About Evangelist James & Jennifer Lang
Evangelist James Lang had his own television show 'THIS LAND" on ACTV in the Aurora, IL area for about 15 years, on the same station that made Wayne's World famous. It was previously only been available in the Aurora area, but it can now be viewed worldwide via the Internet. THIS LAND was a travel ministry show of which he filmed many past episodes when driving his semi truck "Big Red" around the United States, and it includes cooking segments, wrestling clips, music and ministry. He uses the various themes to present the gospel in a unique format. James is a former pro-wrestler (Gentleman James Fontaine, Black Jack Calahan) who no longer wrestles against flesh and blood, but against the forces of darkness that would opose the souls of mankind. He is an evangelist who used to be a nightclub entertainer, chef, biker, bouncer, and surfer, so he has lots of experience to present a diverse program from.

James met his wife Jennifer in Oklahoma and married her on November 6, 2009. She has attended Indiana Christian University (Lester Sumrall) in Indiana, School of the Local Church, Oral Robert University, and Victory Bible Institute, all in Tulsa, Oklahoma, led a ministry for overcoming abuse for five years at Victory Christian Center in Tulsa, and helped lead worship in various congregations for the past 10 or more years.

This couple loves Yahuwah (God) and His Son Yahushuwah (Jesus), they minister in music together, and James is an evangelist who operates under the anointing to help people get saved, healed and delivered - Jennifer is a psalmist who helps people come into the tangible presence of Yahuwah.

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