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Website for the Aurora, Illinois television show
by Evangelist James Lang

(former pro-wrestler known as Gentleman James Fontaine)

James Lang is the producer of the show "This Land", a religious show that aired in the Aurora, Illinois area for almost fifteen years, on ACTV channel 10. It has been off the air for a few years now while Evangelist James regroups, but you can watch it on this website anywhere in the world, anytime. There are a few episodes on it presently, and more to come in the future, as he uploads the older episodes onto this website. James now has a new ministry:

Save A Tree Ministry

and a new hobby:

Elvis Singing Telegram

James' show is different than all other ACTV broadcasts. It is what many people call "unique". He has been an over-the-road driver of an 18-wheeler, has done most of his shooting from the bright red cab of his rig (that he fondly called "Big Red") while he traveled across the U.S. from coast to coast between the Canadian and Mexican borders.

It's not easy to concentrate on operating the camera and doing the commentary while staying in command of the multi-ton vehicle rolling down the highway at more than a mile a minute.

Other times he would spread his message to people he met when he pulled "Big Red" into truck stops along the route. He carries his show coast to coast with the Holy Ghost!

James is a native Auroran who has friends in all walks of life, from those who prefer the open air of motorcycles to those who wear business suits and earn their living in offices.

James now lives in Oklahoma. His show was broadcasted on ACTV for his family and many long-time friends in Illinois, as well as his more recent acquaintances who know him only through the medium of TV.

James was introduced to religion in his early years, and when asked how he became involved in TV production and what led him to produce his program, he replied:

"I first became interested in TV production nearly 47 years ago when I went backstage to see a local country music production. I was fascinated with the 'tricks of the trade' they used to produce their program" he said.

James said the camera operator was the brother of a friend and his sister knew the show host. "All this in addition to the applause machine had me hooked," he said.

"Later in life I spent nearly 15 years as a professional wrestler and a few years as a night-club entertainer. That in addition to singing in church gave me the experience and background I needed to present my Gospel message in a variety of ways. And I've been doing my weekly programs for several years since then", he said.

James said he believes the diversity he incorporates into his presentations has sparked an interest among people in communities around Aurora. After trying various methods, he concluded that television was the best format for delivering his message.

James says it has been an uphill climb and admits there has been mistakes, but said he is constantly working to improve the quality of the program.

"But, I always keep in mind that like the Blues Brothers, I'm on a mission for God", he said.

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