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Website for the ACTV (Aurora 'IL' Community Television) show
by Evangelist James Lang (former pro-wrestler known as Gentleman James Fontaine)

Episode 1
This episode, finished on January 22, 2010, includes James wrestling Hulk Hogan in 1982, a clip from the very first episode of THIS LAND - a visit to Aubrey's church (James' mentor and friend), and James teaching and ministering with his wife, Jennifer.

Episode 2
This episode, finished on January 29, 2010, includes a wrestling match with James' friends Treach Phillips Jr. and JJ Mustang, James wrestling with Tom Jones (Skandor Akbar in the corner; and jumping in the ring - Shadow, Bone Crusher, Bobby Burns, Masked American, Wild Bill Irwin) in 1991, and James teaching and ministering with his wife, Jennifer.

Episode 3
This episode, finished on February 12, 2010, includes James wrestling with Hulk Hogan in 1982 (without his comments!),James preaching at Calvary Messianic Congregation, a 9 year old girl getting healed of severe scoliosis, and James teaching from his truck Big Red.

Episode 4
This episode, finished on February 19, 2010, includes a Friday night Sabbath service at Calvary Messianic Congregation in Tulsa, OK. This is the first night of the Lamb of God Conference, developed by Anita Stadler. It features violinist Maurice Sklar, known world-wide for his beautiful and anointed violin music and healing ministry. The pianist is Gloria Vande Kamp, the VERY anointed worship leader at Calvary. James and Jennifer are sometimes asked to lead worship for her when she needs a break from leading the 3 services a week that she normally does.

This footage will introduce you to a Messianic/Jewish style of service - something that may be new to you - but with a Charismatic flavor as well. This congregation believes and practices both the Old and the New Testament as the instructions apply to our times and people. They strive to keep the instructions in the O.T. out of love for Yahuwah (God), they are saved by grace and faith in the Savior, Yahushua (Jesus), and strive to follow His ways, which incidentally, Yahushua lived by the instructions in the O.T. given to Moses, and taught them to his followers, helping us to understand their true meaning better. He taught against the legalistic hypocrites who made up their 'own additions' to those instructions from God. And of course there is no more need for animal sacrifices for sin, since Yahushua died for our sins and became the ULTIMATE sacrifice! Join us, and see what we do here in Tulsa on Friday nights. Feel the anointing. And receive your healing when Maurice prays for the sick!

The service begins with Pastor Avraham Libertus praying, his wife Irmeli lighting the Sabbath candles and praying first in Hebrew then in English, the blowing of the shofars (blow the trumpet in Zion!), Maurice playing the shema and then singing the shema in Hebrew: "shema Yisrael Adonai Eloheynu Adonai echad Baruch shem kevod malchuto L'olam va'ed" means "Hear O Israel, the Lord is God the Lord is one. Blessed is the name of his glorious kingdom forever and ever." The rest of the service is music, dance and healing ministry. "Hine ma tov u'manayim Shevet akh-im gam ya-khad" translated means, "How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity." The song "Who Is Like Thee" is sung in both English and Hebrew. Be blessed as you watch!

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