This is documentation of many of the phone calls, text messages and e-mails that went on between Daniel and us during the real-estate deal. It is pretty amusing, now that it's over. It's also very sad, because Daniel has never repented of all of the evil stuff he did and tried to do. We have not heard one word of remorse from him nor has he reimbursed us for any of the money he cheated us out of. Yet he continues to claim to be a Torah (Bible) keeper, and steward of the Lord. My comments are in parenthesis and I left them in present tense, as it was originally written, even though this website is being created a year later. Just letting you know so you don't get confused.

JEN LEFT DANIEL A VOICEMAIL FRI 10/9/2012 asking him for a copy of the property tax bill that he told us we need to pay. He said it is past due and there is a late fee on it, yet he never gave us a copy of the bill, and to this day, 11/15/12, still hasn't, even though we asked for it. We paid the property taxes for previous years also. Notice that he says later in these notes that we do not have a mortgage, but yet he expects us to pay the property taxes, and we have!

JEN Sat 10/10/2012: "Did u get our voicemail?"

DANIEL: "I did. Formost Insurance is who you need to check with."

JEN: "Huh? We need a copy of property tax bill"

DANIEL: "You said insurance on voice mail. Wagoner county treasurer will have the amount."

(Daniel would not give us a COPY of the bill even though he has us, as homeowners, pay it!)

JEN LEFT DANIEL A VOICEMAIL asking for the lot information because the buyers needed it and were ready to make an offer.

DANIEL leaves us a voicemail in response (click on the player below to hear it):

"Hey, this is Daniel. The deed is held in the name of Carpenter Hands Trust. Daniel ******* and Johnnie ******* are the trustees. And as far as the legal description, they can get that from Wagoner County, or you can get it from the pay the property taxes form. But anyway that's the information. But there again this is all contingent on the hole being filled in. Anyway, talk to you later, bye."

(James and I are ministers and were going to start a ministry in that neighborhood, and have a food pantry for the poor, pray for people, etc. The hole was to be a baptismal pond that my husband James has been trying to get finished. We haven't had the funds to finish it, so it has no water in it. It's only 3 feet deep, and the buyers asked us not to fill it, so they can use it if they want to, as a pond. Daniel has seen it several times in the past two years, and chuckling, told James that was a neat idea, and even verbally approved of his sons wanting to give us some rocks to put around part of it to beautify it, if we were able to come out to his home and pick them up. For some reason, Daniel has now become obsessed with this hole! Daniel knows James isn't physically fit enough to refill it in a short amount of time and I think that is why he demands James to fill it - so he, Daniel, can say "well, you didn't fill the hole, so all deals are off and I'm evicting you!" The hole has nothing to do with anything in the first place.)

DANIEL: "You are supposed to get and maintain insurance on the mobile home with me listed as co-insured."

(This is the FIRST time he's told us we're supposed to insure the mobile home.)

JEN: "They said they DO NOT want us to fill in the hole. They said to leave it as is."

DANIEL: "If it is not filled in, ALL deals are off."

(Daniel has threatened to break the written agreement he made with James unless we fill in the hole, which has nothing to do with the agreement. We have made no other 'deal' with Daniel!)

JEN: "No mortgage co does business this way. The buyer, us, pays the mortgage co, u, the balance they owe u, about 6,300.00 at this point, and keep the rest, and the property goes to the new owner. There r no 'deals' to be on or off from the mortgage company, you. The homeowners sell the property as they choose and all their mortgage co does is sign over the title and take the payoff balance owed them, the 6,300 approx; we have exact figure at home. And they specifically told us to leave the hole n yard as is."

DANIEL: "You don't have a morgage and my figures are different."

(#1: Whenever James asked him why he's charging interest when the Bible says not to charge it to a relative (or fellow believer), Daniel responded with "It's not me charging you interest, it's my company charging it". Yet he's not functioning as a mortgage company? And why would he be charging 12% interest if it wasn't a mortgage sale and was just a rental? He agreed to SELL James the property and James had him put the agreement in writing.

#2: Whenever the property taxes came up due, Daniel told us we need to pay them because we are buying the place from him and therefore responsible for them. Why would we be required to pay taxes as homeowners if we didn't have a mortgage with him?

#3: Whenever we were late with a payment, he charged us a late fee because he said his mortgage company charges him one if he's late.

#4: And we have that written agreement giving the conditions of the mortgage, including a 12% interest rate and payments that will pay it off in aprox 5 years, and signed by both parties.

#5 Daniel's brothers told us that he told them more than once that he is selling the property to Uncle Jimmy the same way he bought it from his brother John, as a Contract for Deed, and in Oklahoma laws, a Contract for Deed IS a mortgage!

So how does he figure that we don't have a mortgage with him?)

JEN: "We have the agreement signed by both parties and dated. We also verified with u the amount we owed a few weeks ago, 7,500, and have paid 1,150 more since then"

(at the time we verified this amount with him, he agreed on the amount and he agreed that if someone wanted to buy the place, his payoff would be that amount and he would sign the title over to the buyers. Since then he has changed his mind, added even more stipulations, threatened and harassed us, and told us we don't even have a contract with him, and that we don't have a mortgage with him.)

DANIEL: "You dont even have a contract because you have never got the property to rentable condition"

(This is a new one! Why would we get the property to 'rentable' condition when we are 'buying' it from him? Hint - because he evidently planned all along on getting it back at some point, rather than letting us pay it off and sell or keep it, so he could start collecting on it all over again. He proved this when I, Jennifer, lost my job a few months before all this, and had to fight with unemployment for 2 months before I started getting it, and we got behind in our mortgage payments - he told us if we got to the point of 3 payments behind, he'd 'call the note', (and if we did catch it up before it got to that point we'd be okay,) but let us live here and rent it from him while we fixed all the things he wants us to fix, and said then if we found a buyer he'd take 'only' 18,000.00 of it and let us keep the rest. How generous. As of November 1st payment, we had already paid him 18,220.00 for this place, so he basically wanted us to pay him twice! Instead of being patient, knowing I would soon get a large check (which I did, and I caught him up 2 weeks before the deadline, and paid the next payment along with it 2 weeks early- he accepted the payment, told us what amount he applied to our balance, then almost a month later sent us a cashier's check for the amount and wrote 'late payments not accepted' and filed a 'forcible entry and detainment' to have the sheriff kick us out of here!), and he also knew at that point that we had a buyer for this place and would be paying him off completely within a week or so. Also, he never said we had to get it to any kind of 'condition' and then would bring a more detailed 'contract' over. We HAVE a contract - the simple one that he and James signed. That wasn't part of his original agreement with James either. All he had James agree to was to fix the rotting plywood in the floors. James has done that a long time ago.

DANIEL: "The hole is a liability that comes back on me if anyone is injured by it"

JEN: "Our baptismal pond hole is no more dangerous than a pond if it was functional already. In fact less dangerous because no one can drown in it as they could in a pond. "

(the hole has been here for over a year and not only did he say it was a neat idea, but he offered to have his sons collect some nice rocks from his property to put around the pond to beautify it)

"And they know it's there and told us not to change it. Perhaps they want to have a pond with fountain to beautify their corner. Once they pay for the property it is their liability. Lots of businesses have ponds n fountains. It isn't our choice or concern. "

(He's totally obsessed with the hole for our 'would be' baptismal pond. Years ago his toddler drowned in his swimming pool because whoever was supposed to be watching him wasn't watching him, and his wife looked out the kitchen window and saw her baby floating in the pool. My husband James told Daniel to fill in the pool so his poor wife would not see it every time she stood at the sink in front of the window to do the dishes and be heartbroken picturing that precious baby floating in the pool. He said it would help her to heel faster. Daniel decided not to, because he said the pool was going to be used to baptize people and his baby was the first to be baptized; only it was the 'ultimate' baptism he said! So Yahuwah baptized his baby and killed him?? He doesn't think like a normal human being. We suspect that may be why he is demanding we fill in our hole! He also wanted to dig his baby up out of the grave and have my husband raise him from the dead, but Yahuwah had told James 'no'. Yahuwah actually gave James a vision of the guardian angel with his arms folded showing he was not allowed to protect the child because the hedge had been lifted because of sin in Daniel's life, and James saw the toddler smiling and gleefully being carried off by angels towards Yahushuwah, not wanting to come back. James did raise a man from the dead who'd been dead for 45 minutes in the past, because Yahuwah told him to, and the drug addict got saved after he came back alive, but Yah did not allow James to raise this child from the dead. And he had been dead for almost a week when Daniel got 3 shovels and told James they were going to dig him up from the grave and pray for him! We suspect that Daniel is mad at James for not doing that.)

DANIEL: "Part of that was interest and I will need a copy of the agreement but you have til the end of the month to have the hole filled in. "

(Also, he NEVER started in about the hole until we got our buyer for the property, just as he never mentioned home owners insurance until now.)

JEN: "The interest was all figured in to the amortization chart. That is the total of what we owed u and we have made that other payment since then. Why didn't u keep a copy of the agreement? Kind of important thing to keep."

DANIEL: "Because I dont recall one other than the contract you dont have. "

(He signed an agreement about selling us his property and doesn't recall doing it?)

JEN: "It's a legal binding contract witnessed by Yahuwah. It says "Lot 1 - 18,000. 350.00 per month @ 12% interest payed off in aprox 5 years. Daniel ******* (signature) 02-13-08 James Lang (signature)"

DANIEL: "Then get me a copy"

(I can't get a copy of the property tax bill from him, but he orders me to get him a copy of the contract he signed because he didn't bother to keep a copy.)


DANIEL: "The hole still has to be filled in by the end of the month"

(Is this man nuts?)

JEN: "The buyer said please don't fill it in. Just said it today. Please don't make this more complicated. Won't it be a liability if your uncle has a heart attack trying to fill it in? It took him 2 seasons to get it dug. Do u love your uncle or not? I'm seeing a side of you that makes me very sad. I can't believe you're making an issue like this out of a shallow 3 ft. deep hole that the buyer doesn't even want filled. "

DANIEL 10/22/2012 4:36 pm: "About 925.00 of what you just paid went"

(past tense, meaning he accepted the payment and applied it towards our balance!)

"towards the 7595.00 still due"

(NOTE THIS! HE'S ADMITTING THAT WE OWED 7595.00 AT THAT TIME! Hmmm, if we didn't have a contract with him that was still valid, then why has he been accepting our payments all these years, with interest, and why does he agree that our balance was $7595 at that time if there was no contract?! He's double-talking.

DANIEL: "Not arguing. It has always been conditional on this. "

(He is of course referring to us filling in the hole again - that he will not sign over the title to our buyer unless we fill in the hole - and I am sure that even if James was physically fit enough to fill it in in a short time, Daniel would still refuse to cooperate, because as this goes on, he adds MORE stipulations as you will soon see.)

"You have wasted over two weeks procrastinating. The balance is principal only. Interest comes off the top and the rest of the payment goes toward the principal"

(He actually expects his buyers to pay all the interest first, and then, years later, after it's paid, their payments can begin to be applied to the principle! Of course, he didn't tell James this when he agreed to sell it to him!)

JEN: "U don't know how to do amortization sheets? The interest is part of the balance" Interest gets less with each payment. At first it was most of the payment. Now, 4 yrs later, way more goes towards the principle. The schedule shows all the amounts. It's all in there. And the pond has nothing to do w all this. You are adding something that a mortgage co has nothing to do with. Is it a power control issue? You just can't let it go? You know very well there is no liability issue. Let's get to the real issue. Yahuwah knows what's going. We have no intention of doing u wrong or harming u. What is your intention? "


From: Jennifer
To: Daniel and his wife
Date: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 12:38 AM
Subject: mortgage agreement attached

The agreement James and you made and signed is attached, along with the amortization schedule for a mortgage of 18,000.00 at 12% interest. We showed this to a legal representative and he said it is a valid legal document and I showed him my amortization schedule and he confirmed that I did it correctly. Evidently you don't know how to do these so I will briefly explain - A homebuyer paying 12% interest starts with the sale price, 18,000.00, multiplies it by 12% (equaling 2,160.00) and divide that by 12 months (equaling 180.00). The 180.00 is the first months interest. So the payment of 350.00 minus 180.00 interest equals 170.00 towards the principle. So you then subtract 170.00 from the principle balance of 18,000.00 and the new balance after the first month's payment is 17,830.00.

The second month you multiply the new balance, 17,830.00 by 12%, and then divide it by 12 months, and that equals 178.30, the second months interest. Subtract that from the 350.00 payment, and you have 171.70 going towards the second months principle. 17,830.00 minus 171.70 equals a new balance of 17,658.30. You do that every month until the debt is paid off.

File 006 shows where we are at this time. We've paid Nov 1st payment, so we are at a balance of 6,459.26.

If the property is sold and the debt is paid early, the mortgage holder does not penalize the property owner for paying off early. I now understand that you are basically wanting to penalize us for paying off because you want to collect the future interest that would be due if we continued to stay here and pay it out until the end. It does not say that in your agreement with James, nor was it discussed, and it is not done that way in Oklahoma. Homeowners do not normally get penalized for paying off early, and if that is what you wanted from the beginning, you should have specifically said and included it in the written agreement that there would be a penalty for paying off the balance early so that James could have decided if he still wanted to buy this property under those conditions. You did not. Daniel, we've both noticed that you change and add things to your original agreements after you make them, and this is wrong. We hear that you are afraid that we are trying to cheat you by not adding in the rest of the interest. I am appalled that you would basically accuse us of that when we are trying to do this right and legal, and you are the one trying to get moneys that we do not owe you, and using various methods of harassment to get your way, such as threatening to 'not work with us' if we don't fill in the hole. Our legal rep informed us that this is extortion and it is illegal. You need to repent of this attitude you have or you are in danger of Yahuwah's judgment and also jail time.

We have a right to sell it now, and pay you what we actually owe you, which is the figure I mentioned earlier, with no penalties for paying early, and by law you must take your balance and sign the title over to the buyer. That is what mortgage holders do. You do not have a right to demand that we fill in any holes or do any other things to the property - that is harassment and is illegal. The buyers don't want the hole filled in and we are not filling in the hole. You have no legal right to demand that of us. This should be a SIMPLE process - James and I come into an agreement with them on a price, then you join us in their office with the title in hand, we give you what we owe you, and you sign over the title to them. Stop complicating this. Yahuwah brought us this buyer and He's saved us some land to buy, and it would be very foolish on your part to try to botch it up.

What really bothers and hurts us even more is your previous threat to reclaim the property if we weren't caught up by the end of last month when you KNEW we would catch you up as soon as I got that unemployment check and you KNEW we would be paying you off completely soon after - yet you were so impatient that you were going to refuse to wait a few more weeks if necessary for things to happen, 'call' the note so that we no longer had a mortgage with you, 'let' us continue to live here and do work on the place, then if we sold it you said you'd 'only' take 18,000.00 and we could keep the rest - so you were wanting us to pay you for this property TWICE Daniel! How can you look at yourself in the mirror without falling on your face in grief and repentance? We've talked to A LOT of people about this and every single one of them said you are talking evil - one man (and prophet) said you are in grave danger of judgment from Yahuwah. Were you hoping we would not catch you up by the end of the month so you could get away with that? With your own uncle Daniel? Uncle Jimmy who you KNOW (or should know) is anointed of Yahuwah? And you threatened this RIGHT AFTER receiving 10,000.00 cash because James PRAYED A BLESSING all over you and Yahuwah answered it and gave it to you and you even admitted that the bidding war was a result of your uncle's prayer!!!!! "

(Right after James prayed for Yahuwah to bless Daniel concerning his other mobile home he wants to rent/sell, people started placing bids on the down payment almost like an auction - one offered him 3,000.00, the next said he'd pay him 5,000, the next said even more and finally Daniel called and excitedly said he had 10,000.00 cash in his wallet for down payment and he was able to get all of his bills caught up, because of this prayer!)

"Yeah, just stab in the back the one who got you a wonderful blessing - how do you think Yahuwah feels about that one? Let me tell you how Yahuwah feels about this - He is GRIEVED!!! And angry. I used to think you were an anointed and godly man but I was mistaken Daniel. I grieve for your wife and children who have to live with a man who treats his own relative like this. And I grieve for them if you begin to lose everything you have if you don't repent. "

DANIEL WRITES: "The date on the handwritten agreement is added; we need electric co. records to confirm. "

(He's now accusing of us of 'adding' a wrong date on there! Notice, he's disputing the date, not the agreement. He's looking for excuses to disqualify this agreement. He knows very well it was dated at the same time it was signed.)

"Our original oral agreement was to have the mobile home repaired to rentable condition and then you would get a contract; this has yet to happen. Filling the hole is the first part of getting things restored. Read the contract. "

(There was never any agreement to get it to 'rentable' condition - James was BUYING the property! The only agreement was to fix the plywood in the floors. Remember, we don't have the long contract that he is telling us to read, we only have the simple one he and James signed. He just recently (AFTER he found out we have a buyer and want to sell), gave us a copy of a contract he made with someone ELSE for his OTHER property to read, and is trying to make us go by what it says! A contract we never saw before, nor agreed to, nor signed!)

"Insurance is required listing me as co-insured for you to stay there. "

(Never mentioned until now - is in the 'other' person's contract, NOT ours!)

"Getting the mobile home back to the condition it was in when you moved in is also required. "

(Uh, when James moved in there were huge holes in the floor that people could fall in, no carpeting or flooring, the toilet was about to fall through the floor, there were several broken windows, the roof leaked through one of the light fixtures, there were 3 nests of rats living in the floor area, the electricity was about to catch the place on fire because it needed to be rewired, there were holes in the venting system and so the heating and air conditioning bills were HUGE the central air stopped working 2 weeks after he bought the place and was unfixable, the PVC plumbing pipes cracked every time it froze, the walls were peeling in many places like phyllo dough because the wood was so dried up, the central air was just about to go out, the plumbing was messed up, (sewage from toilets flows the wrong way and clogs up) there were piles of previous tenants junk all over the kitchen and in the yard including a broken down shed!) I wonder how we can get it fixed up like that again. I wonder where we can find 3 nests of rats to put under the floor.

"The hole has to be filled in by the end of the month and the rest of the repairs need to be done within the next six months, including fixing the central heat and air, electrical repairs, plumbing to code and anything else I don't know about."

(this is a joke? - none of this was ever mentioned originally - he added it recently - but if we did plan on doing all this junk it would cost us many thousands of dollars, more than this decrepit mobile home is worth, and money we don't have. It's not even in good enough shape to take it with us when we move - it could fall apart while going down the road, yet because of the delay he's caused us, we may have no other option but to take it with us. We wanted to build a new home when we move. And the buyers want to buy NOW, not in 6 months, they are going to demolish the mobile home IF we leave it here, or let us take it with us, and he knows all of this.)

"When the mobile home and lot passes inspection on time, then you will be issued a contract and we can talk about selling to a third party."

(He says this even though we presently already have a contract, and already have a 'third party' chomping at the bit to buy this property from us, and who doesn't even want to keep the mobile home and said they'd just demolish it for us! Do you see how absurd this is?)

"If the repairs are not finished on time or you do not have insurance by the end of the month, all agreements are void and you must vacate the property. If you ever run 30 days past due on a payment again, all agreements are canceled"

(threatening to take our home away if we do not do things that we never agreed to do!)

"Original condition also includes a 3 bedroom, bath and 1/2, with closets and built in drawers"

JEN: "The date was put on the day u signed. The agreement was to replace the plywood on the floors and he did way more to fix them. Everything else was added by u later. We are selling as is now, and Yahuwah is done putting up with you, the way you deal with people. We love you and grieve for your soul. Repent Daniel before it's too late!"

From: Daniel
To: Jennifer
Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 6:06 AM
Subject: Re: mortgage agreement attached

"This is not a copy and if I hear from you again instead of James, all agreements are off."

(Now he's claiming that the file I sent him isn't a copy of the contract, but it is. And Daniel doesn't like to talk with me because I am a woman - he thinks women belong in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant, and thinks I'm evil because I am outspoken. But my husband doesn't know about mortgage amortizations, plus he gets so angry at Daniel's crap that he loses his temper and yells at him, so he prefers I talk to Daniel. Evidently Daniel thinks that just because he threatens me if I contact him that gives him the right to break his written contract/agreement with James. He threatens to break off 'all agreements' every time he gets upset about something! And most of the so-called 'agreements' are things we never agreed to in the first place - they are just demands he has recently placed on us, and keeps changing all the time.)

From: Jennifer
To: Daniel and his wife
Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 2:11 PM
Subject: Re: mortgage agreement attached

"I am acting as James' secretary and will contact you anytime my husband tells or asks me to. Stop throwing your weight around. James is too disgusted with you to talk to you and chooses to communicate through me. And yes that is a copy. It is a legal document that you are legally obligated to honor, and all the 'extra' conditions you keep spewing at us are NOT on there. What you are doing presently is illegal and immoral. We warn you again, repent. This is a SIMPLE solution that you need to stop complicating or it will bite you in the butt. We pay you from the buyer the balance we owe you, you sign the title to them, and it is over.

Yochannah, (this is Daniel's wife - her name is actually Johnnie) do you realize what your husband is trying to do to us? I tried to call you and your phone isn't working. I hope you are in deep prayer for your husband because Yahuwah is about to deal very severely with him. We know it will affect you and your children whatever happens and we love you guys and don't want you to suffer hardships because of the evil doings of your husband.

Daniel is breaking the law Yochannah. We talked to an attorney friend. What Daniel is doing is called extortion. He's harassing and threatening us to try and get more money than we owe, or to get the property back so he can get all the money. He by law has to honor that written agreement and allow us to pay him the balance that we owe according to the amortization sheets and sign the property title over to the new owners after this is done. His badgering us about filling the hole, which the buyers told us not to do because they are going to plow the place over themselves and fix it the way they like it, and also James health isn't good enough to dig through that rock hard dirt that has settled in the yard; and demanding homeowners insurance, which he never demanded until he found out we have a buyer and want to sell, (the place is not insurable, yet he expects it done by the end of the month); and he's demanding the place be fixed up so he can 'rent' it - we are 'buying' it yet he wants to be able to rent it to someone else! Doesn't this sound a little strange to you? How would he respond if his mortgage holder did all of this stuff to him? The point is, mortgage holders do not do this stuff - it is illegal!

Originally when James agreed to buy the property he agreed to fix the plywood on the floors, and he did that plus installed the hardwood floors. Two weeks after moving in, the central air stopped working, James found out the venting system leaked badly so he stopped using central air and heat and bought window air conditioners and portable heaters. The water pipes kept splitting so he bought hoses and it was fine after that.

He (James) had to replace several wall sockets because these paper thin walls started smelling like dead rotten fish and we found out it was the wires in the walls getting so hot that it burned our hands when we touched the walls - the place is a fire trap and it's a miracle it didn't catch the paper thin 35 years old dried up walls on fire and kill us in our sleep. The breaker box is so old that we couldn't find fuses for it when needed, and then the thick wire outside one day caught on fire, snapping and crackling and smoking, making it's way up towards the house where the inside breaker box is - it's also a miracle that that didn't happen at night and burn us up while we slept.

When James went to repair the floor in the spare bedrooms, he found out that the floor was rotted (toilet almost falling through because of rotted wood, 2 or 3 nests of rats under there, and he ripped out the wall and floor and repaired all of that. He kept it as one large room, and a homeowner has a right to do that - to remodel and renovate their home. Daniel now demands that he will not let us sell it even though we have a buyer who wants everything as is, because he wants it fixed in a way that he can 'rent' it - again, we are 'buying' it and have no intention of giving it back to him so he can rent OR sell it and we lose the over 18,000.00 we've paid him on it plus lose the extra money the buyers will offer us! And none of this other stuff was part of the original agreement - only fixing the plywood on the floors!

He is greedily trying to take the moneys we are entitled to as homeowners selling their property. Your husband may end up in jail, or worse, Yahuwah may strike him down! He has done this kind of stuff to other people and enough is enough. Our attorney friend said this is extortion, and Yochannah, we love you, but we are not going to let him do this to us. And he does not have a right to verbally back out of a written agreement as he threatened to many times so far - it is a legal and binding document - again he is breaking the law.

I wanted you to know what is going on, because I doubt if he has told you the truth about this situation. I hope you read the other letter I sent him and cc'd to you. It's sad enough that he feels justified to do this to anyone, but he is trying to do it to his own uncle, and he also has cheated his own brothers out of moneys in the past.

Someone with the Holy Spirit in them does not treat people this way! Daniel is NOT saved. He needs a wake up call, and lots of prayer because if he doesn't repent he is going to end up in hell. James prayed in tears over Daniel's soul today. He reminds me of Nabal in his dealings with people, and the man in the Bible who got blessed financially (forgiven of a debt) and then turned around and demanded that his debtors pay him immediately. He has that same greedy attitude. We think he is mentally ill, because neither of us has ever seen anyone act like this before - it is not 'normal' behavior even for a sinner, and definitely not for a believer!" (End of letter)

DANIEL leaves us a voice mail on Thursday 10/25/2012 early in the morning: "Hey Shalom James, this is Daniel, I need you to know that um I really sought the Lord a long time about what I've shared with you guys, and everything I'm telling you I've got from Him, and I'm really grieving that you went behind my back and tried to set the deal up when you didn't even own the home. You need to read that contract. Even the contract says it isn't a sale until all the conditions are met (he's referring to the other guys contract, NOT ours), and it's been that way from the beginning when you ripped out," (he's referring to the rat infested walls that James ripped out) "destroyed the value of the trailer by messing it up. But anyway, I'm willing to work with you. But, the first thing the Father wants to do, that is if you're willing to work, is that hole's gotta be filled in by the end of the month, and if not, you guys got 30 days to leave, and I'll have to have the sheriff serve you I guess if I need to. But, if you DO fill it, and get insurance on the mobile home, then I'll work with you, and I'm going to try to see what Bobby will come up with on an offer (he talked to a different man named Bobby, and apparently thought it was Bobby Nelson, the owner!) - he was only gonna offer you 18 to 21,000 because those were the figures you gave him - I told him we needed at least 30. If we can get 30 out of it, then um, to comply with everything the Father's told me to give you" (notice, he's trying to say that YAHUWAH told him to rip us off like this!), "then I'll refund your 18,000.00 that you guys have paid on the place" (notice that he is admitting that we've paid him at least 18,000 on the place - it's actually 18,220.00) "and you'll have money to get started over. (but he's not really planning on giving it to us!) If uh, if you don't want to do that, then I'll get you out in 30 days and go ahead and sell the trailer myself. But, um, you need to know, this is not me. I sought the Lord for a long long time. He woke me up about 2 in the morning. It was heavy on my heart and I just continued to pray and He gave me the answer and gave me peace. So, everything I'm doing is not my self, not my flesh, but it is the instruction of the Lord and you can take it for that or do whatever you want. It's your choice brother. I do love you. It's TIME to be accountable. Talk to you soon. Shalom." (He expects us to believe that Yahuwah told him to break the written agreement and steal our profit! I think that's blasphemy? And he doesn't actually intend to give us back our 18,000 - he plans on using most of it for remodeling and giving us what's left - read on!)

DANIEL calls right back and leaves us another voice mail: "I forgot something too, you really need to tell your wife, this is serious, if I hear from her again, or my wife hears from her again, whether it's e-mail, text, or in person, then you guys have 30 days to leave. I don't want to hear from her again. You and I are gonna work this out or we're not gonna work it out at all. Talk to you later. Shalom."

I want to make a few comments on this last voicemail.

First of all, we initially told him we had someone wanting to buy the property, and discussed it with him and he agreed to co-operate. But a homeowner doesn't have to go through their mortgage holder to set up a sale - all he needs to do is pay off the balance he owes. He was only grieving because that makes him not in complete control.

Secondly, the contract he says we needed to read is the one he made with someone else for his other property - he gave us a copy to intimidate us with. He had never given us an opportunity to read or sign a different contract other than the simple one we have, and we certainly didn't want him to now!

Thirdly, he went behind our back and negotiated with the buyer. The car lot next door's manager, Bobby S. (not Bobby Nelson, the owner) told us that he never told Daniel they were going to offer 18,000 - he said that we had indicated that we needed at least 28,000 to cover our land, building supplies, a vehicle, and Daniel's payoff. So Bobby knew we wouldn't accept an offer of 18,000 and he told us he did NOT say that to Daniel. Again, Daniel lied. Remember, the car lot was basically asking us to move out of our home and find someplace else to live so that they could have our property. We said if the offer was good enough to enable us to pay cash for a new piece of land and build our home, then we'd go along with it. (Unfortunately, the car lot's owner didn't really give us 28,000 like he agreed to, because he charged us fees that left us with about 25,000, and that caused us hardships when we moved onto our property and didn't have enough funds to build a safe shelter to live in.) What Daniel was offering us would not have given us enough money to do what we needed to do either. He was trying to get more than we owed him by selling the place out from under us, and taking our profit. We wouldn't even have enough to buy the land, but if we did, we'd have to buy the land and then live in a tent and freeze to death with what he was offering (which, when the smoke cleared, is just about what happened!)

Fourthly, he was 'requiring' us to do things that he knew we could not afford, so that would guarantee him he'd get the property away from us and take all the money. And he was telling us to be accountable, and all under the instruction of 'the lord'. We did not agreed to any of this. Read on.


"Hey James, this is Daniel. Just wanting to see if you got that hole filled in yet. Preparing eviction papers just in case you don't. You didn't sound like you were going to, the last time I talked. Anyway, on the first I'll have the sheriff drop that off if it's not done, but if you get it done in time then I want to get with you and Bobby over at the car lot and let them know the deal that we'll do. It's basically gonna be if we can get 30,000 out of them then that'll be 18,000 to refund you guys and 12,000 to" (remember, we only owe him 6,459.00 but he wants to keep 12,000 instead!) - "I'm gonna get another lot and have that mobile home moved on to the lot, so I can rent it out and have the income again, but it's gonna have to be fixed back up to the condition it was in when you took possession of it, come out of that 18,000 dollars" (OUR mobile home! And he didn't even plan to actually 'refund' us the 18,000!). "Anyway, if you get the hole filled in then we can continue to talk, otherwise, like I said I'll have to have the sheriff bring those eviction papers to you on the first. Let me know if you're gonna have the hole filled in and we'll talk to you then, Shalom."

DANIEL LEAVES VOICEMAIL10/30/12: "Hey James, the sad thing is, I don't even want to sell the place. I've talked to Bobby one time and that was it."

(that is a half-lie! He didn't talk to Bobby again, but he did go over Bobby's head and talk to Craig, the main man in charge, and try to work out a deal with him directly! And he called him twice!)

"And after that I spoke to you about it, and I told you what we were gonna do, and I was praying about this whole thing, about you going behind my back, and talking to Bobby. It was probably about a month after you talked before you even shared it with me, you were being all deceptive at first"

(we weren't required to tell him at all, and we didn't know if we could trust him, so we didn't tell him much at first - just asked about the payoff balance if we had a buyer)

"and as I was praying about it, basically the one thing God wanted to do is, are you willing to work for it?, and you chose not to. It's your choice brother. The one thing about you burying the hole, and it was a test,"

(he's saying that God wanted to 'test' us to see if James is willing to 'work' for our money by filling in the hole. In other words, James is, according to Daniel, too lazy to be worthy of getting the money from this sale, even though we've been buying the home from Daniel, paying interest and property taxes on it, and it's our home, and he thinks Yahuwah's giving James a chance to rectify the laziness! James has been fighting a disability case for the last few years because he has major back injuries from his former pro-wrestling days, and cannot do the types of work he used to do for a living - James just turned 60 and is almost retirement age anyway, and is fighting to get it a few years early, and doesn't have a regular job at this time. He does some entertainment type jobs and makes a little money through that (Elvis Presley tribute artist) - Daniel is trying to punish him for not having a regular job, and saying Yahuwah will not let him keep any of the money from the sale of our home unless he fills in the hole to show he's willing to work! Isn't this obsurd?!)

"and you chose not to, so I don't know what to tell you. I don't know if I'll even I'll sell it to Bobby, maybe I will, maybe I won't. The whole point was, I TOLD you to have the hole covered up by the end of the month and I would talk to Bobby about selling it for 30,000 and giving you 18,000 dollars. I don't really want your money."

(alrighty then......? Then why is he trying to steal it from us?)

"You know what, in order to work any further you need to have that hole filled in by the end of the month and you chose not to. So I'm gonna continue to seek the father but at this point there's nothing else I can do. That's not my place, that's His place and He's gonna tell me what to do, I'm His steward. And I don't know who you're listening to, but it's definitely not the God of the Bible that I'm listening to. He says if you don't work you don't eat. You haven't worked for almost 3 years. It says a man who doesn't take care of his own, especially those of his own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an infidel, You make choices to leave yourself destitute, and not only you but your wife now."

(Actually, we've been eating pretty good, and blessed - James just got over 600.00 worth of Elvis karaoke music for 30.00, the car lot has a beautiful vehicle sitting over there waiting for us, he just made 150.00 doing a promotional Elvis show for Vintage Stock and is doing another one in December, we have 20 acres of land waiting for us to buy for less than 20,000.00. - update on that one - we lost the 20 acres and ended up with a 5 acre piece of land - Yahuwah has not brought us to destitution, but Daniel is trying to. Isn't this abuse? James has tried several times to work after he stopped trucking, but injured his back so badly, just from turning the wrong way, that he was bedridden for days and I had to help him with his personal care because he couldn't do it! And it was Daniel he was trying to work for - doing tile work, again. When he got hurt, Daniel didn't even act like he gave a rip. We could have sued Daniel for the injuries, but didn't even consider it, because we are not like that. He had him carry really heavy stuff across a yard and up some stairs, knowing that James already had injuries. James still tried to do it because we were behind in our mortgage payment and he wanted to get caught up, which we did. And Daniel knew James did the Elvis show whenever he could, to help support us. Yet he accuses James of 'not working' as if he was just lazy! James has worked since he was 12 years old, sometimes 2 or 3 jobs at a time! He's just at a time in his life now where he can no longer do the things he used to do for a living, and he's doing the things he can do, and those things are not steady income.)

"I think brother you'd better be repenting and seeking god with all of your heart crying out for mercy, how you've treated your family. I'll continue to pray for you brother. I do love you. And I really don't want your money. Shalom."

(Uhhhhh..... ha ha ha ha! 'I don't really want to STEAL your money - God told me to steal it and I have to obey him!' is what he's trying to say here, because what he's trying to do is just that! Hmmmm..... Yahuwah doesn't tell ANYONE to STEAL someone else's money! This is insanity! He's no longer worried about getting our money, and now he's only trying to steal from us because God said so! This is so crazy. Daniel's mom, James' sister, is mentally ill and been in and out of mental institutions. I think Daniel inherited something from her?)

DANIEL LEAVES VOICEMAIL10/31/12: "Howdie James this is Daniel, I was praying this morning and I really feel that god wants to give you one more chance. I will give you until the date on that notice" (the eviction notice that we haven't been served with yet?) "to get that hole filled in. If you can come up with the property tax by then, about 180.00, and make your payment on time, then we can talk to Bobby and I can share with him what I shared with you. I will pay you back 18,000 that you've paid on the place less what it takes to get the mobile home back to the conditions on that paper" (the OTHER guys contract), "and you can do any of the repairs in the meantime if you like but uh, if you reject this offer the only other option is to be out by the end of the month. I'd like to see you be blessed. I'd like to see the poverty be off of your lives I've been really been praying about where the door was opened for that to happen to you, and this, really, the whole attitude about not wanting to work and what warrior goes to war at his own expense"

(now he's referring to James having said in the past that if Yahuwah wants one to minister, He will provide the funds to do it, like a soldier who goes to war doesn't have to pay for that out of his own pocket. What does this have to do with selling our property? We're not even doing the ministry at the moment, and when James did evangelize, he NEVER asked or begged for money - it came as Yahuwah told people to give and they did),

"that poverty mentality has plagued you for many years and has only gotten worse in the last 3 years, giving place to the jezebel spirit. Not only given place but you guys are promoting it. That article you gave to my dad about women was flat out FROM a jezebel spirit."

(This is so stupid it is almost funny - we believe women can teach and preach, my husband allows me to minister when the Lord leads him to, Daniel believes any woman who teaches men or preaches is a Jezebel (an evil woman) and now he's saying we have a 'spirit' because of this belief, and that is the reason Yahuwah is telling him to rip us off! Either side of this belief has NOTHING to do with us selling our property! He's trying to manipulate us by playing God now!)

"Refusing to see it is your choice. You're a big boy. You can make your own decisions, but that's the reason why you've gotten worse in the last few years. Things have gotten worse and worse and worse for you, not any better. You're about to lose everything."

(He's playing God. This is very abusive talk. Using religion to abuse and coerce!)

"I just pray that God has mercy to open your eyes to see what 's really going on in your life. I don't need your money, I don't want your money,"

(so now all of a sudden it's not about money, but it's about GOD! Wait a minute - doesn't he keep insinuating that he's going to keep most of the money from the sale?! I thought he just said he doesn't want our money!)

"But god does want to break the curse in your life and wants you to be blessed, doesn't want to see you cursed. You've go to close the door to the things that are happening. You've gotta have a servants heart. It says the borrower is servant to the lender. That's a scriptural principle. It's not something I invented and these are the things ....."

DANIEL LEAVES VOICEMAIL10/31/12: "Anyway, if you want to reject the word of the lord this time it's your choice and if you call back and reject it, all offers are off, ...... if I hear from your wife again you guys have to get out immediately I'll take all the offers off the table, I'm not gonna deal with that spirit. And it's not a bargaining thing. It's something I got from the lord and He wants you to be blessed. He wants you to walk away with something. James, please take the time to pray about it before you call back. Seek the heart of the father. Legally I don't have to do anything. If you choose to reject this spiritually, I'm free. The choice is yours. The ball's in your court brother Shalom"


"Hey James you definitely have the right to not believe in the word of the lord. It's your choice, but one thing's very clear - that property's not yours and it won't be yours until all the conditions of the contract is met" (the other guys contract that we never saw until he just recently dropped one off to intimidate us with, nor signed, and never verbally agreed to either!) "like the contract says there is no way there's a sale until all the conditions are met. (Imagine that - he has at the top of his contracts 'Contract for Deed' (which is the same thing as a mortgage in Oklahoma), but in the contract is a clause that says it in no way is a 'sale' until the conditions are met! A contract for deed IS a sale! What a moron!) The agreement we had to start with was a 6 month agreement and then the contract deed to take over - why I never wrote any thing more in more detail - you didn't fulfill that so there is no agreement." (James only agreed to fix the holes in the floor with new plywood and he did that and Daniel is lying about doing a 'different' contract after six months.) "You don't own the property, you can't sell the property, you can't dictate the sale of the property, I own the property, I'm a steward of the most high, and I will do with the property as He directs me, and one thing is for certain, there will be no dealing until that hole is filled in. (Actually, the law states that once you sign a contract for deed, you ARE the actual owner of the property, and you just don't' get the deed in your name until you pay off the property) "That's something that's very clear and you can accept that or not. If you want to leave with any blessing that's your choice. You can leave with the blessing of God IF you want to heed His instruction. The thing is you've gotta rectify what you have let become dilapidated on the property or at least agree to before we're gonna do anything, and if you agree to do that then I will talk to Bobby and see about selling the place if you are, if not then you can stay there and lose it, or stay and leave or you can do whatever you want. I'm not 'not' wanting to work with you James but you ARE going to keep our agreement." (again, their agreement was to fix the holes in the floors. And that was supposed to be to give James time to make it livable before he had to start making the payments. No 'agreement' was put in writing though, so it's not a valid requirement anyways. Any agreements outside of the simple contract I quoted was added by Daniel recently, and not agreed on by James and I.) "Its not being sold otherwise and when you realize it, when we can come to an understanding and I will talk to Bobby about selling the place, and I will refund you any money that's left over after I have the 12,000 for moving the mobile home to different place and we will fix it back up to the condition it was in when you took possession of it," (where will we find the rats and mold and rotted wood to get back to that condition?!) "those are the only terms there are no negotiations. You can continue to have your pipe dream about thinking you own the place........." (why would it be a pipe dream to think we own the property we've been buying for the last 5 years and are ready to pay off?? This is abuse. Threats, coercion... This is extortion! Extortion is a felony! We think Daniel has lost his mind.)

DANIEL LEAVES A VOICEMAIL ON 10/31: "Hey James, this is Daniel. This is the last time ??? what's on that page." (the eviction notice we didn't get yet?) "Let me know when that hole's filled in. Let me know when you have the money for the property tax, and can make the next payment on time, and we can talk to Bobby. Otherwise you have to be out by the end of the month. Don't make it any harder than it needs to be. Otherwise I'm gonna have the sheriff to have you move out. I don't want it to come to that brother. Please listen to what mercy the Lord's having on you. You can justify it in your own mind in everything or listen to what he wants to bless you with and be blessed. It's your choice. Shalom."

DANIEL LEAVES TEXT MESSAGE ON 10/30/12 2:06 p.m. "I got the property tax paid so don't waste a tip to Wagoner." (He did that so he could say he's been paying the property taxes, not us, because he thinks that will help him prove we are just renters and not mortgage holders.)

On Tuesday, 11/13/12 we get a certified mail with a cashiers check in it for the amount of our last mortgage payment, that he already had applied to our balance, and he wrote on it "Late payments not accepted" - this is almost a month after he had already accepted it and said he applied it to our balance. We have not cashed this check.

Then I looked on the courts docket and saw that he filed a FORCIBLE ENTRY AND DETAINER (eviction) on, the same day, 11/09, that he mailed us this check. So AFTER receiving our mortgage payment and crediting most of it to our balance almost a month ago, he 'changed his mind' and returned the money as not accepted, so he could justify in his own mind treating us lke we are behind in payments or like 'renters' and evicting us! We were served with the eviction notice while in court for a protective order we got against him. It actually said we were 3 months behind in rent! The judge told him if our note was declared a sale and not a rental, he couldn't evict us, and would have to file for a forclosure. And we had previously showed the judge the contract and he acknowledged it as a sale contract. And we showed the judge that he had committed fraud by sending us money and then saying we were behind in payments! Daniel dropped the eviction notice shortly afterwards!


Here are a few more of the conversations after that, after I started studying the Oklahoma law books and found about 10 things he was doing that was illegal, probably even felonies:

He was talking about taking it to the elders of the 'church' - the ones he agreed on refused to do this, because they said he wouldn't listen to anything they said and it would be a waste of time. They know him and his dishonest reputation. Here is part of the previous set of messages - I couldn't understand every word in the recording so I put ..... in those places:

"Hey James, the 28,000 not gonna be enough to get you guys enough money to be able to do what you need to do and get that mobile home set up. If I can negotiate with the car lot guys - I already told them thirty five thousand - they might settle for 33 or something like that - that'll still be enough to get you guys eighteen thousand, and get that mobile home fixed up .... And get a 'lot' and get it moved over to it. Anyway ..... but before we can do anything you've gotta get that hole filled in. The Lord was very specific .... And we can go anywhere until it's done. Let me know when it's done and then we'll talk some more. Shalom."

Here are two more messages Daniel left us, in November, showing him still planning on ripping us off, stealing 'our' mobile home so he could rent or sell it to another victim.

"Hey James, I appreciate the fact that you're willing to negotiate. Uh, my hands are tied though until that hole is filled in.... and I can't violate the Lord's command any more than anyone else can. Anyway, you've had two and a half months. Let me know how you're doing on that, and ..... Anyway, I've sent you a letter .... and a copy of the contract that you're supposed to be working for ... We can negotiate so you get to the point where you're actually buying the place.... I don't know if you want to talk about it to the elders .... My hands are tied until that hole's filled in. Anyway, I'll talk to you soon."

"Hey James, if you're wanting to actually get to where you get the contract to buy the mobile home, the first thing is to fill in the hole. And if you're wanting me to sell it to get you a refund, then I'm gonna have to talk to the car lot guys and we're gonna have to get enough to be able to get that mobile home repaired of the damage you let happen to it and we'll have to get another lot and to move it over to the lot ...... otherwise we go with what it says on that paper, even though it's not a contract ... you're trying to claim it's a contract .... Specifically the way it's written out on there - lot one, no mobile home, and it's gonna be 350 a month until it's paid in full. So, if you don't want to honor your word, it's your choice. But ... need to get that mobile home on another lot and get it set up. .... Talk to you later."

11/28/12 8:02 pm - James & Jen talks to Daniel - hear for yourself what was said:

On December 1, 2012, I sent Daniel this letter with the Oklahoma laws copied and pasted into it. This shows the many areas that Daniel was breaking Oklahoma laws, but he said he didn't care about the Oklahoma laws. He has been using these illegal and immoral contracts with all of his 'buyers' of property. He only had 2 lots with mobile homes (ours and another one in the same neighborhood), but he has sold the other one to about 4 or 5 different people, because when they 'break' some part of his unreasonable contract, he illegally 'evicts' them by the illegal 'forfeiter clause', keeps all their moneys paid, and finds another sucker to buy the same property, even though the first buyer still legally owned the property!

"Letter with Oklahoma laws included"

"Letter I never sent him - has info on it for my personal use"

As I said in the previous section, Daniel finally agreed to take our final payment and sign over the property to our buyers, but only IF we paid an additional $700 in usury interest (the future interest), and IF we would sign a document agreeing not to sue him! Hmmm, if he didn't think he had done anything illegal, why would he fear us suing him? (He already had been charging us an illegal interest rate of 12% instead of 10% - we ended up paying him $7,800 instead of the $6,400 we should have owed him if he had obeyed the law, plus we paid other fees that he was supposed to pay. He actually owes over $10,000 presently.) Craig's attorney found a form like that and asked if we wanted to sign it, and we said no, but would Daniel sign over the property if we didn't? Dean said that Daniel said he would NOT sign over the deed unless we signed this form. Legally, he could have been forced to sign it over, and charged $100 per day for every day that he refused to, but we knew our buyer would not want to deal with that and would back out of the sale. And for that I wouldn't have blamed them. When someone pays thousands for some property, they shouldn't have to fight in court for the deed! So we said we would sign it so that we don't lose the property we picked out to buy, nor lose this sale (which we had to complete in order to have the money to purchase the other property), and I asked the attorney Dean "Isn't this blackmail?" and he said "yes, it is." When Daniel met us in Dean's office to take his payoff and sign over the deed, he asked Dean if we signed the form, because he wasn't going to sign the deed over until he saw that we signed the agreement to not sue him. We signed it UNDER DURESS, and he signed over the deed. So we agreed not to sue him, but it was under a threat of blackmail, or more accurately, extortion, which is a felony on Daniel's part!

Can anyone out there help us? We'd like to see Daniel sentenced to a prison term because he committed a felony against us by coercing us into agreeing to not sue him, and we don't have money for an attorney to pursue this blackmail/extortion action of his. He also received more money as payoff than we actually owed him, because of extortion. And he charged us an illegal amount of interest (usury) for our contract for deed with him. When James agreed to that amount of interest, he did not know that interest for a consumer debt, which is what a mortgage is, should not be more than 10%, and Daniel charged more than 12%. Someone caught charging usury can be ordered to return all of the interest, and even double the interest. He committed fraud by sending us back 3 payments worth of money and then telling the court we were to be evicted for being 3 payments behind. You know, bad things happen when good people do nothing! We got ripped off because we couldn't afford an attorney, nor could we afford to lose our buyers and lose our new property purchase.

If there is an attorney out there who is a believer in the Lord and who cares about people like us and believes in justice, who has read our story and would be willing to help us without charging us (as we get barely enough money to support us monthly), please let us know. Daniel has cheated many people out of money and property and someone needs to stop him. He claims to be a Torah observant (Bible obeying) believer in Yahushuwah (AKA: Jesus, Yeshua) the Messiah, and a minister of the gospel, yet he did this extortion and blackmail to his own uncle, and we have not seen any signs of repentance from him, so we believe he is still committing felonies and cheating people as we speak, and no one except us has stood up to him as much as we have and hung on to our property that we were buying from him. He's intimidated his other buyers to move out when he told them to, and he's kept their money, then signed a "Contract for Deed" with another unsuspecting victim, for the SAME property that the previous person had been buying, and by law, still owned!

I found this description of extortion on website:

"The punishment for extortion depends on whether force was used in extortion money or other property. Where threat or force was used, punishment may be in the state prison for two to four years. The preceding term of years are referred to as the low, mid, and high terms. The middle term is associated with the appropriate amount of time for sentencing that is handed down in a felony case. Even if no money or property was exchanged, BUT A PERSON SIGNED A PAPER OBLIGATING HIM OR HER TO A debt or DEMAND, WHERE THE CIRCUMSTANCES WERE BY THE MEANS CONSTITUTED EXTORTION, THEN EXTORTION HAS HAPPENED."

I'm going to wrap this story up with the most recent correspondence we've had with Daniel, a year later, in a last attempt to get him to repent and at least try to make things right, not only with us, but with the other people he's cheated. After these text images there is a link to photo copies of his illegal contracts. As you will see in the copies of his text messages, not only has he refused to acknowledge that he did wrong, but he accuses US of CHEATING HIM and harming his family, and asks us to repay him money we stole from him! It shouldn't surprise me, but it's so off the wall that it does surprise me that someone I used to respect and look up to could be that depraved. It appears he has no conscience at all. Remember, he at first tried to steal our property from us by trying to negotiate the sale himself, insisting we never had a contract (the simple agreement we had was more legal than his long detailed 'contracts' which are full of illegal clauses), then he tried to evict us as renters after sending us back 3 payments we had made several weeks earlier and said on the eviction that we were 3 payments behind (fraud - a felony), then he threatened to refuse to co-operate with our sale unless we did certain things like fill in a hole in the yard (coercion - illegal), he refused to lower the interest to a legal amount (usury - illegal), then he agreed to 'let' us sell it if we paid him 'future' interest that 'would have' been due 'if' we'd paid it out til the end (extortion - a felony), then he blackmailed us (a felony) at the closing, refusing to sign over our property unless we signed an agreement to not sue him. Now look at the foul evil responses he gave James when James tried to get him to repent (James is in gray and Daniel is in green):

Note: James never 'agreed' to meet certain conditions in order to 'earn' a right to get a contract - he asked Daniel if he'd sell him the property, Daniel said yes, and James asked for the agreement in writing, so Daniel wrote out a simple agreement and they both signed it. Daniel 'adds' things to his agreements as time goes on, and expects his victims to go along with his additions. His brothers and former business partners confirmed this. And the $18,000 he said we were due back - he wasn't going to really refund our money - he was going to totally remodel the 35 year old mobile home and give us what was left, and it wouldn't have been much!

Note: It's time that Daniel's friends and relatives know the truth about his toddler's drowning. Years ago Daniel and Johnnie had a toddler named Benjamin. They also had a large swimming pool. Instead of watching their toddler, they left the older siblings in charge of him, and as children do, they lost tract of Benjamin, he got into their swimming pool which was not safely inside of a locked fence, and Johnnie, the wife, while talking on the phone, looked out the kitchen window and saw her baby floating in the pool, drowned!

James was a truck driver at the time, and was in another state. Daniel called him, knowing that James had raised a man from the dead who had been dead for 45 minutes, and asked him to come and raise up Benjamin. James couldn't get back in town for quite a few days, but he spent much time weeping and praying for this situation. He then had a vision. He saw a guardian angel standing with his back turned towards the boy, and his arms folded. This meant that Yahuwah had lifted the hedge of protection from the boy and the guardian angel was not allowed to protect him. Then James saw two escort angels come down from above and pick up the toddler and carry him off. The little boy was smiling ecstatically as if he was so happy that he was going to be with the Lord. James knew Yahuwah was not allowing him to raise the baby from the dead, by the vision he had.

But when he got back into town, Daniel said he had some shovels ready, and he and another minister wanted James to come with and dig up the grave where Benjamin was buried, and raise him from the dead. James could not go along with this because Yahuwah told him 'no'.

Yahuwah sometimes lifts His protection from people who are in rebellion to Him. Before this incident, Yahuwah had told Daniel to do something. James knew Yahuwah had spoken to Daniel and knew what it was about BEFORE Daniel told him Yahuwah spoke to him and what it was about. Daniel and his wife knew it, and spoke of it to James, then turned around and refused to do it even though they both said they heard Yahuwah TELL them to do it. The disobedience caused the hedge of protection to be lifted from Daniel's family. At first, Daniel's finances were affected drastically and he went from wealthy to poor as his tile business went downhill and his workers dwindled. Several of them told James they will never work for Daniel again because he is so dishonest and greedy. Then the hedge was lifted from his children, and this toddler drowned as the guardian angel turned his back on him. Authorities started an investigation on the drowning and so Daniel moved out of state and stayed gone for about a year to avoid the investigation.

Instead of repenting of his refusal to obey Yahuwah, or even admitting that the wife should have been watching the toddler, or that they should have had a locked fence around the pool, Daniel blamed the drowning on a group of Messianic dancers who during one of the fall feast days celebrations did a dance around the children there with a children's 'blessing' prayer. The leader of these dancers is a beautiful anointed sweet worship leader who has a dance team and they do these beautiful anointed dances unto the Lord. She loves children, so she usually has a 'children's blessing' included in her worship at the festivals. They wear long flowing dresses and sometimes dance in a circle around the children while someone is singing a blessing.

Daniel and his friends decided that the dance they did looked 'evil' because it was in a circle, and said they 'felt witchcraft' during the dance, so to this day Daniel claims that a witchcraft spirit got on his child and caused him to drown, and blames it on the dancers! At the same time, Daniel has said that he was going to use the pool for a baptismal pool, and God decided to make Benjamin the first one to get baptized, as the ultimate baptism. So in other words, Daniel thinks that worship dancers put a witchcraft spell on his child which caused his drowning, and at the same time 'God' decided to baptize his child and killed him in the process of the 'ultimate baptism' as he called it. But refuses to admit that it was his and his wife's fault for not watching him or having a safe pool area, and refuses to even consider the vision that James had that the guardian angel was not allowed to protect his boy, because of his refusal to obey Yahuwah.

James, after all of this time, finally confronted Daniel about the reason for the drowning of his little boy, and that is what this text message is about.

Oh, and the ten thousand dollar blessing happened soon after we got the offer for our place. Daniel was fighting us and trying to steal the property back from us, and James tried to call a truce. He prayed for Daniel to be blessed, and the NEXT day people started having a bidding war on his other property (we didn't know that he'd been illegally kicking people out and re-selling it over and over), one offering a $3,000 down payment, then another saying "Oh, I'll give you $5,000", and another came along and offered him a $10,000 down payment. So he shows up in our driveway all happy and excited because he had $10,000 cash in his pocket, and tells us what happened, and says he knows it happened because of James' prayer, and then turns around and tells us we have 30 days to catch up our payment or he will evict us. This was when I was fighting for unemployment. The story is on this website.

Now he's calling James a covenant breaker because his first wife ran around with other men, having sex with them and blatantly telling James she can do that if she wants to, and then she divorced him! One of his daughters is a wiccan witch, and Daniel is blaming that on James also, even though she was raised by a mother who was a whore. Alrighty Daniel!

Daniel is actually calling James a greedy leach that takes and does not give! How funny! James is always trying to give away our stuff to people! I am fine with most of it, because it's a good thing to be a giver, but sometimes I have to say "wait a minute! We need that!" And Daniel is the epitome of a greedy person. In addition to all the things mentioned on this website, he used to plan a holiday bonus for his workers, and then he'd find a flaw on one of his tools, blame it on the worker, and withhold the bonus so he could replace the tool! James once had a income tax return that he was going to buy a motorcycle with and the Lord told him to have an evangelistic meeting and feed about 200 people while he preached the gospel, so James obeyed Yahuwah and did just that! He's far from greedy! But Daniel is a perfect example of greed, and yet he accuses James of it. Guess who the accuser is? Satan! So who's Daniel's daddy?

This was written on Thursday, April 17th, 2014, during the Passover and Unleavened Bread holy days, which Daniel observes. James was trying to get him to repent and Daniel just got more and more foul with James. Then a little over a month later we found out from friends of the family that Daniel's youngest son was admitted into a Children's Hospital with his kidneys apparently failing him (not regular pediatrics which treats less severe problems like pneumonia or broken bones or common respiratory diseases, but an acute hospital that is for more acute or long term illnesses). It was his youngest son who the hedge was lifted from the first time, and now it was again his youngest son. We are glad that this one didn't die, but you'd think that Daniel would have gotten a clue by now and started repenting of his evil actions, but he has not. James did not wish that on any of Daniel's children - quite the opposite - James kept warning Daniel so he would perhaps repent and his children would be blessed. But Daniel did not repent, and this happened to his youngest son. How sad! What amazing demonic stubbornness this man has. And as far as we know, no one among his ministry friends or family is confronting him on his illegal activities which are felonies and fraud.

Well, the rest of the story is in the 'about James & Jennifer' section. I won't repeat it here. Isn't this the most insane real-estate story you've ever heard of?! If you presently fellowship with Daniel or are in ministry with him, PLEASE obey the Bible and refrain from fellowship with him until he repents (or goes to prison). Below is a link to photo copies of Daniel's illegal contracts, that as far as we know he is still using:


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