thing done I think I'll be the happiest girl in the whole U.S.A.!

I bet the people in the pioneer days had their discouragements. We have more resources these days than they did, but one thing they had that we don't - good neighbors that helped new comers build their homes and barns. The younger people now days don't respect others like they used to. Instead of respecting their elders, they call them names that have nothing to do with what they really are, and make fun of them because they're older. We watch a lot of movies about the frontier days and the young people were much nicer and very helpful to their older peers. Not one man or young man has offered to come help get this cabin done as a jester of kindness, even when knowing we are ministers with a goal to help people once we get on our feet.

People will offer to do things for pay, and there is nothing wrong with that, but we don't have much money and can't always pay someone. That's another thing - people now days don't respect evangelists and offer to help them without pay - there are so many TV evangelists who are always begging for money and then not using it to help people with, that they give the good ministers a bad reputation and no one trusts them. And if you've seen and read last years photo album, you already know that people don't like James and I because we preach repentance of sin, and sin is disobeying Yahuwah's laws, and they want nothing to do with actually obeying God's commandments! So we are on their poop lists!

March 3rd - Sure was good! Don't you just love all those little round balls of flavor?!

March 8th - James is sitting there as we check out this gazebo we've been wanting for an outside relaxing area. We may be able to get this next year.

March 12th - Using the rocks from the hole to help build the walls

March 14th - Brisket Breakfast , with hash browns & cheese, garlic toast and eggs

March 15th - We were driving through town today and noticed this cute display. The coach reminds me of the older days I was just talking about.

March 17th - Hmmmmmm - steak = protein =

Muscle! LOL!

March 18th - Peach blossoms on our little peach tree that we never even transplanted from the pot

March 19th - We are FINALLY able to start putting up our fencing, but the guys are having a hard time getting some of the posts in because they keep hitting huge areas of rock. We bought some rolls of Horse Fencing - it is wound wire instead of welded wire, and much sturdier than the fence we've used for our pets and gardens. This is to hopefully keep our animals in and other animals out. But we've got a LONG LONG way to go. We have to buy it a few rolls at a time and help isn't always available.

The trailer you see there closest to the right is going to end up way in the back of the neighbors' property, to the left. They apparently just bought this (the son and his wife). Must be tax time. The one in the middle is where the elderly father and mother live. The one to the far left is where the grand-daughter and her boyfriend live. The son used to live here, but now the grand-daughter does, and we've been having problems with them ever since they moved there.

The grand-daughter and her guy have been a real problem because of the dogs they keep as pets. Over a year ago their black and white pit bull killed one of the family Boston Terriers. The owner (the son who now lives in the back) came over one day asking if we've seen the little dog and we had not.

I did hear a small dog screaming out as if in pain, but did not at the time put two and two together. The next day I asked if he found his dog and he said yes, the Pit Bull had killed it. Now I know what that horrible sound was - the poor little thing was getting mauled to death! I believe this is the dog that was killed.

A few days later I heard that same sound AGAIN, and 15 seconds after it stopped, the black and white Pit Bull came trotting across our driveway with blood on it's mouth, panting really hard, and he paced back and forth on our property. We looked for his victim but there was too much tall brush where rattlesnakes hide, so we didn't search long enough to find it, and we never found out who it belonged to.

Then a week or more later I heard the sound again, of a small dog crying out in pain and within a day or so the grand-daughter came over asking if we've seen their Pit Bull. We had not, but we talked a bit, and she admitted that it killed her uncle's dog, I told her about the one in the woods, and she said it had just attacked one of their little dogs and she didn't think it was going to make it. She said they'll probably either have to put the pit down or get rid of him (but they never did). I told them that we now didn't feel safe letting our small dogs (or any of our dogs) ever run around in the yard because if they wander down the driveway their Pit Bull may kill them too.

Above is a picture from our neighbors' facebook page of Prince, the dog that killed these little dogs and made our little dogs lives miserable from then on. This picture is being presented for education and criticism, and therefore falls under the 'fair use' copyright laws. Look at the ridiculous thing he said about this dog. I guess he doesn't give a hoot about those innocent little dogs it killed. This is typical of pit owners. They only care about their Pit Bulls, not all the pets they maul to death! Yet if you complain about this, they call you a dog hater. And by the way, American Staffordshire Terriers are one of several kinds of dogs referred to as Pit Bulls.

They don't even care about their own children, because these people let their little girl lay on this dog that has shown severe signs of aggression. And her mom told us that he couldn't see well on one side, so if you approached him on that side he might attack you. And this is a picture of their child with this killer dog (from their facebook page - picture is being used for criticism and teaching - falls under fair use copyright laws).

Back a few years ago when they brought this dog home, they told us it had been used in dog fighting and was abused, and they were so thrilled that it just lets their little girl climb all over it! She was a toddler back then too. Not that it's okay now that she's 5. But come on, do you really think a parent that acts like this deserves to have children? Oh, and if you're concerned about me using their picture off their facebook page, don't be, because friends of theirs have taken screenshots of many of my facebook posts and our pictures and posted them on their webpages, saying we are the evil scum of the earth people because I warn others about the dangers of Pit Bulls, especially in relation to an incident that happens in May this year.

For over a year they refused to do anything about their killer Pit Bull, and he continued to run loose, and since we don't have any leash laws out here we couldn't stop them. Her boyfriend even started lying to us saying his dog didn't kill any other dogs "and that's that!", and in a text conversation he said if we didn't want neighbors we shouldn't have moved here.

Their uncle told us the guy is crazy. So did some really nice neighbors that we've been friends with - actually he warned us that they're all crazy, except for the grandfather. That's scary enough, but even scarier is that as they let their little girl (now 5) crawl all over this dog, claiming it's the best dog he's ever had the privilege of owning. Creepy huh? The dog murders other dogs, two of their own family pets, but they feel safe letting their little girl climb on it!

The picture above is a little girl named Mia with the Pit Bull that later killed her. This has happened MANY times to various families, and yet people continue to let their children be around family Pit Bulls, even though the medical professionals warn against allowing Pit Bulls around children!

People refuse to learn, just like people refuse to learn about the Bible which says we must obey Yahuwah's commandments (that I talked about last year). There are so many people that are so stubborn and stiff-necked in so many ways, and we are so tired of this! These refuse to take correction until it's too late and their children have their face ripped off, and on the Biblical stuff until they're being thrown into the lake of fire.

March 18th - Here's James and his helper (who lives up the hill) standing near the property line deciding what to do next about the fence. The neighbors also kept 2 puppies from a litter of Pit Bulls their uncle's dog had, and they are full grown now, so they have 4 running around, and the guys don't even know if they are safe when putting up the fence, since their 'wonderful' one has already shown extreme signs of aggression.

I, Jennifer, started studying the behavior of Pit Bulls, since Pit Bull lovers always tell you to educate yourself on the breed, expecting you to conclude that they are the most loyal, loving, children safe breed of dog there is. I found out they are VERY dangerous, because they were bred to attack and kill bulls and bears, and it's instinct for this breed to love to attack and kill. Like a sheepdog has instinct to herd sheep, and a pointer has instinct to point, retrievers retrieve, well, Pit Bulls have instinct to fight and kill.

When bull baiting (and bear baiting) became illegal people started dog fighting. Well, they were already dog fighting, but it became more popular. When that became illegal they decided to make these killer dogs into family pets! This doesn't even make sense. And MANY INNOCENT babies, children, pets, etc., have been killed by these types of dogs.

Pit Bulls, which is a generic term for a dangerous kind of dog that includes American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Bull Terriers, sometimes the American Bulldog, and mixes of those breeds, make up around 6 percent of America's dog population, yet they are responsible for 68 percent of dog attacks and 52 percent of dog attack related deaths. Some other dogs that are considered dangerous are Mastiff, Cane Corso, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Dogo Argentino, Boerboel, Gull Dong, Kangal, Bully Kutta, Doberman Pinscher, Tosa Inu, Alsatian, Caucasian Shepherd, Wolfdog, Chow Chow, and Rotweiller. Below are some pictures of other dangerous dogs, just to let you know, but I'm going to talk about the Pit Bull types today because they are the ones that are causing the greatest amounts of attacks, maulings and deaths of people and pets, and they are the ones interfering with our life and ministry out here on the mountain.

Shelters will sometimes give these dogs a generic label of "terrier mix" to avoid pit bull bans and also to get them out of the shelters (since most of the dogs in shelters ARE Pit Bull types and they get too full), and let unsuspecting families adopt them, and some of these family members get mauled not long after bringing the dogs into their homes.

The shelters give the dogs a temperament test that rates their level of safety, and many Pit Bulls will pass this test with flying colors even though it is not a safe dog because this breed is very unpredictable and spontaneous. One minute it may act like a wonderful friendly child-safe dog and a second later rip the baby's scalp off. From 2007 to 2017, 47 former shelter dogs are known to have killed people.

If it doesn't happen to flip out at the shelter, they'll think it's a safe dog, and when the family adopts it and gets it home they find out otherwise. Shelters do not screen the dogs appropriately, and they do not advertise them correctly. Watch this video from a shelter trying to adopt out a stray American Bulldog and you'll see what I mean:

VIDEO: A Shelter Advertising a Dog That Is Up For Adoption
Many of the shelter pits wait until they get into their new homes before they BITE! This one couldn't wait. And this lady is lucky that it BIT her instead of MAULING her and ripping a finger off. Actually, it doesn't show how much damage that did - she may have a half attacked finger - watch the next video, which reminds me of this one, but it is a Dogo Argentino (another type of dog similar to a Pit Bull), and see what happened to THIS news anchor:

VIDEO: Dogo Argentino On Television
This is the result of people who don't know what they're doing, and taking stupid chances! Problem is, so many people take chances like this every day with dangerous breeds of dogs by allowing their children to put their faces in the dog's faces, climb on them, lay on them, etc. Our neighbors got a Pit Bull that had been used in fighting and allowed their toddler to climb on him, and were bragging to us how it let her climb all over it! How intelligent is that to allow this when you don't know what the results will be? From an article on Max, the 85 pound Dogo that bit the news anchor Kyle Dyer:

" For those who are not familiar with the breed, the Dogo Argentino, or Argentinian Mastiff, is a large, muscular hunting/guarding breed developed in Argentina for big game hunting, primarily wild boar and puma. To be effective in that role, a dog has to be stoic and steadfast, and as a guarding breed, there's always an inherent tendency to be suspicious of strangers." From baddogsinc.com

This breed of dog was created from some violent breeds and are banned in many places. So why did the morons have this dog around strangers? And to top that off, it was just rescued the day before from freezing waters where he almost drowned, so about a day later they bring him into a television studio and get in his face! Dumb dumb people! At least he bit quickly and let go. He didn't try to maul the lady to death. But that quick bite was a bad one and caused her to need reconstructive surgery! For those who missed it in the video, as the caption flipped by too fast, the doctors took part of her lower lip to recreate her upper lip, and she had her mouth sewn shut for about a week.

Pit Bull lovers (we also call them ptibull advocates) insist it's not in their genes, but is all in how they're raised. Well, I learned that a very large handful of the ones that attack and kill were never RAISED to do this, but raised by loving people who treated them like their 'babies' - the dogs will be very sweet and gentle, but many (not all) of them will one day 'SNAP!' and attack someone's pet, child, grandma, the mailman, etc, with absolutely NO provocation or warning, often killing their victim, and over half of the humans they kill are their own loving families, like the women above, who raised them well!

Owning one is like playing Russian Roulette with your family and neighbors "maybe ours won't, maybe it will, maybe it won't, maybe it will - ooops- it did, and now our child (grandma, poodle, baby, etc.) is dead! But he NEVER showed ANY signs of aggression! I don't understand what happened!" What happened is that you got a instinctively killer dog and tried to make it a family pet, and it let you down.

March 23rd - We still have pretty peach blossoms.

And Sloe Berry blossoms - when they produce their berries they can be eaten - "Sloes are too bitter and sour to eat raw, but taste superb when preserved. They have an intense plum taste. Flavour them with orange zest, cloves, cinnamon or almond essence. Preserve them as sloe gin, sloe wine, sloe jelly, sloe syrup, and sloe plum cheese." (quote from https://www.bbc.com/food/sloe)

This is what the berries will look like in August or September.

March 27th - Tissy hangin out on James' lap. Pit Bull lovers love their pet pits, but they usually don't care that you love you pets also. Pit Bulls kill thousands of pets a year, and the pit owners often do not act like they even care. Here's a figure for one year: 32,550 pit bulls killed or badly injured other animals in 2016. I keep my eyes on my babies at all times because of the Pit Bulls next door, but I can't continuously be with our 4 large watchdogs that are outside, so I am very concerned about them, because we also love them and don't want them mauled.

The kind of neighbors we have are like the typical Pit Bull lovers - they do not care about our dogs nor about our feelings about their dangerous breed of dogs that they allow to run loose in the area. This is a problem that needs to be remedied in every town, because they are everywhere. There are places where fighting breeds of dogs are banned, and that is what many people are trying to get instated in each area.

March 31th - Happy Passover. This painting by James Tissot represents Yahushuwah looking down from the cross at the people. He was crucified on the Passover as our Passover Lamb.

April 7th - Our coolers after grocery shopping

April 8th - Happy Feast of Firstfruits! Yahushuwah is the firstfruits to raise from the dead. And this day begins the counting of the Omar, meaning counting of 50 days until the Feast of Weeks or Pentecost. For more information on the feast days, read last years picture diary. I explained a lot in there of why we celebrate these days.

April 9th - Lamb steaks in potatoes, and brussel sprouts cooked in butter!

April 12th - Just some beautiful scenery we drove by on our way to Golden Buffet

April 13th - James posing for a thrill - not bad for a 65 year old former wrestler - he looks much better than most of his former wrestling pals.

April 14th - Well, our friend who's helping put up the fence, told one of the neighbors that we're trying to hurry up and get the fence up to keep the dogs out, and he said there was no need to hurry because his niece only has 1 dog now, and he has 1 dog, and is keeping his penned up. He said 2 of her 3 Pit Bulls attacked and killed their pet pig, and so he shot the two dogs. So the killer black and white Pit Bull is finally dead. And one of the grown up puppies is missing.

But that's not the end of the story. They got 2 more Pit Bulls! I've seen a black and white one (which I think is the son of the killer one), and a brown one, and found out later they have a gray one, and the uncle's grey and white dog, which is supposed to be penned up, we have seen loose in their yard - this is the one that threatens James when he gets the mail (pictured above). Before I studied on Pit Bulls characteristics and learned how unpredictable they can be (like kissing you one second and ripping your face off the next) I had allowed this dog to jump up on me and lick my face. Never again! Although the uncle insists she's nice, she's the one who aggressively barks at James while she's standing on our own property! So no, just because a Pit Bull acts nice one minute doesn't mean they will always act nice. One person said a neighbor's Pit Bull bowed down in the 'play' position, like they do when they want you to play catch with them, and then jumped up and tried to rip her throat out! They are very unpredictable.

If you look up "Pit Bull attacks" on youtube, watch about 50 of them and you will see over and over their tails wagging gleefully as they maul a person or pet to death. They enjoy mauling and killing. So we do not trust them and neither should you. Actually, I'm making a video consisting of clips from the internet of Pit Bull attacks and information - I'll put it on this page shortly.

April 20th - Here's another one of our delicious salads - thought I'd share!

April 21st - A BLT made with turkey bacon on toasted bread. Tastes great!

Another off-grid pizza that turned out great.

April 23rd - French Toast with little beef (or chicken) sausages - so many people refuse to obey the dietary commandments because they do not want to give up pork, but the beef and chicken sausages and bacons are VERY good, and chicken that is smoked really well tastes just like ham. Yahuwah's laws really aren't hard to obey. And if you don't obey them, Yahushuwah (the Messiah that most call Jesus) says He doesn't know you.

April 24th - Omelet made with turkey ham chunks - all of our food is cooked on our propane stove or on the grill outside. You don't need that big power hungry oven and stove to make decent meals. If you ever lose your ability to have electricity it would be a good idea to have these alternatives on hand.

May 5th - Welll, I was sitting inside of our fifth-wheel working on the computer and we heard our dogs barking and our chickens squawking, frantically, so I put on my shoes and went outside to see what was going on. As I got back to where they all were, I saw this huge gray Pit Bull chasing our chickens off to the left, and then it went back and forth between our female dog, the chickens, the male dog, and coming towards me with this menacing look in it's eyes. The dogs distracted it and it kept going back and forth between us all.

I was yelling for James, and he came out with the shotgun. The dog jumped up at our male dog, came towards James and lunged towards him. He had the grill partly between him and the dog and was able to shoo it away from him before it touched him by swinging his shotgun at it and it went back to our male dog but started coming back in our and the chickens' direction like it was going to attack us. To scare it off before it came back and attacked us, he fired two shots of birdshot above the dogs head, but one shot evidently bounced off a tree and grazed the dog's shoulder, and it ran back home. Then we heard screaming from next door.

James was so upset he felt like he was having a heart attack - arms went numb, pressure on chest, trouble breathing, sweating. He took cayenne pepper tincture and Hawthorn berry tincture and the symptoms improved quite a bit, but it was scary.

We had never seen this particular dog before, but found out it belongs to the neighbors who have the other Pit Bulls, and a new saga has began in our lives. The picture above is off their fund me page and shows a huge dressing on the dog - yet the officer and also a neighbor who saw the dog a few days later told us it was just grazed with a few pellets and has some scratches.

They flat out lied to the police, whom they called out here, and said the dog was in THEIR OWN YARD minding it's own business, and said James came over to the fence line and shot it because he doesn't like the breed. They even made up a lie about how it was sniffing around in their yard and then they heard two shots and then the dog was suddenly shot, and that they heard James in the bushes outside their fence! He was no where near their yard and didn't even shoot in the direction on their yard. The dog was in OUR yard and they could not see it where it was, about 150 feet away.

In fact, they started a go-fund-me page and lied on it saying they have a police report that says James admitted that he shot it 'because he doesn't like the breed'. That is NOT on the police report and James never said anything like that.

On that, they also lied and said he couldn't have been chasing chickens because we don't have any. They know very well we have chickens. Their police report and go-fund-me page has one lie after another!

Above is her original go-fund-me post. Here it says the dog was on their property. Later, in a post to me, she said the dog was very near their property. On the police report she said she was in the house - but on this post she says the dog had it's back to James. She didn't see the dog! It was on our property, 150 feet away, and she was in her house. See what I mean about the lying? I guess I didn't realize there were people in the world who would treat their neighbors like that. In our entire lives we've always had fairly decent neighbors.

The poster above was made by one of the Pit Bull awareness activists to try to educate the public about the dangers of Pit Bulls and that victims are called haters when they try to make people aware of the danger.

Some idiot in Australia who harasses Pit Bull victims made a web page about us, with our pictures and screenshots of my description of what happened, and the jest of the page is that we are merciless dog haters who shot our neighbor's dog for no reason. They take everything you say and make it into a lie, you start getting death threats, called a cunt, piece of shit,

you get advised to go kill yourself. The above post was to people in a Pit Bull awareness group, the post below was written to us.

one guy asked if he could shoot their neighbors - below (meaning us).

The Pit Bull lovers we've encountered are just as violent as their dogs. No wonder some of these people get a fighting breed of dog for a pet. It's an "I'm tough" status symbol for them.

The following are comments from Pit Bull advocates to people who educate others about the dangers of the breed and on the videos of people who are victims of Pit Bull attacks. I apologize for the foul language, but this is what many of these people are about. I don't want to sugar coat it. Unless you are one of them, you should be beginning to understand the problem here. The Pit Bull awareness people have compassion for the victims and are trying to help prevent future maulings and deaths. The Pit Bull advocates are hateful and don't care about the victims, and want to get revenge on anyone who talks against the dogs or protects themselves from the dog attacks. The last one has to do with Delta Airlines recently banning Pit Bulls from it's airlines. Am I making my point here? These are real people making these horrible comments! Oh, and by the way, Julie Wall does NOT adopt Pit Bulls and then kill them. She is a very kind and compassionate woman who is trying to get the laws changed so that Pit Bulls will not be able to maul and kill as they presently are.

Above is a meme that a guy posted the day after his Pit Bull mauled a senior citizen when she was in her yard gardening. He's hiding from the police since this incident, and apparently thinks it is funny that dog attacked this poor woman. Yes I know this dog isn't a Pit Bull - it's not a picture of his dog, which is a Pit Bull.

Above is a post on a youtube video about a baby that was mauled. And people wonder why Pit Bull advocates are referred to as 'pit hags' and 'pit nutters'??

The guy above actually found where Nanny Dogs are a myth and posted it for me. But he still remained annoying.

This is literally the way many of them act. Sorry about the foul language but we should be adult enough to be able to 'see' the f word without flipping out. I don't like it either, but that is how they talk.

Here is a Pit Bull attacking a policeman - when an officer shoots an attacking dog, they OFTEN get cussed out by pit lovers for not thinking of another way to handle that without hurting the dog! Like a cop wants to get flesh ripped off of his body just to save a violent dog!

Here is an example of trying to get someone to think logically about genetics, and it's like talking to a brick wall.

Above are 2 of our 20 chickens that we supposedly don't have. We've never in our lives had neighbors that lied about us like this before. While it's true that we do not like Pit Bulls, it is not the reason he shot at the dog, and James never said that was the reason. We have seen the horrible damage they do to the people they attack and are afraid of them, especially when they are acting aggressive to us. It is legal to shoot a dog that threatens your livestock or family in Oklahoma, and legally he could have even killed it, but he chose to try and scare it away this time, and grazed it in the process.

But the officer read James the Miranda rights when he came over to question us! They didn't arrest him today, but said the D.A. would be the one to decide. There shouldn't have even been an issue of arrest except that the neighbors lied on the police report and apparently were believed over us, who told the truth.

May 7th - Beautiful bouquet of wildflowers that James picked for me

VIDEO: Found out Pit Bull killed a chicken and 2 more are missing
Here's something else he found in the yard, right where the neighbor's dog had been harassing our chickens and right where they were flying up in the trees and some running across the yard away from the dog. But a dog doesn't have to actually 'kill' your livestock for it to be lawful for you to shoot it. Just 'chasing' your livestock legally justifies shooting it.

May 12th - Another bouquet

May 14th - I decided to try my hand at making a Smoothie Bowl, since I've seen some very beautiful and tasty looking ones on the Internet, and this one was delicious! I used whole milk vanilla yogurt for the base, sprinkled on the top peaches, pears, kiwis, walnuts, mini chocolate chips, and shredded coconut. Yes, it was REALLY good!

VIDEO: James arrested on false charges
Later today, as it was getting dark, the sheriff's department showed up and said they came for 2 reasons. The first was that Megan (the grand-daughter) had called them and said I tried to sideswipe her car when coming home earlier today. This is also a complete lie. I'm beginning to think they do not know how to tell the truth. I came around the corner onto our road earlier, and her car was sitting there on the corner, and I drove VERY SLOWLY around her car, didn't get anywhere near it, and came home. I think it's a felony to make up stuff and then call the police about it????

Then the officer said he came to arrest James! The D.A. decided to have him arrested for 'animal cruelty', a felony - apparently he believed their lie that James came to their property line and shot the dog at their house for no reason other than 'he didn't like the breed'. I had to spend our money for gas for our generators for this month to bail him out of jail (and we need the generators for our electricity!)

May 16th - We had to sell our ATV, and our friend up the hill loaded it in his truck to take it to the place that bought it. This is the vehicle that we use to pull heavy things like rocks and logs (and the cast iron tub in the picture below),

for half of what we paid for it so that we could put a down payment on an criminal defense attorney. His fee is a total of $2,000 for something that James didn't even do (break the law). This was our only farm vehicle, as we cannot afford a tractor.

We have a go-fund-me page for anyone who wants to help us get back on our feet. Please go check it out. False Arrest - Protecting Livestock

May 20th - I just had to show you this cool grass! It looks kinda like feather grass - so delicate and beautiful!

Here's to show you some of the supplies we've been able to get in January of this year. We actually have two of the greenhouses but haven't put the other one up yet. Since we have all of this money coming out of our pockets for this false arrest situation, we are very limited in what we can move forward with, and running late in planting our seeds. Hot weather came early - in springtime it's gotten up to 100 degrees. This year we won't be able to have a LOT of gardens like our goal is to have. But we will do as much as we can with what we have. These greenhouses are temporary until we get our permanent one built that I showed plans for last year.

This is our swimming pool to cool off in (the other 3 are strictly for water storage). This one started leaking at a seam 2 weeks after we bought it last year. It's from Walmart - go figure. A lot of Walmart's products do not last very long. We were poor last year and couldn't get a liner for this, so we were not able to use it to cool off in. This year, in about January, we got this heavy duty liner for it, and now can use it this summer.

We now have 3 large generators to run our fans, refrigerator, lights and electronics. The use a lot of gas though, and gas is not cheap! Eventually we will have enough solar power to use instead.

We got decent rabbit cages and supplies. After we get our rabbit area built I will get more cages and start breeding the rabbits. The fluffy ones are my pets. The others will be used for their meat (for dog food) and I'll use their pelts for craft projects. Rabbits are 'unclean' animals and Yahuwah's word instructs us not to eat them. But animals can eat them.

These are my pet rabbits.

We got 3 Igloo dog houses for our outdoor dogs

We got 2 100 watt sets of solar panels.

May 27th - It's Pentecost! Pentecost is the day the Jews believe the Torah (law of Moses) and Ten Commandments were given to Moses. It's also the day that later brought the Holy Spirit to the believers in the Messiah Yahushuwah. And guess what the Bible says is the reason for the Holy Spirit (besides being the comforter, convictor of sin, the helper)? It is to help you obey Yah's laws/commandments (also called judgments). Ezekiel 36:26-27 "I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you. I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes and you will keep My judgments and do them."

June 3rd - Went to a park for lunch and saw this gazebo - I want one like this in our woods! I like the brown natural wood color and the green roof.

June 4th - Another one of James gourmet treats! Pepper Steak!

VIDEO: Lying neighbor's Pit Bull is NOT penned up!
June 6th - Here is the Pit Bull that likes to stand on our own property and aggressively bark at us when we get our mail. Today she is on her own property, but the point here is the neighbor who told us he is going to keep her penned up was lying, again, as this family normally does. They seem to be habitual liars. We were in the car getting our mail after a trip to the store, and here she is, loose, and barking at us near our mailbox. I'm glad the guys got that fence started because she normally crawls right through their fence and gets a lot closer.

By the way, the weather has been really hot the past few weeks - 90s to 100s - it's not even summer yet! We do not have enough money for gas to keep the generators running all month so that we can keep fans on, because of the false arrest attorney fees that we have to pay each month. I guess the neighbors are really proud of themselves. Pit Bull owners usually don't care about anyone but themselves and their dogs.

Here is a typical Pit Bull lovers response to us about the legal fees. Also, this person doesn't know us, was not here when it happened, and probably doesn't even know our neighbors, yet she 'knows' we were lying??? Alrighty then. They will stick up for their own no matter what the facts are.

Here is a pit lovers response to a family who lost a loved one to a Pit Bull attack and warns others about the dangers of this kind of dog - this is common that they blame the victim and family for the Pit Bull's behavior. I'm not kidding. I've seen this a LOT!!!

There is hope for some of them, as this person is a decent Pit Bull owner. Compare the response with the one above it!

I'm going to post a few clips of conversation I've had with our neighbor. I was so straight forward and truthful about every aspect of what I said to her, and she still responded the way she did, lying over and over, yet accusing us of being liars. It simply amazes me how evil people can be.

Their family is coming against a ministry that preaches the truth to the best of our knowledge and understanding, and that is trying to start growing a surplus of food to give away to people when we start doing evangelistic meetings again, and James is an anointed man who has prayed for healings and seen people supernaturally healed of incurable conditions, has even raised a dead guy who was dead for 45 minutes, and they do not realize that Yahuwah, the Creator of our universe, will not put up with their lying and disrespect forever. I don't know what Yah will do, but based on past situations, I'm glad I'm not in their shoes.

By the way, we have proof that they lied on the police report and that the officer's statement is false, but I will discuss that after it's presented in court, so I'll keep you posted.

On this one, either she is lying, or her pig is dead and in her freezer (so she still has the pig), or her uncle lied to our friend. In another post she said she still has the black and white dog. She does still have a black and white dog, but it is the son of the black and white killer dog Prince, so she's probably half lying on that one and thinks she's being slick. Our friend had no reason to lie to us, so that's where it is. And we used to see her two dogs frequently, but never see them anymore, only their 'new' dogs, so I tend to think her uncle really did shoot her two dogs. And it's interesting that they are not dragging him into court over that - I guess her pig was more important than our chickens or us.

Her uncle came over one day several months ago and said his dad was 'begging' him to shoot the one killer dog, and I said "Oh, please do it! We can't even let our dogs have any freedom at all because we are so scared it will kill them too!" He then suggested that we shoot it and just dump it in the woods somewhere and they'll never know. So the two dogs probably did kill the pet pig and he probably did shoot them, and Megan probably IS lying, because she lies so much on everything else, so....

She says the dog was 'very NEAR' her property, on her go-fund-me page she says her dog was 'on' her property, her boyfriend said the dog was in their backyard right by him. And the officer saw that the dog was on 'our' property behind our barn by our grill. None of the three descriptions match up! Yet she said they match exactly! Wow!

Someone online suggested feeding the dogs x-lax and I mentioned it saying it might be funny if it pooped all over their house, but in reality I would never do that because it might give the dog cramps and would be cruel. I'm not into being cruel, just in defending our animals and selves so we don't get mauled, and if that requires killing a dog, then so be it. It's not because I hate the breed, it's because I hate what that breed does to innocent victims when the owners do not contain it, and most of them do not.

It's not the dogs fault that it was bred to attack and kill. But at the same time, they do attack and kill, and that needs to be stopped. Pit Bull owners do not usually act responsible with their dogs, and that is why these dog attacks keep on happening, so the people need to be deprived of the ability to own these kinds of dogs, and the dogs need to not be available anymore because people will just sneak and get them.

Pit Bull advocates accuse the 'other side' of being haters and murderers because of expressing the need for strict laws about Pit Bull ownership or ridding the world of Pit Bullls. We care more about people than the dogs. Yet Pit Bull advocates usually are too irresponsible to keep their dogs away from children, other pets, neighbors, neighbors' livestock, etc, and they refuse to muzzle them when in public, because they don't care about people, and if they truly cared about their dogs they'd make sure they don't hurt anyone, because many get put down when they act aggressive. They don't even care enough about their own children to keep those dogs away from them!

So there's a war going on between the two groups of people, just like there seems to be a war going on between our neighbors and us. We (the other side) are tired of seeing all the innocents mauled and killed by the advocates' so-called pets!

The statistics are sky high, and very much higher than all of the other dog breeds put together!

In many cases the only way to stop a Pit Bull attack is to kill it. Watch youtube videos on Pit Bull attacks, the ones that show Pit Bull attacks in progress, and you will learn that pepper spray, tazers, hits on the head with heavy objects, spraying water, pulling on the dog, stabbing with knives, etc., usually does nothing to get these dogs to let go of their victim, as they were bred to grab and not let go until they kill their 'prey'. You'll notice in the videos that even shooting them often takes from 10 to 15 bullets to put them down.

And I'm going to post some pictures of the kind of damage they do when they attack. Medical professionals say it's more like shark attack bites than dog bites. Pit Bulls are very different from other types of dogs in several ways.

I had told her she should check herself into a mental hospital because she has issues. Someone who lies as much as she does has issues. It's funny that she thinks that I was exposed as a liar and manipulator. She's really lost in her delusions. She needs Yahuwah. But she may not want Him. She shows no signs of that at all. I posted about 8 praise and worship videos on this thread we were talking on, and it appears that no one even looked at them.

I noticed that Pit Bull advocates often mock God and those who love Him and who love people more than dogs. Is it any wonder that we sometimes refer to their dogs as 'demon dogs', when they do all the damage to people that they do. Satan is the one who comes to steal, kill and destroy. I'll be showing you what I'm talking about shortly.

And what is REALLY funny, and sad, is that she thinks she has more education and has done more than us - I am 62 years old, was a nurse for 37 years, have no criminal record and neither does my husband, have studied in 4 different Bible colleges, been involved in ministry for years, and James had his own television show for 15 years, had a wrestling career which included wrestling Hulk Hogan and some other famous people, has been an evangelist for many years, was a chef, managed restaurants, was a truck driver for years, worked construction, got asked to be the lead singer in Glory Bound, a then famous gospel group, but she is smarter than us and has done more?! LOL - alrighty then.

She works in a nursing home probably as a nurses aid, her live-in boyfriend, Shane, that lied on the police report, has a criminal record from back in 2009 to the present. He is presently on probation for forgery, a felony, which involves lying. She is paying his fines, as he doesn't work. He's even been arrested for domestic violence by strangulation twice, once a few years ago when in relationship with her. He has DUI's, possession of drugs, and some other things. She lives with him and they have a daughter together, and he doesn't support his family, but rings up court fees because of his criminal activity. But we are the bad guys here and she says we are trash? LOL.

This stuff above is what the neighbor's live-in boyfriend posted on his public wall on facebook. Amazing! He's not concerned about the 'charges' if he assaults James, but losing his probation. He's used to 'charges', as he's got a criminal record a page long!

Okay, I have some spare time here, so I'm going to show you why we are afraid of Pit Bulls, why we believe they are different than other breeds of dogs, why a bite from them is different than a bite from other types of dogs, because this whole situation is affecting our ministry and it needs to be dealt with. Originally I wasn't going to put this stuff on our ministry site, but I decided to because it is a major issue we are presently dealing with, and it's affects have slowed down our progress. And you might as well learn along with us.

Here we go. Above is about genetics. Pit Bull advocates always insist the breed is the most loyal, loving, family oriented breed there is. If one attacks someone they insist it was not raised properly, or was provoked, and that it is not a genetic thing. Their famous line is "It's all in how you raise them." All of the dogs on this poster are doing what their genetics cause them to do. They were bred to do these things. The lion and eagle are doing what genetics/instinct has them do. So are the Pit Bulls.

You can train them to act differently, to be loving and gentle, or to be a better fighter, and in some cases the training and loving home overcomes their instinct to fight and kill for weeks, months, years, for their whole lives, and in other cases it only lasts temporarily - something triggers their instincts and they go into attack mode and rip their owners bodies or other pets apart. It's like playing Russian Roulette with your family. Most deaths caused by Pit Bulls are their own family members who treated them well.

And most of these owners insist their dog would never hurt a fly, is their baby, is sweet as can be, etc, until they maul someone, and then they say "But he never showed ANY signs of aggression before! I don't understand what happened!" But there are a lot of deaths and maulings by unrelated Pit Bulls as well. Many owners let them run the streets, or the dogs escape their fenced in yards, and attack passersbys, or people in their own yards or homes. Some of these dogs are the ones that were raised lovingly, and many are dogs that were taught to fight and be mean.

Many people get their dogs from shelters. I've found out that many shelters lie about a Pit Bulls bite or aggression history in order to rehome the dogs. Someone adopts them and their family members or pets get mauled soon afterwards.

People find out that their Pit Bull has become aggressive and they try to rehome them rather than put them down. This is because they love the dog and do not want it to die, but they can't keep it because they know it now may maul or kill their children or other pets. So up goes the add on craigslist to get it to a new home, where it can maul or kill the new owners children or pets, or neighbor's children or pets, OR they take it to a shelter and many of those dogs get put down because the shelters are full (of mostly unwanted Pit Bulls), and the ones that get adopted out go into new families where they can maul or kill their children or pets - you see where this is going?!

Thousands of innocent pets are mauled and killed each year. In 2017 alone it was around 38,000! Here are just a few examples.

All of these screenshots are just a TINY example of what is going on out there concerning Pit Bulls.

As I said before, we want to get some more goats, a few sheep, and a calf, but feel like we have to hold off until we get the neighbors' Pit Bull situation corrected - livestock is often attacked by neighborhood Pit Bulls that are allowed to run loose. We are in process of putting up fencing, but we have to do it a little at a time, and can't resume this until after we've paid all the legal fees. The pictures below show the kind of damage Pit Bulls do just for fun. Other dogs can kill livestock also, but Pit Bulls usually do the most damage. We don't want our animals to end up like the ones below.

Above is an example of a Pit Bull attack on a horse. Below is how I'd like our sheep to look, as opposed to the picture below that.

Above is an example of a dog attack (looks like the type of damage a Pit Bull does) on sheep. I don't know how they are still alive and standing up!

And cattle... Do you understand why this dog thing is such a big deal to us personally? We want our animals to be safe when we get them. So far a dog has only killed a few of our chickens, but the larger animals are more valuable, plus it's sad and traumatic to see these animals mauled like this. And don't forget, one of their favorite dogs has killed 3 lap dogs and a pet pig (none belonged to us). We're concerned for our watchdogs as well, but we cannot bring them all inside this little 5th-wheel with the 5 dogs we already have in here. It's very scary and we are counting on Yahuwah to protect our dogs, because we frequently see their dogs wander through our property at a distance, and they have multiple dogs. Pit Bulls will often get along with other animals for periods of time, and then one day go on a killing spree. Next door they had the killer Pit Bull for a few years before it started killing other dogs. They are unpredictable.

Below is a list of the dog bite fatalities in 2017. Most of them are from Pit Bulls.

The pit lovers will get furious when someone posts these statistics, and will claim they are false no matter how true they are.

I copied the above information off of someone's post because it is very interesting.

When you talk about the dangers of Pit Bulls, their advocates often say that Pit Bulls are Nanny Dogs, and were used as such many years ago. They all say the same thing and it's not even true. It is a myth made up by pit advocates who want to discourage Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) which would ban Pit Bulls or make it very hard and expensive to own one, and would save thousands of lives. The above post is from Bad Rap, an organization that teaches that pits get a bad reputation and are really very sweet, loving dogs. Even they admit that the Nanny Dog thing is a lie! Even though this was written in 2013, people still continue to call Pit Bulls Nanny Dogs. They are constantly telling us to 'get educated about the breed' (and they usually spell it 'bread'), yet they aren't educated about the breed themselves. They usually base their education on "I have this one pit bull and ....blah blah blah.... never hurt a fly - will lick you to death - is the sweetest fur baby - etc."

The Nanny Dog myth came from people seeing the black and white vintage photos of children with the family Pit Bulls - they saw those and ran with it, making up a total lie for their agenda. But true Pit Bull advocates will often act insane when you tell them that the Nanny Dog thing is a lie.

and they love to take photos and videos of their infants with their family Pit Bull, as if it is a cute thing, and as if it proves that Pit Bulls are safe around children! A good handful (no, BAD handful) of these babies end up getting mauled or killed later (no, this isn't the same baby in these 2 photos). I've read testimonies of former Pit Bull owners who's children this happened to, and they admitted they used to be parents who took these kinds of photos to show how loving their Pit Bulls are, and how gentle with children.

The warning is from "Clinical Pediatrics", July 2016. But Pit Bull lovers don't have to listen to sound medical advice.

Look! There are children and family members with dangerous breeds of wild animals! So surely that means that gators, bears, lions, pythons, and tigers make safe, loving family pets, right? A few of you are saying 'yes!', but if you are, then you are stupid! This is how the Nanny Dog myth got started concerning Pit Bulls. Someone saw an 'antique' picture and ran with it - made up story - stupid people believed story and ran with it - hundreds of children got mauled and killed, and to this day still do, even though the myth has been exposed as a myth.

Let me break this down. Someone told a lie, gullible people believed it, children died, someone felt guilty for the lie and told the truth, gullible people refused to believe it, more children died, many someones are desperately trying to get people to see the truth so that children stop dying, stubborn stupid people attack the truth tellers and wish death on them, and more children continue to die! Get it now?

'Believing the Myth is What Left Us Without a Son' "Walworth, WI - On March 6, Daxton Borchardt, 14-months old, was savagely killed by two pit bulls while under the care of his babysitter."

Next is one of the gals that used to promote the Nanny Dog myth.

Above is a 25 year old young lady, Alexandria Griffin-Heady, with 3 'babies', her sweet Pit Bulls that she loved dearly.

Above is one of her posts from her facebook page, BEFORE tragedy hit.

She loved and babied her dogs. She apparently trusted them, because she loved her brother also. One day she left her 9 year old brother with her 3 beloved Pit Bulls when she went to work, and the dogs killed him on January 3, 2016! Two of them were in cages, but they had gotten out of these cages before, and they were all three loose when she came home and found her brother laying in a pool of blood on the floor, dead, and two of the dogs had blood on their mouths and faces. "I will never forgive myself for leaving him," she said. "I said I would protect him." The dogs had never been aggressive towards people before. Read the story. ALL of the Pit Bull caused deaths and maulings have stories behind them. These are all real people.

Alexandria Griffin-Heady

Alexandria Griffin-Heady

She sent a message to the National Pit Bull Victim Awareness apologizing to any one who has been affected by a Pit Bull attack. "To many others who advocate for pit bulls and still have pit bulls, I say this to you: don't ever say it's how you train them. My pit bulls were well trained and very loved, yet one of them killed my precious brother." "If you have a pit bull or if you plan on getting one, remember they can turn on you. But if they are worth that risk to you, if they are worth the possible consequences of your own life, the life of somebody you love, or a stranger on the street, don't ever forget that in its lifetime there is a chance it can kill." I think that she had her dogs euthanized, but I bet a lot of pit lovers complained and attacked her for this, because the dogs are more important to many of them than a human life.

Is it worth the risk to you? Here is Chase Anthony, 8 months old, attacked by grandma's Pit Bull, and Lucas Harrison, 5 months old, attacked by a friend's newly adopted Pit Bull.

Here's a close-up of Lucas and the dog that mauled him. Many people would think he's a cute little fur baby.

Here you can read about little Anthony and the aftermath of his injuries that will affect him his whole life unless there is a supernatural intervention. I highly recommend that you read this article. And have a tissue in your hand when you do.

Chase Anthony

Here you can read about little Lucas and the lawsuit filed against the shelter that re-homed the dog that mauled him.

Lucas Harrison

Lucas Harrison's go-fund-me page

You may think, what kind of stupid parent would allow their baby to be around a Pit Bull, or any other newly adopted dog for that matter, or any large dog period?! But SO many parents DO allow this, that it is like an epidemic of stupidity! There are thousands of pictures like the ones below, scattered about the internet!

VIDEO: Babies and Pit Bulls - Are You Playing Russian Roulette?

If you're a Pit Bull lover, get a reality check, and if you're someone who knows a Pit Bull owner or lives by one, get informed before it's too late, so that you can protect yourself and family. Do you realize how easy it would be for any of these dogs to snatch the baby's head or face and destroy it? Below are a handful of the babies who did get mauled (some mauled to death).

First here is 6 month old Kamiko Dao Tsuda-Saelee - her mom left her alone with the family pet dog for a few seconds while she visited the bathroom. When she came back the dog was savaging the baby. They had the dog for 9 years and it had never bitten anyone. The baby died! "I have no words to explain my pain." I bet they had taken some of those 'cute' little pictures of her with the family Pit Bull before this ever happened. I bet they had no clue that this could ever happen. And if anyone had warned them, I bet they paid no attention to the warnings. Now they will suffer their whole lives over this. How sad.

This 2 month old infant, Jemma-Linda, was attacked in her bouncy chair at a friend's house. "We were told by Drs. that multiple bones in her face have been broken due to the attack. She has a broken nose, punctured eye sockets, misplaced jawline, fractured cranium, a torn lip, brain punctured, and a crack behind her ear." This baby should not have been anywhere near a Pit Bull, but trusting parents and dog owners made the decision to let the dog be near her, as thousands of parents do everyday.

Grandpa's Pit Bull mauled his 2 year old granddaughter.

This 11 month old CUTE ADORABLE baby, Ava-Jayne Corless, was mauled to death by a family Pit Bull when her mom and her boyfriend were downstairs and the baby was in an upstairs bedroom. It's really sad that things like this keep happening over and over, yet parents still have Pit Bulls as pets and still allow their babies and children around these dogs. And if you try and warn them, they'll go off on you, because THEIR Pit Bull would NEVER hurt a fly!!!!!

This adorable little baby was 7 month old Johnathan Quarles - he was killed by his step-grandma's Pit Bull that jumped a fence and attacked him.

This three day old baby was sleeping in a laundry basket next to her mother who was on the couch. The mom woke to the baby's screaming and covered in blood. The dog bit the baby's head and punctured his brain and killed him. This dog was a mixed breed shepherd and one of five dogs in the house. I don't know if this dog was mixed with Pit Bull, but many times they'll call a dog a mixed breed on purpose to draw less negative attention to Pit Bulls. The mother was 21. The next 12 instances are condensed. I put so many of these on here to give you a wake-up call, in case you didn't know how often and how serious this problem is, and if you're a Pit Bull lover, perhaps you'll realize how serious this is. I am not a Pit Bull hater. I'm a baby lover, and I love children, and pets.

All three of these precious little girls were killed by Pit Bulls.

Typical type of response. No, I'm not kidding.

I was a nurse for 37 years and my favorite place was Children's Medical Center in Tulsa, OK. I love children and couldn't stand to see so many abused or neglected.

The little boy above was a patient at one hospital I worked in 20 years ago and was my first introduction to the kind of damage Pit Bulls can and often do.

Above are mug shots of this same boy, 20 years later. Can you really blame him for using drugs and getting in trouble? How many poor babies are going to grow up with deformities that can never be fixed? Most people cannot afford extensive plastic surgery, and the children grow up this way.

The next pictures I'm going to post are graphic and may disturb you a lot. I'm a realist. I'm not trying to gross people out, but trying to wake people up. You can scroll past them fast if you want to, but I think it's important to realize the reality of what these dogs do to people. One day it could be your child or grandchild if you're not careful. One day it could be you. Please stay safe!

First are children that were mauled, some similar to Mycha, and I want you to think about how they might look when they grow up. These poor babies are scarred for life! Yahushuwah could heal them totally, but most people don't believe in that and don't seek it or have the faith for it.

Above on the left is Bryson Moore, 19 months old when mauled, and Mirra Kay Neal, 3 years old who was mauled while sleeping.

Above is the 2 day old baby Ariona Frostad. Her parents brought her home from the hospital and introduced her to their Pit Bull and it ripped off her leg through the fence.

This is Ryder Wells, who was attacked by two Rotweillers, another very dangerous dog breed. Sometimes they do a lot of damage, but the attacks don't happen nearly as often as Pit Bull attacks. This little boy had over 40 surgeries since the attack. The dogs were put down.

Here is Omonigho Abraham, a 4 year old who was scalped by a Shepherd or Rotweiller mix, and on the right he is 7 years old. I put this in here because it's severe like a Pit Bull attack, but note on the statistics charts that other dog maulings are MUCH less frequent than Pit Bull attacks.

I don't know the name of this little boy, but the caption said he was mauled by a Pit Bull. If you are a Pit Bull advocate, how can you look at this and not wake up?! Your ugly fur babies do this kind of damage to children, babies, pets, and adults EVERY SINGLE DAY because most pit owners do not keep their dogs away from others, and pits were bred for attacking and mauling - you can't always train it out of them nor can you love it out of them! Some of them will be nice for many years, but many will not stay nice and will one day attack as their genetics tell them to do. For God's sake STOP BEING SO STUBBORN AND EVIL, AND START CARING MORE ABOUT THESE VICTIMS THAN YOU DO YOUR DOGS!!!!!

Are you heartbroken? I bet you didn't know how severe the Pit Bull problem is! They look like they've been in explosions or in shark attacks! It's hard to look at these photos without weeping - that is, if you're not a Pit Bull advocate - many of them are cold and calloused about these children and get really mad when someone posts these pictures or information about them, some of them even making fun of them.

But they're not all like that. Some have compassion, but think the dog who did the damage should be allowed to live, and be rehabilitated (which isn't reliable, because it's in the dogs' genes to be like this, so if they've tasted blood once they'll usually want it again). Most Pit Bull advocates blame it all on the owners and parents, and to a degree they may be right (because what sensible person owning a Pit Bull would let it have any chance to get to children and maul them) yet most Pit Bull advocates allow their dogs around children frequently or daily and encourage this behavior on others. They'll say it's how they're raised that determines if they'll attack, yet when THEIR dog attacks, they'll say "I DON'T UNDERSTAND! HE NEVER SHOWED ANY SIGNS OF AGGRESSION!" But they can't have it both ways!

Above: every one of these children were killed by Pit Bulls.

Above is Paris Adams with one of the family Pit Bulls kissing him - another one of those 'cute' pictures of baby with the Pit Bull (supposedly proves how gentle these dogs are.)

At 20 months old this baby was mauled to death by grandma's Pit Bulls when she was babysitting him. She and the baby were outside when the dogs got out of the house and attacked him. She was arrested.

Let's look at a few adult pictures. Can you understand why James and I do NOT want a Pit Bull coming on our property and acting aggressive???? Are we wrong for not wanting to end up like these people?

Sometimes people lose arms and legs from Pit Bull attacks. Here's Yasmin Adam with her beloved Pit Bull that she had and loved for 9 years. She said he was an extremely good dog. But one day when she tried to break up a play fight between him and her other dog, he attacked her and chewed on her arm for 9 minutes before help arrived. She said "It was the most painful thing I've ever experienced in my life." "I could see the bone clear as day." The doctors amputated her left arm because it was torn up too bad to fix. During the attack she gave up and believed she was going to die, and is very grateful that she is still alive.

They saved her right arm but she was having trouble with it's use. This gal was in the hospital for 6 months.

This next gal in Oklahoma City, Terry Cosby, was attacked the same day as our incident. She was walking down the street and 4 Pit Bulls got out of their yard and mauled her. She ended up with one arm amputated. Her sister said "The doctor said her arm was like hamburger meat, the one arm that she lost, They couldn't save it. They couldn't reattach it."

Notice that the dogs had attacked twice before - once killing a pet and once biting a person, and yet the dogs were not put down. If they had been, this woman would not have been attacked by them and would still have her arm! There is no excuse for this. And I can relate to this, because our neighbor's one dog has killed 3 dogs and I was told that it and another one of their Pit Bull type dogs killed their pet pig, and though word got to me that one of their family members shot and killed the dogs, the neighbors recently told me that wasn't true. Of course they lie much of the time, so I don't know what really happened, but if the killer dog is still liviing over there, we have reason to be greatly concerned, as killing pets can and often does escalate to killing people. Their newer dog attacked our chickens and also came towards us aggressively, so that makes at least 2 of their 4 or 5 dogs obviously dangerous. And ALL Pit Bulls are potentially dangerous because of their genetics.

Notice how the dog owner's former husband is saying this was a 'freak accident'! That is crazy. This was no accident - the dogs were deliberately trying to kill and probably eat this woman! Pit Bull attacks are not accidents!

Ministering to Pit Bull attack victims could be a ministry all in itself these days, because there are so many of them.

Above is another woman who lost arms because of a Pit Bull attack. Anne Murray recently lost her husband to a heart attack and not long afterwards was attacked by her own Pit Bull. It was an unprovoked attack that started as she was trying to take the dog for a walk.

54 year old Linda Henry of Westwego, Louisiana was mauled by her three Pit Bulls. She lost both arms, an eye and an ear. She had raised them from puppies. "I treated them like kids" she said. "They just grabbed me, One grabbed this arm and the other grabbed the other arm and they just pulled me down and I was screaming and hollering. They grab my left leg and rip all that up then they tried to get my eye ball out. They ripped my eye lids off, they bit my lip then they grabbed my head" she said. Her bones and skull were exposed. Her eyeball was gone. Her sister said "With the skin ripped open and fell to the front of her face. All of this was straight up skull."

Above is Steve Constantine, another victim who lost an arm (and a leg and his left ear) due to a Pit Bull attack. This happens more than I realized (losing limbs). How about you? Did you know this? Steve had asked the dogs' owner if he needed help feeding them, a pack of TWELVE Pit Bulls. The dogs began attacking him and ate through one lower leg, and his left arm, which had to be amputated, and the bone was visible in his right arm. They chewed off his left foot and his leg had to be amputated below the knee, and injured his right foot so bad that doctors fused it to the ankle. They chewed off his left ear. Check out the clip from dogsbite.org about the police shooting of the dogs:

"Officer Adam Sexton wrote that he fired numerous times at the pack of pit bulls that were actively attacking Constantine, striking four. Most of the pack then fled, but one of the shot dogs dropped to the ground yelping, trying to take cover in a large bush. That pit bull then jumped to its feet and advanced his partner, who shot it twice. Now with at least three bullets in it, the same pit bull again charged Sexton, who shot it two more times killing it."

So do you think pepper spray or a tazer is likely to protect you from a Pit Bull attack? When an autopsy was done on the dogs, human body parts were found inside of them. He is dependent on others to help him do just about everything now, and the dogs owner, who didn't try to help Steve, but waited for EMS, just got two years probation. Can you understand why the laws need to change?

"So who is the payee for Constantine's numerous life-saving surgeries just after the attack, followed by the endless number of reconstructive surgeries then possibly the rest of his life in a specialized care center? Not the dogs' owner -- that would be true for just about any dog owner given the extreme nature of his injuries -- but federal and state taxpayers and funds. The public has to clean up Felton's mess of breeding and keeping at least 12 pit bulls in his Detroit home." Quoted from dogsbite.org

Above is 63 year old Sandra Lambert, who lost her arm because of a Pit Bull attack. Two dogs attacked her when she went outside to feed her chickens. They tore up her arm and bit her legs. She owned a Pit Bull as well, and it was attacked and killed during this incident. The dogs that attacked her were strays that she took in when their owner moved away.

"When I hollered she totally turned into kill mode. She took me down and starting tearing my arm off and I kept begging her don't kill me Mollie please don't kill me, please. She didn't listen. It was like all I want to do is kill you." Notice how the dog was 'triggered' just because she 'hollered' - triggered to kill the one who took it in and fed it! Not okay people, not okay! This woman admitted that she never believed the stories about Pit Bulls, but now she does. It's sad that so many people refuse to listen and learn about the dangers of these dogs and have to learn the hard way. Below are two comment sections I think are worth reading, from Lambert's story:

Above is 48 year old Katherine Rizk, whose husband's Pit Bull tore off her arm. He raised the dog from a puppy and it had never been aggressive before. He thinks it attacked her because when she pet it she touched a wound on it's ear. Are you beginning to see that the things that trigger a Pit Bull to attack and maul a person, sometimes to death, are not things that would cause a 'normal' dog to do that? A normal dog might snap or jump away or wimper, but would not try to kill their owner or their baby or pet! The dog dragged Katherine around three houses before someone was able to stop the attack and help her.

This man is James Chapple, who was walking home from a bus stop and passed a repair shop where 2 guard dog Pit Bulls ran out and attacked him. They had to amputate his left arm and his right arm was badly damaged. This guy died a few months later.

Here is 73 year old Doris Mixon Smith who had to have her arm amputated when her neighbor's 70 pound Pit Bull ripped up her arm and face (flesh was torn from eyebrow to chin) when she was gardening in her front yard. The owner of the dog was facing a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine for dangerous dog attack-serious bodily injury, a third-degree felony. If you want to find out the outcome on any of these, you can do your own research starting with google.com, typing in the victim's name and then the words pit bull, and the articles will pop up on each incident. "He came at me as I was bent over with a pot in my hand I was just fighting for my life, kicking and screaming, trying to get to my door to get my gun. He never turned me loose." The dog owners said the dog had no history of aggression.

Here is Joseph Finley, 62, who lost his foot after a vicious attack along Lake Michigan.

Above and below is Wanda Loftin, who was attacked by two Pit Bulls when she walked out of her house. I'm sorry about the graphic pictures - yet feel it's important to let people see the hard core reality of what these fighting breeds of dogs do to so many people, in hopes that you will take necessary precautions to prevent this from ever happening to you or your loved ones.

Here are the two dogs that attacked her. The gray one has the look on it's face that the gray dog that killed some of our chickens had on it's face when it started coming towards us. It was very scary.

Look at the first comment - the pit lover who is more concerned about the killer dogs than the innocent woman who got torn up! Just makes me sick!

Moving right along - Above is a man being attacked by his own Pit Bulls. I don't know anything else about this picture.

This is Richard Holt, who was mauled by a Pit Bull while he was cycling.

Pretty sure he's scarred for life.

Now here's a part that should make you very angry. The dog and it's owner - this snippet of an owner says HER dog is TRAINED, therefore the guy MUST have done something to it to provoke the attack! Some Pit Bull owners are just plain evil and go out of their way to blame the victim for the attack! I hope that turned around on her and bit her in the butt - if her Pit Bull was so well trained, and it ripped the shreds out of the legs of a guy who was just trying to ride his bike to get some exercise, then she must have trained it to attack. Throw her in prison!

"The recent study 'Mortality, Mauling, and Maiming by Vicious Dogs 2011' concluded that a person loses a body part to a pit bull attack every 5.4 days." And the problem has gotten worse since 2011.

VIDEO: Chante Pray After Attack
This is Chante Pray on the right, who was attacked by a neighbor's Pit Bull. The video shows her right after the attack, after the dog was shot, and she was so traumatized she kept thinking she was going to die. The officer on the left is the one who saved her, and you can hear in the video talking to her trying to keep her from going into shock before the ambulance arrived.

VIDEO: Donna Berto
This is Donna Berto. She was attacked by two Pit Bulls outside of a convenience store. Her story is in the video.

"In the last 8-year period of the CDC study (1991 to 1998), pit bulls averaged 3 deaths per year. From 2010 to 2017, the most recent 8-year period, pit bulls averaged 25 deaths per year, an increase of over 700%." In the past few years it's been over 30 a year.

Our neighbors bragged on how their toddler was able to climb all over their newly adopted Pit Bull that used to be abused and in dog fighting! And this is the same dog that waited a few years and then began killing other dogs. We are really concerned about their little girl, who is now 5, and probably gets right in the face of their newer dog - the one that James shot - which is her 'favorite' dog now - the dog that lunged at us and killed some chickens, yet it's owner stated "this dog has never nor would he ever hurt a fly". I hope their little girl never ends up like one of these children. Children are so often harmed because of their parents' bad choices.

Above left is a grandma getting bit in her face by her daughter's Pit Bull. She was injured very badly!

Here she is after the attack, and here is the 125 pound dog that did this to her. The dog was euthanized. Next is a clip from the video VIDEO: Grandma Attacked on youtube shortened - notice how this dog was provoked simply by a family laughing and goofing off, to try and rip her face off! Heaven forbid that a family should laugh and giggle around the pet dog! Pit Bulls do not respond 'normally' to a lot of things. I mean, one lady coughed, and the Pit Bull immediately mauled the infant to death!

The children playing around this grandma were lucky the dog didn't attack one of them instead of the grandma. The grandmother ended up with a broken and unhinged jaw, stitches, and nerve damage that will keep her from ever speaking normally again. Next is some family history concerning this dog, showing the irresponsibility of this dog owner, and the weakness in the family members to allow this dog around their children. The quote is from the grandma's daughter.

"My sister did not want to release the animal to be euthanized even though he almost killed our mother. The only reason the dog was at my moms was because my sister got kicked out of where she was living and had no place to put the dog. The 3 children that you saw in the video are my sister's kids. My parents are raising them because my sister is just not a good person when it comes to taking care of anyone/anything but herself. So when she was asked did she want to surrender Kilo she had to think about it. After speaking with animal control they informed us that because she left the dog there for more than 30 days that he was considered my parents' dog and that she had abandoned him. My dad went there the next day and signed the papers to have him euthanized...."

I'm going to take this a step farther - read the comments that were left under this youtube video - I want you to see first hand how the Pit Bull lovers BLAME everything and everyone except the dog:

Awwwe, look at the nice dog below - the shelter was happy to adopt out such a sweet, bubbly, cheerful dog (as they put it). The shelter said he was a happy dog that loved going on walks and playing with other dogs, and he had shown NO signs of aggression.

This is the dog that killed a 3 day old baby, Sebastian Caban, six months after they got him, when the mother coughed! They were on the bed watching TV, the dog asleep, and her cough startled the dog and so he killed the infant! No normal dog reacts to being startled by murdering the infant! They couldn't get the baby's head out of the dog's mouth because it was determined to kill it's prey, as Pit Bulls normally are.

The shelter guy said "This horrible accident was one that all of us in animal sheltering dread and not a single one of us could have foreseen." How dare they call it an 'accident'! The dog deliberately mauled the infant to death. And how dare they say no one could have foreseen it! There are hundreds of articles and news reports showing how unpredictable Pit Bulls are. There is no excuse to say no one could have foreseen it. And the guy said "There was not a fragment of aggression seen in this dog before tragedy struck, but tragedy did strike and there was nothing any of us could have done to prevent it." Guess what? The way to prevent these tragedies is to stop adopting out Pit Bulls! And parents - STOP adopting Pit Bulls!!!!! And for pitty sake, do not EVER let ANY dog be that close to an infant, laying on the bed together, or alone with an infant, especially if it's a larger dog or a breed known for aggression. There are just so many wrongs here.

"pit bulls are especially dangerous due to their unpredictability. It is impossible to tell from looking at a pit bull whether it is aggressive or not. American Pit Bull Terriers have been known to be friendly and docile at one moment, willing to sit on your lap and lick your face, and at the next moment to attack in a frenzied rage." - Court of Appeals of New Mexico, Garcia v. Village of Tijeras (1988)

Kory Nelson: "Experts confirm that Pit Bulls were specifically bred with suppressed body language signals as to their rising levels of aggression in order to give them the "first move" advantage in the fighting ring. This is why there are so many reports of "surprise attacks". So, if you have an unfamiliar pit bull approaching you, your child, or anyone, you can not afford to wait to see what happens as they approach, just because you don't hear them growl, or don't see them bear their teeth. You should become prepared early to take action - getting a physical object between the pit bull and it's intended target, such as getting behind a closed door, behind a trash can, etc. While the use of a firearm may not be desirable, you should be prepared to take that action before they lunge and bite/hold, as the damage will be severe."

It's very sad, but we must learn from these stories. What I'm showing you here is just a tiny tiny portion of these true stories that happen EVERY DAY! Over 50% of deaths caused by Pit Bulls are family members or pets. Yet the pit lovers continue to rant and rave at anyone who tries to educate the public about these facts.

PLEASE read this story and all the comments below it. It is VERY informative! Experienced Dog Trainer Shares Dog Attack Story It is SO sad how his own sister turned on him after he was attacked by a Pit Bull that was trying to kill his yorkie. Here are a few quotes from the article: "Saving that dog and it's family mattered more to her than me and my dog." "From that day on she treated me like I was a criminal, a stupid, foolish, wrong and bad person..."

"As a highly experienced dog trainer, who also studied behavior, rehabilitation, and nutrition in dogs for decades, I feel this type of dog is a threat to safety wherever it lives. The owners cannot be relied on to know their dogs or handle or manage them and keep others safe. These dogs give little to no warning before attacking. These dogs can be 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 years old, and never a fly harmed or a growl made in all those years. Pit bulls are wonderful, until the moment they are not."

"In my professional opinion, no other kind of dog is less predictable, less reliable, or more dangerous than these dogs are. Their owners' irrational blind love for them just adds to the danger."

Our neighbors seem to think that we get our distrust of Pit Bulls from watching videos on youtube, but in actuality we watch videos on youtube to learn how these dogs act when attacking 'because' of our distrust of them. We've learned what works and what doesn't work from watching people try to get them to release their grip on their victims. It's a real eye opener. Seeing them in action is the best way to find out how dangerous they are.

And articles like the one above.... These are totally unacceptable to Pit Bull lovers. They REFUSE to learn from experts like that former dog trainer, because they will ONLY listen to those who think Pit Bulls are wonderful. They also get very angry when someone posts news articles about Pit Bull attacks, or pictures of victims wounds. They do not want people to know how dangerous these dogs are because they do not want their own dogs safety challenged.

Above is Caesar and his owner Kristina in 2016. This dog killed a Chihuahua, a Maltese and a cat. He left the chihuahua's 77 year old owner with 18 puncture wounds, and also attacked the 30 year old owner of the cat. Yet the dog's owner claims her dog has rights too, and wanted him to get a fair trial - she was trying to stop him from being put down! It ended up that the dog was ordered rehab and then sent home with the owners.

I'm going to cover a few more areas of the Pit Bull dilemma and then I'll lighten up. Okay? Their advocates frequently say that Chihuahuas bite more often than Pit Bulls do. That one is funny. So what if they do?!

Oh, by the way, I was bitten by a Chiuahuah when I was a child. I cleared my throat and it jumped up and bit my leg. I had a 1" diameter wound/abrasion that healed in a few days. How scary! (sarcasm). As an adult I was bitten by my golden retriever for trying to take away a doggie bone - his upper tooth went almost through my hand and I had a puncture wound that healed in a few weeks.

And they also bring up that "All dogs bite." Yes they do. But all dogs are not created equal. Notice a few differences between the average dog bites of 'other' dogs and of Pit Bulls. And then realize that the number of attacks by Pit Bulls exceed all of the other dogs combined!

Above: non Pit Bull dog bites

Above: Pit Bull dog bites

Above: non Pit Bull bite and Jack Russell Terrier bite

Above: Pit Bull bites

How does an arm get ripped up this bad? Watch this video if you can stand the graphic nature of it. It's better to learn ahead of time, and wise up, than to be uneducated and unprepared if a tragedy tries to hit. This shows how bad the reality of an attack is. It is wise to have a plan of action just in case. This attack happened in Brazil in 2012. The dog was attacking it's owner. The guy who recorded the video was too scared to go in and try to help. He didn't have any weapon. But he did call the police and rescue, and the police shot the dog 4 times to kill it. "Three shots hit the pit bull, which stood and moved again in the owner, snapping his head, neck and right arm. "The dog did not stop the attack. We had to fire two more shots to contain the animal. The victim had his arm torn and possibly have to amputate it," said the guard."
VIDEO: Pit Bull Attacks Owner in Brazil

Here is Pit Bull attack on the street. The man is 62 years old artist named Francesco Bove, and a woman named Cynthia Oliver 'exchanged words' with him and then dropped her leash and the dogs attacked him. "They came to me, and I thought they were friendly but they jumped on me and I felt the bite." "I started to kick them off. I lost a big chunk of my arm. I could see it. I could see the bone." "I think I'm going to die," He had huge holes in his arms, a severed ear and a split in half ear, and his body was full of lacerations. He got nerve damage in his hands and wasn't able to move his fingers, which could ruin his career. I don't know how all of that turned out. She was arrested. This man is also a Pit Bull owner and this event didn't seem to sway his trust of this breed of dog.
VIDEO: Pit Bull Attacks Artist on Street in New York

Now there are some exceptions to the non pibull bites being less severe. Sometimes dogs like Rotweillers, German Shepherds, etc, produce some very serious bites where flesh is ripped off or the victim is even killed. But it happens far less frequently. Pit Bulls maime and kill more victims that all the other dog breeds put together! Way more!

Here are some statistics I want you to pay close attention to. First of all, this covers the years from September 1982 to December 31, 2016. In the next 3 charts, notice that Pit Bulls and mixes of Pit Bulls out-number all of the other dog breeds combined! So yes, Rotweillers and some other breeds can be dangerous, but they maul and kill far less than Pit Bulls do. THIS is why there is such an issue with pits. They literally maul and kill thousands of people and animals each year. They presently average killing about 30 people a year. You do the rest of the averaging.

VIDEO: Pit Bull Puppies
Check this video out. It shows Pit Bull puppies, young puppies, acting out their genetics (they aren't trained yet). We've had several litters of several different kinds of puppies and never ever did they act like these puppies. The charts above are the ones shown in this video.

One more thing I want to cover - the pets that bully breeds kill. We have pets out here and the neighbor's dog killing little dogs was one of the first things to really upset us and change our lives. We love our pets and don't want them mauled to death. Just like with the baby pictures, the Pit Bull and kitty pictures are just as misleading.

First I want to talk about this sweet lady, Monica. She had a stroke and is disabled, and in a wheelchair with limited use of her arms and legs. When her family was carrying in groceries, they left the door open for a while, and she caught this on camera - a Pit Bull comes in her door, and murders one of her cats and eats part of it right in front of her. She was on 911 trying to get help and in the process, she caught some still shots and got a lot of this on video, for use in court.

She tried hitting the dog with wood, with what little strength she could get out of her hands, but it didn't phase the dog, and could have gotten her attacked also. Thank God it didn't attack her. But she was very emotionally traumatized over this. The dog ended up getting euthanized so it cannot attack any one else's pets or start going after people. I want you to notice how abusive the remarks of the Pit Bull advocates were, that posted on her pictures. She is the victim of a Pit Bull attack, probably has PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) from this event, and this is how she gets treated by non-compassionate lovers of a killer breed of dog.

Above is the dog eating her cat and look at the terrible remarks on the right. This really isn't that uncommon for the dog lovers to be so vile. Quite a few of them are downright evil! She didn't open the door so that the dog could come in and kill the cat. They twist everything they can in order to gleefully blame the victim!

Here is the remains of the poor lady's cat. Sorry. I know - I show too much for some people's stomachs.

VIDEO: Pit Bulls Attack Pets

THOUSANDS of pets are mauled or killed by Pit Bulls each year - around 27,000, and we people who love our pets are getting really sick and tired of this happening over and over. There are many reports each day of another pet getting mauled or killed by a Pit Bull. And so many of the Pit Bull owners do not seem to care about anyone's pet but theirs.

These are beloved pets of different people. Saving them costs thousands of dollars, and they are scarred for life, many emotionally as well as physically, afraid to be around another dog. Do Pit Bull owners care that their dogs did this to them? Not usually. Very often they snatch up their pits and leave the scene without a word! You can see this on some of the youtube videos on Pit Bull attacks.

This is the kind of stuff that happened to our neighbor's little dogs when their Pit Bull killed them, and seriously, when they talked about it, they didn't act sad or upset about it. They continued to allow their other little dog be around the same dog that killed, and the pit killed it also, but they didn't learn even then - to this day they allow the cutest sweetest little Porkie dog to hang out with their newer Pit Bulls that they got recently.

But when James grazed their Pit Bull with a few bird pellets for chasing our livestock the woman screamed bloody murder as if her firstborn was slaughtered. I didn't hear anyone scream when their little dogs were slaughtered by the Pit Bull, yet I did hear the little dogs scream when it was happening to them and it was heartbreaking to me. It's usually about them and their pits, rarely about the other people or the other pets. It's actually a ministry in itself to reach out compassionately to people who's family or pets have been attacked by these dogs. So yes, this belongs on a ministry website. It all runs together.

This poor little dog. Good grief!

In the post above the attacking dog's owner actually stabbed his own Pit Bull to stop it from attacking another pet. This is rare. What usually happens is anyone who stabs a dog gets arrested for animal cruelty. Never mind the cruelty being done to the pet that's being attacked.

Here is a link to a page showing animal injuries from dog fights, which bring felony charges, and injuries of pets that were mauled by Pit Bulls, which do not bring felony charges. Totally unfair that the mauled pets don't get the same consideration. The injuries are just as bad.

LINK: What was done to this dog is a serious crime, in fact it is a felony in all 50 states (WARNING - the pictures on this link are graphic.)

One lady told me her father shot a Pit Bull that was in process of tearing his way through their screen door to get to his dogs that were barking at him from the windows because he was on their porch, and he got arrested for animal cruelty. Never mind that the dog was trying to get in to attack him and/or his dogs. This is insane. He has a right to protect his family. One person said he should have just closed his door. He shouldn't have to. He should be able to feel safe in his own home, door open or not. It may have been hot inside and he needed the air. But it doesn't matter - it was HIS home and HIS property and he shouldn't have to close his door! Geesh! Frustrating.

Here is a chart of the excuses Pit Bull owners use when there is an attack. Below is one of their excuses in action! I couldn't' help but laugh at one of the responses.

Go here and see a list of attacks on innocent victims at local Petsmart, Petco, and other popular pet stores (these stores so far have not banned dangerous breeds of dogs from being there and mingling with other dogs and people.) Notice how in 2017 it became much more frequent!
Extreme Attacks: List of Pit Bull & Other Dangerous Breed Attacks Inside Petsmart, PetCo, & Other Pet Stores

Go here to see many more who have lost their limbs due to Pit Bulls.
Extreme Attacks: List of Pit Bull Attacks that Result in Dismemberment or Amputation of a Limb

Go here to see
Extreme Attacks: List of Pit Bulls Up for Adoption or Recently Adopted From Shelters That Seriously Attack - Oh my gosh, there are SO MANY of them! What on earth is the matter with these Pit Bull lovers to let this go on and on over and over????? You know, our neighbors and other Pit Bull owners say we are so uninformed and have no clue how loving and 'safe' Pit Bulls are, and should educate ourselves.... The more we get educated, the more we realize how dangerous they are! Notice in ALL of these lists how much the problem has increased in the last several years! Pit Bulls have become more and more popular and now they are in nearly every neighborhood, and the number and frequency of attacks are horrendous!

Could they possibly say Pit Bulls are good family pets if they had read all of these articles and seen all that is on this web page I'm making? I'm pretty sure they refuse to read any more than a 'few' articles and news reports unless they are pro-Pit Bull reports, because if they realized how frequent the attacks happen, and if they'd knock off trying to blame the victims or accuse the dog owners of all abusing their dogs, that would put a big wedge in their theories that Pit Bulls are awesome dogs and none should be put down even if they killed or seriously mauled, but should be rehabilitated (even though that doesn't normally work, and sometimes even the rehab therapists get mauled).

Nearly ALL of them wait until they or a loved one is mauled or killed by their own family pets before they will wake up to the truth, and some of those don't even wake up. Weirdly, many of the ones who say certain attacks happened because the BAD parents let their children be where they shouldn't be, are the ones who have let their children get in their Pit Bulls' faces or lay on them or sleep with them! Who do they blame then? Well, they say it was just an accident.

And if they raised their dogs with love and respect, and then it 'snaps' and mauls them, who do they blame? Because they usually say it's the bad owner's fault - that the owner raised them to be mean.... Oh, I forgot, THEN they find an excuse for the dog "SOMETHING must have happened to trigger the dog - it wasn't his fault!" - even though most breeds of dogs who are 'triggered' do not then try to rip the throat out of their offender or the nearby infant!

Family Pit Bulls That Killed Children

And if their dog attacks a non-family member, since it's always the dog's owners fault, what do they say then? They say the victim MUST have provoked the dog - it's NOT the dog's fault! Doesn't matter that the victim is usually walking by, minding their own business, or working in their yard, or playing with their children in the yard or park - it's still their fault, cause "my dog's innocent!!!"

A FEW of them wake up and realize that these dogs are very unpredictable and dangerous, and they are the ones who start trying to warn others of this problem, to try and save lives and prevent heartaches, because they are compassionate people who care about others and think people and innocent pets are more important than the Pit Bulls. And what do those who still promote the Pit Bulls think about that? They attack them profusely, name calling (haters, racists, dog abusers, cunts, low-lives, etc), death threats, they try to get their comments or teachings taken down from the Internet, try to get them arrested, fired from their jobs, lie about them, etc.

If they can still insist these dogs are wonderful, isn't there something wrong with their brains? - with their ability to think and reason? - it just doesn't make sense to me that no matter what you say or show them, they still walk in total denial and hate your guts for exposing this stuff, similar to how religious people respond when you tell them they are supposed to keep the Sabbath and the Lord's feast days, as you saw in last years album. They try to close down websites that expose their favorite dog's true nature, rather than learn from them and make necessary changes to make themselves and others safe.

This is why people call them 'pit nutters', 'pit hags', or 'in breeders', and call the dogs 'shit bulls' and 'frankenmaulers'. We, the informed ones, get tired and frustrated at their refusal to learn and reason, and at their calling us 'haters' 'dog abusers' 'racists' etc, and some respond by calling them names. Hey, Yahushuwah called the idiots of His day dogs, snakes, vipers, children of the devil, hypocrites...... don't think some name calling is 'ungodly'! If the shoe fits, wear it, if it doesn't, kick it off.

This is what some shelters and Pit Bull advocates do - make pretty little hats for the dogs to make them look cute and sweet, to disguise their true nature, which is in the fourth picture. Many people who get Pit Bulls from shelters experience getting mauled by these little treasures.

We haven't been progressing very fast lately, but we do have some plans for the very near future - so keep in touch.

June 17th - BBQ Ribs for dinner!

July 8th - James got the neighbors (the nice ones up the hill) to work on the fence for a few hours today to try and get going again. We need to get as much up as soon as possible to help keep the neighbors' dogs from coming on our property and causing trouble - well, that didn't go so well today. Watch the video to find out what happened!

VIDEO: More Harassment from Neighbors Calling Police Over Nothing

VIDEO: My Animals Are Innocent

This guy in the video above reminds me so much of one of our neighbors, because when our neighbor's niece's Pit Bull came over and went after our chickens, jumped at one of our dogs and acted like it was going to attack us, and I told him that, he said "NO, he didn't!" and I said "yes he did" and he said "NO" and I said "I know what I saw Johnny" and he said "NO". He wasn't there, he saw nothing, he basically called me a liar just because he doesn't believe their dog did that, therefore it didn't do that - what a moronic mentality, like this guy on the video whose dogs attacked several people and pets, went after the police, and the guy says "my animals are innocent"! Gag me with a spoon! (Not) He says it's all in how you raise them (the main typical thing pit owners say, including our neighbors), says he didn't raise them to be aggressive (yet the video shows them being aggressive and they attacked people and sent one to the hospital), the lady can 'assure' you that they aren't aggressive (the video assures that they are) - people in total denial, and it's going to cost them dearly when the dogs one day attack one of them!

They can't understand why we referred to them as in-breeders, retarded, brain-dead - well, that is why. Normal people don't act like these guys. Something is wrong with them. We're just trying to figure out what it is. Mental retardation and can't think and reason like adults? Brain cells died and brain doesn't function normally? Inbred with symptoms of low IQ and inability to function normal in society? Seriously, we just want to figure it out because it amazes us!

July 8th - Here comes Megan, Shane and their daughter, as I film our visit with the officer from the Sheriff's Department. This is the family that owns the Pit Bull that came in our yard and chased our livestock and James' shot.

And here's our Pit Bull owner neighbor giving me the finger! She is the one with the 5 year old little girl who she and the daddy allow to climb all over their Pit Bulls, even the one that used to be in dog fighting and abused, and started killing little dogs in the neighborhood, and the brand new one that they got only a few weeks before it came over and killed some of our chickens and lunged at us.

And her Pit Bull owning uncle next to her - he owns the one who comes on our land and barks aggressively at us for being on our own land, and who James has repeatedly told he doesn't like that and doesn't feel safe, and who has done NOTHING to stop his dog from doing this. He is upset and says Megan is upset because we post things on Facebook suggesting that they are in-breeds or mentally retarded. He's excusing Megan's behavior just like they excuse Pit Bulls behavior. It's an abnormal thinking process and behavior. Maybe if my titles don't fit them perhaps a psychologist can diagnose them and let me know what mental disease they may have?

Or maybe Yahuwah has an explanation for them:

Romans 1:21-25 (Renewed Name Version)
"because, when they learned to know Yahuwah, they did not magnify Him as Eloah, neither gave thanks, but became foolish in their thoughts, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools and changed the splendor of the uncorrupted Eloah into an image made like corruptible man, and birds, and four-footed animals, and reptiles. Therefore Yahuwah also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves, who exchanged the truth of Yahuwah for the lie, and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amein."

The verse above is talking about making idols to worship, and Pit Bulls seem to be many people's idols, being more important to them than Yahuwah or godly living - It's possible that He has given some of them up to their darkened hearts and they have a spiritual disease rather than a mental disease. What do you think?. I think perhaps both.

Matthew 24:10-13
"And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another. And many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. And because lawlessness will abound, the loving affection of many will grow cold, moreover he who endures to the end will be saved."

We know we are in the last of the last days, meaning our Messiah will return very soon - the prophecies are falling into place daily to bring in the tribulation and then the second-coming of Yahushuwah. And in so many ways we see that the love of many has waxed cold. Look at the abortion industry, child trafficking among the elite, Muslim's taking over many places and their violence that goes along with that (rape, be-heading, child molestation, female genital mutilation, etc), atheism, drug cartels and gangs with their murders and addictions, the pharmaceutical industry forcing harmful vaccinations and other drugs on families that don't want them, GMOs, the rate of divorce being so high - things that have gotten worse and worse as the years go on. And even though this is happening, we must hang in there.

I asked the officer who came out today if one of their dogs comes at us like it wants to attack us, if we have a right to shoot it, and he said we absolutely do - we have a right to protect our selves, our livestock and our pets. Of course, that makes one wonder - why did James get arrested for doing just that? Because the legal system is corrupt!

VIDEO: Video Clips of Pit Bull Attacks, etc, for Education and Criticism

How about some peaceful worship music to lighten up the mood with Yahuwah's presence.

Join us in worship! (If the videos don't load and play, you might need to update your Flash Player)

VIDEO: "In The Shadow Of Your Wings"

VIDEO: "Unchained Melody"

VIDEO: "For Your Name Is Holy"

VIDEO: "HalleluYah"

VIDEO: "Revelation Song"

Put this webpage in your favorites and check in with us periodically to see how this progresses!

July 11th - This is steamed fresh spinach with 2 different cheeses melted over it - there are onions and turkey bacon fried in butter and then mixed with the spinach. This is SOOOOOO good!

July 14th - Cornish Hens with rice with carrot pieces, onions, and garlic.

July 18th - Smoked ribs (smoked outside on the grill/smoker) with fried onions and BBQ sauce. Yum!

July 19th - Yup...

July 23rd - This is spaghetti with hamburger meat in it and fresh cheese grated on top.

July 25th - This is a prime example of some of the 'inbred' appearing people who live in this little town - I call this picture Bare Butt Bufford - the pic turned out blurry but there is about 4 inches of his butt crack exposed, and both of these guys look like escaped prisoners! We see an awful lot of guys who have this type of appearance around here. Makes ya wonder...

July 27th - The guy with the 180# Pit Bull named Hulk, who is so famous for his dog training and breeding, and lets his little boys wear bite suits so Hulk can grab and bite their arms for dog training, and lets them be with this huge dog in their home, just had an incident where two of his Pit Bulls killed his favorite Pit Bull (not Hulk), and he has been depressed and discouraged about it, but then he posts this post above - and I responded to it below it.

Here is another post of his - this is ridiculous - he loved this dog more than his kids, because these dogs could turn on his kids as they did his favorite dog, and kill them too. People can be so dillusional!

My response to them.

August 2nd - We got our personal pool cleaned out earlier in the year and are using it to cool off in this heat. It's been 90 to over 100 degrees since before springtime even ended. This is a 14 foot pool from Walmart (which sells a lot of low quality products - it started leaking at a seam shortly after we set it up last year). The liner we bought online for about 150.00 and it is well worth it - they are supposed to last at least 10 years, are thick and good quality. The plain ones run closer to 100.00, depending on the size. We got this fancy one for our pleasure pool so that we can enjoy it more.

We fill our 4 pools with rainwater from the wet weather creek, which flows a few times a year. We filter the one we swim in with bleach and large sponges from Dollar Tree, large bags of baking soda and white vinegar from Walmart, a pump from Tractor Supply, hoses, and of course a pool filter is attached and ran by generator or solar panels as needed. See our episodes of The MUD PEOPLE on youtube and James will show you how we do it.

If you like spinach you should try this - it looks not so good, but it is very good - fry some cut up turkey bacon in butter (real butter), add onions and fry til 'not too done' (meaning leave them slightly crunchy but not raw), add a can of spinach and heat it with the fried things, turn the stove off and add fresh cheese on top, cover it and let it set til the cheese melts. You can scramble up some eggs and add to it also if you want to.

VIDEO: "Since I Met You Baby"
August 8th - James is singing to me! In the background: I haven't put up curtains yet because I kept thinking we would have our cabin done soon and this would just be a storage place, but I'm going to try and motivate myself to go ahead and fix this 5th wheel up nice as soon as the weather cools off and I can function without melting into a puddle on the floor! LOL.

VIDEO: "Pit Bull chasing our car"
Driving into town the other day we got chased by a Pit Bull that we've never seen before. It ran full speed ahead right behind our car for about 15 seconds. People down the main road (which is also a dirt/gravel road in the sticks) got some Pit Bulls and don't restrain all of them, and the neighborhood is getting worse. I didn't have the camera going to catch that one running behind us, but a few days later I filmed it chasing us along the side of our car. This has got to stop.

I am really concerned about the safety of a lady we know, and also a man, who like to go for walks down that road that they also live on. The gal has already been charged by the three large dogs that are first on this video, and expressed concern over going for her walks. A person shouldn't have to fear for his/her safety and life when going for walks on a public road, because of selfish irresponsible people who refuse to keep their dangerous dogs contained. And having no leash laws in a rural area is inexcusable! It seems that the 'officials' (who make the laws) don't care about people who live in rural areas, nor their pets, because the laws don't protect them well at all from dangerous dogs.

Her son is the guy who felt one of the large dog's mouth hit his arm as it was trying to bite him when he was in his car and had his arm resting on the open window's frame. The man who walks is an older man. If he got knocked down, he may not be able to defend himself from a dog attack. But the neighbors down that hill don't care about anyone but themselves (just like the neighbors next door to us.) And even if those who walk carry a gun, and shoot a charging dog, look at what happened to my husband, getting arrested for animal cruelty when he wasn't even breaking the law! Plus, shooting a Pit Bull doesn't always stop them - many have to be shot multiple times before they fall, when they are in attack mode.

August 10th - I'm posting a lot of salad pictures because you need to remember to eat more of them! And cause I LOVE to look at them! It makes me want to eat more salads.

We just came home from a trip to town, and here again is the dog that we were told is going to be 'penned up' NOT penned up, and barking at us for coming home. Again, she's on her own property, so that is good, but this is also the dog who comes over in the middle of the night and harasses our dogs from a short distance, and one night when James went out to see what was going on because our dogs were barking frantically, she walked half-way up our driveway and barked aggressively at him as if to challenge him. It was about 2 in the morning.

VIDEO: "At the Car Lot"
Well, we had to get another vehicle. Our SUV started making a strange noise, and a repair shop said it would cost us over 800.00, that we did not have, just for labor to fix it, but were able to trade it in for a beautiful pick-up truck, and it has a warranty in case something major goes wrong.

Isn't this a hunk of a truck?! It's a 2004 Dodge Dakota 4 wheel drive, and runs really smooth.

August 14th - Wow, we were in Walmart today and James was talking to the guy stocking the produce, and telling him about how he got arrested for something he didn't do (animal cruelty, because it is legal to shoot a dog that was chasing our livestock) and how the neighbors lied on the police report saying he came to their yard and shot the dog on their own property when actually he shot it behind our barn, 150 feet away - and we looked over at the bakery section, only about 15 feet away, and there was the District Attorney who had James arrested (we saw him in court the other day when James was offered a plea bargain for 5 years probation and refused it because he never broke the law) and this D.A. was staring at us - we crossed paths about 5 times - and each time he actually GLARED at James! So if he's a bad person, he was glaring with evil thoughts, but if he is a good person who was just mis-informed by the lies on the police report, maybe he realized after hearing James telling how the dog was chasing our livestock and lunged at us, that it was legal for him to shoot it - maybe (??) the D.A. was realizing that he made a mistake??????? James was also telling the produce guy how this false arrest cost us around 2500.00 - could the D.A. have felt some guilt when he obviously heard the conversation? You should have seen him glaring at James - not even trying to hide the fact that he was staring at him intensely.

This is a picture of him and his 'stare' - LOL! That's just what he looked like at the store. I hope he's a nice man who works for justice, and not just to get convictions even if the person is innocent. Prayers please! :) And almost home - look what's staring at us, and missing one side of antlers.

August 15th - Lunch time!

August 18th - These salads are so pretty and tasty. I hope I'm inspiring you to eat more salads.

August 20th - This is cabbage, potatoes and carrots boiled in water with a lot of butter added. The flavor is so incredible!

August 25th - Below is a testimony that touched James - One of the people who used to watch his TV show This Land in Aurora, IL, made contact with James.

And here is a homemade Popsicle made in our little freezer with whole milk vanilla yogurt from Aldi's, and canned peaches in light syrup. You can mix some of the syrup into the yogurt to sweeten it if you like. You also could chop up the peaches. James made these.

August 29th - I saw this video online on how to make a meatloaf cake and have been talking about it for days! It looked so good. Well, James surprised me today and made one and it is the best meatloaf I've ever tasted! It is frosted with mashed potatoes, and topped with BBQ sauce and turkey bacon. Make it! You'll love it! (Unless you just hate meatloaf). His meatloaf has Head Country (the regular or original) BBQ sauce in it. He made it on the propane stove-top in a frying pan, believe it or not.

Oh my gosh, you won't believe what just happened. James believes satan just tried to kill him. Here is what happened. The two guys up the hill asked James to take them to the store (they don't have cars), and while they were there he got to witness to a lady while the two guys were shopping, and she was receiving it and in tears. When the guys joined back up with James, they also helped witness to the lady.

Then when they got back to the place where they live up the hill, they asked about us coming over and doing music like we had said we wanted to do a few months ago - we had put it off cause it's been over 100 degrees heat index and we have to do this out on the porch, so we couldn't stand the thought of the heat. So they want to do this Saturday, and we had wanted to also do ministry stuff as well during this.

So James comes home happy, and goes back out to the truck to use the phone (gets a better signal where we park) - he turned on the truck to charge the phone, and all of a sudden I heard him yelling over and over like he was being attacked by something. I went outside and the whole cab of the truck was completely filled with what looked like smoke - literally filled with it, and he was half out of the truck, delirious and hunched over. This is how bad the truck was filled with smoke/steam that blew in James' face. This is not our picture below. I just found it to show how bad it was.

He had not been able to see or find the doorknob to get out and what turned out to be steam was blowing full force in his face through the air conditioner vent. It looked like the truck might blow up.

VIDEO: Heater Core

VIDEO: Faces in Truck Window

I couldn't get the camera to work before the steam cleared up but it took several minutes. We thought it was the radiator that blew up and instead of shooting out the hood and up the window outside, it blew into the cab of the truck and into James' face, plus there was a puddle of anti-freeze on the floor on the driver's side! We've both had many radiators blow up in our pasts, and NEVER NEVER did it blow INSIDE the vehicle! If this had happened while they were driving, they could have been killed. And the radiator fluid in steam form - it's poisonous you know either way. He breathed it in and his throat and lungs became sore. No burns on his body, but look at the picture and see where the fluid went. We found out it was the heater core that went bad.

A few weeks ago our SUV started making weird noises and losing power, we get a new vehicle and then this happens. Satan is mad and wants to kill us? Yah always makes sure these things happen in a timing to where we don't get killed. I wish He'd just prevent them from happening in the first place, but He protects people in strange ways.

When James was gone and it was getting near dark and he hadn't returned yet, I was praying that Yahuwah would protect him and get them home safe. And the radiator thing didn't blow up in his face until after he got home, came in the house, and went back to the car to use the phone. What perfect timing. It didn't happen while he was driving, and it did happen BEFORE we went into town the next time. It happened in the safety of our driveway. Just like when the wheel fell off our other car (ti-rod) right next to a church that I was going to turn in to anyway, to get a tail-gator off our tail, and right after my daughter bought us AAA towing insurance - perfect timing. I've had car things like that happen so many times. So many bad things could have happened that didn't happen.

Heater core repairs cost up to 900.00. We do have an extended warranty with a deductible of 100.00. And it's almost payday. Timing is good. We won't have any extra money this month for anything else though. We were going to get my Korg keyboard fixed this month so I could play it when we do this neighborhood outreach that the neighbors asked James to start this Saturday. So I don't know what will happen now, but I guess if Yah had the car problem under control, he'll have the keyboard thing under control too. I just wish things could go smoothly and nice for a change. I wish the court would drop the false arrest charge on James and end that dilemma. I wish my keyboard would fix itself. I wish the truck would fix itself. I wish the neighbors were not evil - would repent and serve Yah. I wish, I wish, I wish...... Oh well.

We went out to take our dogs out one more time before bed, and noticed this face on our windshield (the steam fog is still on the window, and we didn't see the face before now!) What the heck?! It even has an arm and in the dark pics, ears. Everyone says it looks like a demon in our truck! What do you think? We believe this is a spiritual attack coming from demonic sources. We've both experienced spiritual attacks many times. It means we need to pray more effectively.

Check this out below. There is a second face as well - a dog's face - which we both think is telling us that this attempt to harm James came from the evil demons in the people with the dogs - We have ministers in another state and ministers in another country praying against witchcraft and other stuff like that concerning our neighbors. I'm beginning to think they may be on to something there. This is just too weird. They may not be actually practicing witchcraft but they are habitual liars and are frequently trying to harm us by lying about us to the police, which they call for things that we never did. I have no doubt that they have demons influencing them and need deliverance as well as mental help. Someone just pointed out that there is also a third face - to the right of the white round one is a black one with white eyes and mouth.

August 31st - So, here we are on a mountain in the middle of the woods with no transportation, no food, no more gas for the generators for electricity to run the fans and air conditioner in this 100+ degree heat index weather, no more drinking water....... so we attempt to drive my old little car that hasn't been driven in over a year to go into town. It won't even make it up the hill out front! It's like trying to get molasses to run uphill in the winter! And then it starts making loud banging noises, like big chunks of metal hitting against the underside of the car, then the engine gets real rough, so I back it back down the hill (I made it half-way up) and it drives fine back into our driveway. Alrighty then - like a horse that doesn't want to go on a trail ride and runs back into the barn!

So...... James talks to the neighbors up the hill, and they just happen to have the day off and they have a car (not the 2 guys he gave a ride the other day), and so they take us into town in their little car, and this is the Wican and her boyfriend. In spite of being into witchcraft, sort of, they are really nice and pleasant people (19 and 22 years old). The sad thing is that ANY type of witchcraft is an abomination to Yahuwah, and witches will not make it into His kingdom. People like this - we'd sure like to see them make it into His kingdom. We hope that our prayers can reach through to them and cause them to reach through to Yahuwah and His salvation.

This is what I saw in front of me during this ride.

September 1st - Steak, onions and mushrooms for lunch

September 3rd - Omelets for brunch

September 4th - We had our truck towed off to the dealership today. They confirmed it's the heater core PLUS the fan clutch. It cost about 450 to fix it and the warranty people only agreed to pay 250 of it! We paid the 100 deductible and the owner of the car dealership said he felt that God wants him to absorb the rest of the cost. That is amazing, because how often will a dealership do that? This is a small dealership run by the music leader of his father's church, and apparently he really is a good person, cause a lot of christian businessmen are more greedy than the secular ones. We've only had the truck for 3 weeks and haven't even made our first payment on it yet.

September 13th - So 2 or 3 weeks after we got our new truck, the heater core went out and antifreeze steam sprayed in James' face and he got delirious and almost passed out. Antifreeze got in his lungs. Antifreeze is poison. He said the truck tried to kill him. We were without a car for about 2 weeks, in the woods on a mountain, with a couple rides to the expensive store for food and gas (which totally messed up our grocery budget). We lost more money paying for part of the repair.

The day we got it back we drove it into town, and the transmission started slipping real bad. So we went to the shop and they couldn't look at it that day. Told us to use trans x and it did help but not totally. And the phone charger (cig lighter) no longer works.

Then we drove it another day and it started to try to overheat and the radiator was leaking. We got some anti-leak and it helped. Also, it feels at times like the power steering is tight, but it was off and on. And on top of that, the air conditioner was putting out lukewarm air instead of the cold air it usually does. And we registered it and it cost almost 400.00 (which we only had 100, so there went our grocery money and gas money for the generators). They just recently raised the tax on cars. Our state is really greedy on the tax thing.

We've both bought used cars our whole lives and NEVER have either of us had this much stuff go wrong within 6 weeks after buying the cars. This is really weird. Not to mention the faces that ya'll saw on our window the other week. We took it to the shop the other day and they fixed the lighter, but said the air conditioning system needs some work and we won't have any money to pay our part until next payday, next month, and lo and behold the temps, which were in the 80s, are back up to the 90's now (with heat index much higher) and we cannot turn on the air or it may 'blow'!

I've heard of people having lots of problems with new used cars before but never experienced it myself, or James either. And driving home that day the under part of the truck started sounding like a wagon - clanking and rattling! Ti rods????? And something smells like it's burning. Brakes??? And then there's the fact that our spare car probably threw a rod, and it won't budge an inch now. This is too much. James says it's very possible that something really good and big is about to happen and we are under attack because satan is ticked off. I want to believe that, but I'm in limbo at the moment. Our defroster doesn't work either, so on a rainy day when the window fogs up, we have to keep the windows rolled down and hope it stays clear until we get home. Good news - we found a guy who can put a good re-built transmission in our van for $600, which has been out of commission for several years, and all we need to do now is get the money for this, and we can have a second vehicle again. But all of our money is tied up at the moment.

September 15th - We did manage to get us some comfort food - a steak and mushroom lunch. Then we had steak and cheese sandwiches for supper out of leftovers.

September 15th - I made us each a smoothie bowl this evening and James loved it. I usually use vanilla whole milk yogurt (Aldi's usually has it) but we shopped at Walmart and all they had was plain whole milk yogurt. So I got that and added a very ripe banana, 1/2 of a very ripe peach, and 1/2 of a red dragon fruit, and mashed it all together, and it sweetened up pretty well. I didn't feel like getting my blender out and having to clean it afterwards. These are good if you use frozen fruit and blend it into the yogurt - you can even freeze the yogurt for a icy cold smoothie. I topped them with granola cereal chunks, cut up dragon fruit and peach pieces, and shredded coconut.

September 17th - I want to show you all something. Yet, this is more for me than for you. I look at these photo pages often, to encourage myself, to motivate myself, to understand things better, and for other reasons. The 5th wheel we live in is temporary, until we are able to finish our cabin. Problem is, it's taken way longer than we planned, because of things beyond our control. And that has discouraged me, and I have not fixed up our living quarters to look nice - there's a pet food bag taped on one window, pieces of cloth over 2 others. The cushions of the couches are not covered properly. It's cluttered and messy because there is so little room.... things like that. I'm not normally like this, and I'm going to show you what our dwelling place would normally look like if I hadn't gotten so discouraged. The above picture is James' side of our camper, that I sit across from and look at daily. Yuck! Well, it's not yuck to see him sitting there, but I'm talking about the 'décor' (or lack of it!) We sometimes make our videos with him sitting there, so you've probably seen it before and thought 'Yuck!' We haven't tried to hide our simplicity. But....

The below pictures are my old apartment. I still have the decorations and curtains, etc, that you see, being stored. I have just been saving all of this for our new cabin. I hope these pictures motivate me to fix up this trailer in the meantime, at least to make it look nice.

This was my apartment life when we met. He had a mobile home, and we moved into it shortly after we got married. But here's some more apartment pics.

Kitty on one end, dog on other.

You can see how much I like the animal theme and jungle theme! Haven't changed much. We now live in the woods and it's like a jungle all around us.

This is alongside of my bed. I like nature so much I made it to seem like I was sleeping in the tropical bush. There's a pond to the right.

See the pond up close.

This is on the other side of the bed. I love those little African trinket boxes and candle stands.

I also love those little fake animals.

These should cheer you up after seeing all of those pitbull attack victims.

My daughter bought me the painting on the wall.

Here I am about 7 months before I met James, and here's a photoshopped picture of me with a white tiger. I LOVE white tigers! But I don't want one until we are in the Millenium, because I don't want to get eaten.

Here's James in my apartment shortly after we met.

A few more pictures of my interior decorating...

He took this of me at our first church service together at Mayim Hayim, a Messianic congregation that I used to attend and be on the worship team.

I also attended Calvary Messianic and was on their worship team. Mayim was good about teaching the 'word' and Calvary was good about letting the Holy Spirit move in the service, so I attended both for several years, in order to get a full meal, figuratively speaking. We attended here together for a few years.

After we got married we lived in this old mobile home, until we sold it and moved on this mountain. See our About James and Jennifer section if you want to read the story.

I decorated this home also. See, I haven't always been neglectful of our home! BTW, the kitty is real, not fake! LOL. She decided to be a decoration!

But when we moved out here in the woods on this mountain, we started 'roughin it'. We started out in this tent. I didn't feel safe enough in it, so we started sleeping in our van.

And this is how we cooked. If you want to get the full report on it, go to the first year of our photo album diary, 2013, and start at the beginning. I was 57 years old when we moved here. I'm 62 now and James is 65. How many people our age do you know who live off grid in the woods?

Then we got a big tent and stayed in it until we found out a bad ice storm was on it's way. And there is our tent after the ice storm.

Then we got a barn. Look at the previous years of photos to see more details.

Not much decorating in here either. Livin' in the rough (with a few modern conveniences)!

Now we live in the 5th wheel, and there ya go. You got a little updating. So could you pray that I get the inspiration and ability to fix up this camper so it looks pretty inside? Thanks.

October 1st - Here's two of my babies sleeping next to me while I work on the computer.

Tissy, my sweetie pie

October 5th - Rib Eye!

October 6th - English Muffin breakfast (with egg, cheese and beef sausage.)

Melon and Cottage Cheese lunch.

October 7th - Tomato and Cottage Cheese Lunch.

October 8th - Stove Top Pizza made by James, with beef or turkey sausage, never pork!

October 11th - Hot Apple Cider with Caramel and Whipped Cream - this is better than Starbucks' version!

Yum - it's getting cold outside at night!

About a month ago I saw a picture of what is called a Sandwich Cake and I HAD to make one! It looked SO good, and was SO pretty! So today I made one. Here it is.

And here is a little VIDEO I made of the project.

October 13th - I made a dragon fruit smoothie bowl today. It was really GOOD!
And here is a little VIDEO I made of this project.

October 15th - James made another propane-stove-top pizza that was SUPERB! (That is melted cheese on the right - he used 3 or 4 different kinds!) These are great with fresh spinach (canned spinach is gross on pizzas.)

October 19th - I had to show you this salad because it's so pretty! A little Ranch dressing, and it was great!

And here's yet ANOTHER stove top pizza that James made. No two are alike!

The Back to Eden garden pictures are not my own - I want to show you what I found online about this guy's wonderful gardens, because we are planning on going this route from now on. We discovered the "Back to Eden" style of gardening on youtube, and we believe this is the answer to our gardening troubles. The first year our garden was pretty good for starting out. The second year it was bad. Third try did really bad they were small and dry - bugs and rabbits ate them. After that we were too sore from the accident and our spinal injuries and didn't plant at all. Look at the size of those cabbage plants that are under the apple trees! And the apple branches are bent over because the fruit is so heavy.

But found out that you should NEVER NEVER NEVER roto-till or dig up your garden - it just messes up the soil. The top soil is depleted from the weather and you pull up the bottom soil so it gets depleted also. That is why our second year was bad compared to the first. And bugs attack unhealthy plants. This guy doesn't have a bug problem because his plants are too healthy!

We will use wood chips and leaves, along with chicken and rabbit poop, on top of newspapers, and make our own soil, building it up each year instead of tilling it. The wood chips hold in the moister and nutrients, and between that and the manure, they build up the nutrients - that is how it works in nature - no one digs and turns the soil in the woods, yet look at how the plants and wild flowers thrive! We need to put a border around it, since the land is on a slight slant, to keep it from washing away in the heavy rains. One year our whole garden washed down to the lower edge, and of course most of it died!

The chips keep the soil moist and loose and it rarely needs watering, and needs very little weeding. Also, the plants are so healthy that the bugs don't like them - they are too hydrated and bugs like weak drier plants to munch on.

Also, they produce large vegetables and fruits - his apples and plums are large and there is so much fruit that the branches bow down and touch the ground. It is amazing what this guy has done - that he says God showed him how to do. I can't wait to start on this. We're going to start collecting the wood chips and leaves from under the trees (which we have lots of) and putting that in our garden area, after putting down newspapers to kill off the weeds. Then we'll add chicken and rabbit droppings and the dirt from the areas where they poop. The following pictures are not from his garden but they're healthy looking plants that we hope to produce with this method. I'm adding them here for inspiration. These are public domain pictures.

November 14th - Lamb for supper

November 17th - Burgers for lunch, on flat whole wheat breads

Another stove-top pizza! It has little beef sausage slices and cheese stuffed olives.

November 19th - A creative way to eat a beef, kosher Nathan's Famous hot dog (with turkey bacon and cheese.)

November 22nd - Smoking the Thanksgiving turkey in there.

I think we should have these dinners at least once a month - they are so good!

Me chilin' out after dinner

VIDEO: Court Day
December 3rd - Today is my birthday, and James was supposed to have his preliminary hearing this morning, which is when the judge decides if this should proceed or be dismissed. So here we are at the courthouse waiting for it to begin. What a way to spend a birthday! This just hasn't been a good year.

December 10th - Can't get enough of these!


December 13th - My little Sammy. He's my cute, fluffy, cuddly American Eskimo.

Another salad

December 14th - Breakfast

December 16th - Lunch

December 17th - No two look alike!

December 18th - Leg of lamb with onions and potatoes

December 19th - Here are a few of our indoor dogs who love to sleep next to me on the couch.

December 22nd - Moon Halo - this is the first time we've ever seen this! It is ice crystals around the moon and is supposed to mean we'll have rain or snow in a day or so.

I was going to make another sandwich cake, but this one was better as a huge sandwich. That is a pile of soft peta breads. Looks really tasty, and was.

Guess who? I can't help myself! She's so cute!

VIDEO: Ewwww....
Ending the year with ? this.... Yuck! It looks like.... And James ate it! LOL! Spinach and creamed corn in pita bread. Gross!

Did you know you can find programs online that will change your color of hair? I did this just for fun. Happy New Year!

VIDEO: Message for Wanda
I'm going to add one more thing in here for this year. Here is a video I made a couple of years ago for the woman who we met when we first came here, who James knew from 20+ years ago when he did the 4 month long revival, and who we thought we may be working with in the near future to start a revival/reformation in this area. I haven't given this video to her yet. We have ministered at a few of her home meetings and at her church in town, and she's the one who told us we are no longer welcome there because we tried to reason with the minister friend of hers who carries the cross all over and he got mad at us for telling him how important it is to use the actual name of our Messiah, Yahushuwah, and to obey His commandments in the Bible, and called us evil, the devil, etc (see last years picture album for more details, and watch this video). We knew that we can't work together with this man to do a revival if he doesn't repent of the sin in his life first and stop eating unclean meats (her too - she serves pork at her home fellowships), and teach people to keep Yahuwah's Sabbath day holy, and use the correct names of the Father Yahuwah and Messiah Yahushuwah - the reason we cannot work with them under these conditions is because it would bring confusion to the people with two evangelists preaching different messages and we CANNOT compromise and preach the lies that mainstream Christianity teaches. We are called to clear this up and teach the truth and admonish people to repent. I made this movie length video to teach Wanda the truth about keeping Yahuwah's commandments as the Bible instructs us to, in hopes that she will be able to finally understand and then make those changes in her life. And I'm including it here because most of you who come on this page need to have this stuff explained to you as well, so that you can understand and make the changes in your life. So please enjoy. (The lighting and coloring in this video isn't the best but I chose to leave it as is - it's the message that is important.)

Coming soon!

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